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Services offered in San Antonio, TX

Mowing / trimming
Core aeration
Sod installation
Sprinkler repair
Tree trimming
Leaf removal
Snow removal
Gutter cleaning
Weed control
Lawn assessments

Behind the scenes at L A Lawn

Where did you grow up?

In a small town just outside of San Antonio, Floresville Texas.

What's your favorite mower brand?

Exmark, my father purchased a Ranger variable speed 48" Wide area walk behind in 1987, to use in his landscaping and lawn care business. It was well used growing up. Currently on my landscape trailer there is a Lazer Z, and A Metro 32" with A Velke, and the 1987 aforementioned 48" Ranger. I still Use it, and its the Mower that got me here today. I also use Shindiawa trimmers, and Redmax blowers.

How did you get into lawn care?

My father had a business when I was a kid, I was around 8 or 9 at the time, and my mom made me a little shirt with a little patch on it, and he would take me with him. He serviced commercial properties like apartment complexes and refineries. I was handed a weed eater and aimed in the direction of the most overgrown, area in site, and told to knock it out. Boy did I! It wasn't until fairly recently that I figured out that what I was working on was some random lot next to whatever he was working on. All I can say is that the lot owners got the best free trimming job ever! But in all seriousness, it's something I truly enjoy doing. I remember hearing something about "find something to do, that you truly enjoy doing, figure out a way to make money off of it, and never work a day in your life" or something like that, well I haven't worked in a long time.

What successes have you achieved from working in this industry?

when I started out, bills to pay, my second child on the way, I would do anything. Since then I have learned to limit what I do, so that I can provide the absolute best to my clients. my list of clients includes: some of San Antonio's more recognized faces, Business owners, ect. I also provide no cost lawn care and landscaping services to Project Evergreen, Green care for Troops, providing services to families of deployed service members, and disabled veterans.

What's your favorite on-the-job snack?

Ice cold (in a Yeti Tumbler) Big Blue Soda. I really don't snack on the Job too much, other than the occasional errant grasshopper.


Did a lot of work that I didn’t even have to ask

Jose L.

San Antonio, TX


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