Look from the Gay Street Bridge with downtown Knoxville in the background

6 Best Grass Types in Knoxville

Knoxville was once known as “The Scruffy City,” but that doesn’t mean your lawn needs to be scruffy too. Make sure your lawn looks its best by taking great care…
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Colorful leaves in grass with a blurry outline of a person in the background

Fall Lawn Care Checklist for Knoxville

Fall in Knoxville means scenic hikes in the Smokies and evenings around the bonfire — not spending your free time worrying if your lawn will make it through the season. …
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Elvis Presley Statue, Memphis, TN

6 Best Grass Types in Memphis

Living in the Home of the Blues doesn’t mean you have to feel blue about your yard. Since Memphis is located in the transition zone, there are plenty of grass…
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Red lawn mower mowing the yard with yellow flowers everywhere

11 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Memphis

Spring is an excellent time to get out and explore the best Memphis festivals, including the May International Festival, Overton Square Crawfish Festival, and the Bacon & Bourbon Festival. Spring…
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Close-up of a cluster of wild blue phlox flowers

Best Native Plants for Nashville

Does your Nashville lawn make you want to croon or sing the blues? Well, we have some ideas on how to use native plants to create a low-maintenance, low-cost, beautiful…
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Skyline of Nashville, TN

5 Best Grass Types for Nashville

If you want to install a Music City lawn you can croon over, the UT Institute of Agriculture recommends five varieties for Nashville:  Turf-type tall fescue Fine fescues  Bermudagrass Centipedegrass …
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