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Mowing / trimming
Core aeration
Sod installation
Sprinkler repair
Tree trimming
Leaf removal
Gutter cleaning
Weed control
Lawn assessments

Behind the scenes at Elegant Lawn Care

What do you love most about your job?

To see happy customers, to see the life brought back to the dead lawns, to see nature healthy and green, I like to be appreciated for the job I do. I have met many great people during my years of doing this line of work, made many friends as well :)

What's your favorite grass variety?

I like St. Augustine grass, for me its best for Florida climate :) zoysia is runner up :)

Have you ever rescued a lawn from certain death? How did you do it?

The most typical dead lawn situation is yellowing grass= reason= owners are not watering it enough, or their pets destroying it by using it as a bathroom. or the lawn that overrun by weeds and debris. It is not very hard to recover dead lawns, you always can lay a new sod and grass, pay attention to your sprinkler systems to work correctly to deliver right amount of water to the lawns, if your lawn doesnt have irrigation system in place, use the hose to water your grass once a day in late evening or early morning before sun comes up, keep your pets pee breaks to walks or to small grass patch/designated area so they won't ruin the whole lawn, if the grass is overgrown and full of weeds, 1st you hire a professional to spray and kill weeds, in a bout a week when weeds are dead you can call a lawn care provider to cut the grass down to a correct length. If fertilizer needs to be applied or core aeration to be done the professional will let you know, don't forget to water your lawn especially during dry and hot months!

What's your biggest lawn care pet peeve?

To see house hold trash on the lawns all over the place, paper, broken glass, it creates a hazard for anyone stepping a foot on such lawn, it damages lawn care equipment. Also, I am not very amused when a potential client " forgets " to mention how overgrown the lawn really is, some of them only call for professional help when code violation is slammed on their door for the horrible lawn they have/ overgrown/ debris. Don't wait until its too late, you will be overpaying to get this straightened up at the end. Don't wait until last minute and have a good lawn care provider doing the job on weekly or bi-weekly basis to avoid such situations in the future!

What successes have you achieved from working in this industry?

Working my own hours, as much or as little as I want, more time to spend with my family. A little extra income that I can reinvest in my company or by an extra toy for my kids, this is always nice :) And overall experience how to be your own boss, if you have leadership skills and abilities, or you can learn few more things, anyone can do it with enough time and devotion to the job they love doing, in my case its lawn care and landscaping :)


The lawn tech broke one of my sprinkler and until now, the company has not fixed it.

Florence C.

Davenport, FL


Did a good job and would recommend him

Sasha V.

Orlando, FL


Great job as always.

Nicholas C.

Kissimmee, FL


I was able to get all the answers in a professional manner.

Juan E.

Kissimmee, FL


It was great to finally meet Jhon and talk about our needs. Jhon definitely cares about getting our lawn healthy again and I’m looking forward to seeing the results in the coming months.

Maxim P.

Orlando, FL


He did a great job! Lawn is perfect

Scott S.

Orlando, FL


He did a very nice job and was pleasant. I would have preferred the grass to be bagged but perhaps that wasn't part of the price and the grass was very high so perhaps bagging wasn't an option. Either way I would use him again.

Wanda L.

Sanford, FL


the lawn is looking great, keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to fixing it up even more

Jason M.

Orlando, FL


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