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At Lawn Love, we are care about helping your small business thrive. Check out our new library of pro resources designed to help your grow your lawn care business. Get started with some of our most popular articles including How to Start a Lawn Care Company from Scratch, Getting Started with the Right Equipment, and The Cost of Starting a Lawn Care Business.


Sign up as a Lawn Pro

Start by filling out the online application form. Once approved, you can download our free lawn pro app and start picking up new jobs immediately.

Note: You will need to have your own truck and equipment in order to be able to work with Lawn Love.

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Pick up the Lawn Care Jobs you Want

Once you've been approved as a lawn pro, our scheduling app will show you all the available jobs in your area. We'll show you the details about the job, including the type of lawn service requested, where it's located, and how much you'll earn. You'll be able to select by service type including lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, yard cleanup, leaf removal, snow removal, and more.

Just select whatever lawn cutting or landscaping jobs you'd like and we will add them to your schedule.

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Complete your Lawn Work

You can review and edit your schedule with optimized routing built in within your lawn pro app. Just show up on the day of service at lawn jobs near you!

Once you're finished we'll ask the customer to review your yard work on a 1-5 scale. Get enough five star reviews and you'll have priority when claiming new landscaping, mowing, or maintenance jobs, and will also earn more per job.

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Get Paid through your Lawn Pro App within 72 hours

One of the benefits of working with Lawn Love is our quick and easy payouts. Grow your lawn care business by getting paid right away and without hassle.

No more driving around or spending additional time to collect your cash. You can choose to be paid via direct deposit to your bank account or via check. Whatever works for you!

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Get Recurring Customers to Grow Your Lawn Care Business

When you pick up lawn care service plans, recurring services get added to your schedule automatically. You’ll have first pick to take those jobs on an ongoing basis so that you’ll have a steady stream of lawn care jobs. That means more money with less work advertising your lawn business!

Too busy? Don’t worry! You can always decline to take a lawn job for any reason and you won’t be required to complete it.

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What lawn pros have to say

"I'm thrilled to have found Lawn Love. They have been able to bring me loads of new customers, and their front office staff have been really great to work with. I'd highly recommend them."

Jason D

Los Angeles, CA

"I've gone from spending $500 month on advertising to spending $0/month, and they've helped keep me fully booked throughout the season. Lawn Love is a fantastic outfit!"

Miguel A

San Antonio, TX

"I love how I can take a couple jobs a day, and I don't have to deal with the headache of finding customers, collecting payments, etc. They certainly make my life easier."

Juan B

Jacksonville, FL

Why Lawn Love?

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Earn more per week

We take care of all the marketing, quoting, billing, and more; so you can spend less time on the administrative stuff, and more time in the field.

No more waiting around hoping the phone rings, we bring customers direct to your doorstep.

job routing

We help you build denser routes

We know dense routes are the key to running a profitable lawn care business. Our software will alert you when new jobs are added nearby, and will help cluster your routes so you can be more efficient.

Who wants to spend all day sitting behind a steering wheel?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lawn Love make money?

We make money by charging the customer a fee on jobs. Lawn Love is completely free for you to use, and you will receive the entire payout listed on a job.

How do reviews work?

Each time you complete a service, customers are sent requests to review your work.

As you receive 5-star ratings from customers, your provider rating will improve. Once you have enough positive reviews, you move from Level 1 to Level 2. Keep those great reviews coming and you'll reach our highest level, Level 3.

Each level earns more per job than the level below it. Pros with the highest ratings can claim new jobs first.

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