Person builds a garden bed

How to Create a Sensory Garden

Take your outdoor refuge to the next level with an immersive sensory garden. We’ll guide you through every step of creating a space that invigorates all five senses and elevates…
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Woman Smiling Holding a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers - Best Flowers for a Cutting Garden

14 Best Flowers for a Cutting Garden

The gift of a beautiful bouquet of flowers can celebrate an achievement, make someone feel loved, or simply brighten an ordinary day. Take your flower arrangements to the next level…
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Herb Garden - Potted Herb Plants

Best Herbs for Your Edible Garden

For culinary enthusiasts and gardeners alike, herbs are a fantastic way to add beauty, fragrance, and function to your backyard. Our guide will help you choose the best herbs for…
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Butterfly Perched on bright colored flower - Sensory Garden

10 Benefits of a Sensory Garden

Get grounded with a garden that engages all five senses. The benefits of a sensory garden are endless — it’s the perfect place to relax after a long day, learn…
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Sensory Garden - Barefoot Girl Stands Holding a bag of colorful flowers in a garden

What is a Sensory Garden?

If you want to transform a typical backyard into a piece of paradise, a sensory garden is right for you. Sensory gardens are relaxing, exploratory spaces where you can enjoy…
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close-up of a ladybug on blue forget-me-not flowers

Tips for Planting Biennial Plants

From nutrient-packed veggies like broccoli, carrots, and kale, to delicate flowers like hollyhocks and forget-me-not, biennial plants give you two years of beauty and a bounty of fresh superfoods. But…
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close-up of a snail on a leaf

How to Build a Rain Garden

For an eco-friendly lawn alternative that will brighten your yard, rain gardens are all the rage. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’ll prevent water damage, improve drainage, and protect…
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a rain garden with a pathway for the rain

How to Plan a Rain Garden

Rain gardens are lush, eco-friendly additions to your lawn, and you can design a gorgeous one as a DIY project. However, learning how to plan a rain garden does require…
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