If you take your lawn care seriously, you must learn how to edge your lawn properly. Tips for managing your lawn are listed below so that you can prepare your lawn for edging.

Mow your lawn

The first thing you need to do is actually mow your lawn. You might think that mowing your lawn will give you the edges you want, but that is not the case. Mow your lawn so that the grass is all the same height. Use a moderate blade height, and cut the grass in any pattern you want. Ensure that you cut all the way to the edge of the lawn, pass over the edge of the lawn, turn around, and go back the other way. Edging will be much more difficult if you have not mowed properly.

Use the appropriate weed killer

You must use the appropriate weed killer to make edging effective. You might do an amazing job when you are edging the lawn, but weeds will ruin your hard work overnight if you get a lot of rain.

When you choose a weed killer, find something that will kill weeds that are common in your area. You should also fortify your lawn with fertilizer so that the grass can grow beautifully while the weed killer takes care of the weeds.

how to edge your lawn perfectly

Find the appropriate edger or trimmer

When you are looking for an edger or trimmer, you should choose a device that will touch the ground throughout the process. The edger should stay level to the ground and roll along while you are edging. Keeping the edger or trimmer on the ground ensures that you get a clean line as you complete your work. Do not buy something that is too small or difficult to handle.

The handle of the trimmer should be long enough that you can easily walk along while edging. If you need to lean over to edge the lawn, you cannot see what you are trimming.

Gas or electric?

When you are choosing a trimmer, you need to decide between gas and electric models. Gas models can be taken all over your lawn because you are not tethered to a cord. At the same time, they will emit fumes when you are using them. You should consider wearing a face mask or goggles if you believe the fumes will irritate.

Electric models use a cord that you need to plug in outside, and you should use a cord clip to keep the cord off the ground. These models are much safer to use but the range is limited because the cord is only so long.

Start with the driveway and walkways

When you want to edge your lawn, you should start with the driveway and walkways. You can edge in a straight line most of the time, and you can easily complete the project with the proper trimmers. You should move on to the edge of your lawn that touches the road, and you can edge all the walkways around your property. Take your time as you edge so that you can see where you are going, and do not forget the patio, deck, or front stoop.

Any structure that abuts the lawn should be edged just like the driveway or walkway. When you are mowing the lawn, you cannot reach the edge of a porch or patio because the lawnmower is not designed to cut that close to any structure. You can use the trimmer to clean up all the edges that often get missed.

how to use a weed eater for edging

Shrubs and bushes

The shrubs and bushes should be edged because the grass stops under the bushes or very close to them. You must create a line near or under the bushes, and you can edge along that line when you are done edging the rest of the property. The shrubs should have a clear definition that is easy to see when you walk past them. Plus, you need to consider trimming the front of the shrubs to make the line look more natural.

How do you maintain your lawn?

When you do the first big trim of the spring or summer, it will take some time to cut out all the extra grass and weeds. You should take the time to draw the lines in front of the shrubs, and you must ensure that the bushes have been trimmed to the appropriate shape.

After completing that process, you can maintain the lawn with a tiny amount of work over the weekend. You do not need to mow your lawn every weekend, and you can trim when you notice the lawn is getting out of control. You should also consider which parts of the lawn will overgrow the fastest. If you have just moved in or replanted the lawn, you should look at which parts of the lawn grow the fastest. You cannot take care of the lawn if you do not know how it grows. Some parts of the lawn need to be cut or trimmed every weekend because they will grow out of control. Other parts of the lawn will be much easier to maintain because they do not grow as quickly.

When you want to learn how to edge your lawn, you can use all the steps above to make the lawn look perfect. You can set up your lawn so that it looks clean at all times, and you can continue to maintain the lawn using the same devices. You need a trimmer that is easy to use and touches the ground. Choose the model you think will give you the best look, and ensure that you also mow your lawn properly.

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