Digging to level an uneven lawn

How to Level an Uneven Lawn

An uneven lawn causes more than just a bumpy lawn mower ride. If you notice your lawn isn’t as flat and even as it used to be, you might need…
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small new budding plant emerging from soil in the sunlight

How to Create a Microclimate

If conditions aren’t ideal in your yard, join the club — the microclimate club. Microclimates are areas in the yard with slightly different climates than the surrounding area. So, how…
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person standing among fallen leaves

Fall Lawn Care Checklist for Camden

New Jersey winters are nothing to sneeze at. Just like we stock up on coats, soup, and vitamin C, your lawn needs proper preparation for the cold months, too.  Knowing…
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close-up of bright yellow marsh marigold flowers

12 Best Perennial Plants for Moist Soil

For fabulous flowers and flourishing foliage year after year, perennials are where the party’s at. But soggy soil can spell trouble for perennials prone to root rot and water-borne fungus.…
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close-up of a ladybug on blue forget-me-not flowers

Tips for Planting Biennial Plants

From nutrient-packed veggies like broccoli, carrots, and kale, to delicate flowers like hollyhocks and forget-me-not, biennial plants give you two years of beauty and a bounty of fresh superfoods. But…
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