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Mowing / trimming
Leaf removal
Gutter cleaning
Weed control

Behind the scenes at GRACEFUL LAWN CARE

What's your favorite grass variety?


How do you beat the heat when working outside?

Well, I start my summer with 5 cans of 134a refrigerant charged in the trucks ac. Lol but seriously I keep good ole' water in a cooler mixed with ice. I tried to drink all sports drinks but they don't cool me down as good as h20 maybe 1 Powerade just to make sure I don't have muscle cramps from those long days.

Where is the nicest lawn in the world?

At Graceland. Go check it out, I love my city!

How did you get into lawn care?

As a kid, I knew I wanted to be more of a hands-on type so I convinced my mom to get me a mower at 13 and me and my big brother would go up and down the street mowing yards. Over the span of time, we have grown to love what we do so much we made it a full-time thing and I can admit the freedom I have to spend time with my family is the most rewarding part of sweating all day.

How do you relax after a long day?

As you can tell by my profile picture I enjoy my kids only when they're not wringing each other's necks and also all but one of my boys plays sports and my oldest girl plays baseball, volleyball, basketball and is a majorette so yeah there is no relaxing but after we wind down I watch Family Feud .


Tommy has been doing such a great job. He's quick, shows up on time and is always professional. Please keep up the great work!!

Adam B.

Millington, TN


Quick, quiet and good job!

Malissa G.

cordova, TN


It looks great! Thanks so much, Tommy!! :)

Lindsey S.

Memphis, TN


Looks awesome

Richard B.

Memphis, TN


Tommy did an awesome job cutting my lawn.

Joseph W.

Memphis, TN


Very professional,

Paulo B.

Bartlett, TN


Would like Tommy to do it all the time. You can tell he is serious about the quality of the job by the nice equipment he is using. The finishing touches is what makes the job complete.

Frank D.

Memphis, TN


I liked the consistency but I would like it if the grass is cut lower. I noticed they used weed eater which is Ok, but just didn't look cut. It was too high.

Kevin J.

, TN


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