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Getting Started Checklist for a Lawn Care Business

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We all understand the value of a beautiful lawn. It increases the curbside appeal and value of any property. It is actually a really good business to start because people naturally want beautiful lawns for their homes. The demand for this business is great. But what do you need to start a lawn care business?

If you are stuck in a boring desk job that no longer brings you joy and happiness, then what better time to start your own business?! If you have a green thumb, you may be asking yourself, what do I need to start a lawn care business? What does this kind of business entail? What equipment is needed to start a lawn care business?

If those things are going through your head, then you’re in for a real treat because it is not super complicated to start this kind of gig. The best part is a lawn care business has the potential to earn you $100K a year. If you hit it big, you can run multiple crews and earn multi-millions of dollars.

Now I bet you’re asking yourself “what do I need to start a lawn care business” even more. Read on to figure out the things needed to start a lawn care business.

The most ideal situation in opening a business

What do you need to start a lawn care business? Ideally, you have a passion for this kind of industry. You will be more enthusiastic about putting in the effort and spending a lot of time on growing your business if lawn care is something you genuinely care about. After all, as the saying goes; love what you do and you will never have to work a day in your life.

However, if you don’t think and breathe lawn, as long as you work hard, this is still a great business because it is lucrative.

Lawn care is not just about having a green thumb. It includes many different kinds of services such as:

Now that you know what lawn care is all about, you can be more prepared to address what is needed to start a lawn care business.

The importance of a lawn care business plan

In order to be able to have a thriving lawn care business, you will need a thorough business plan. Just like any other business, this lawn care business plan will serve as your blueprint to guide you towards your goals as it will help to keep you organized and motivated.

In your business plan, you will need to outline how much money you have, how many people (employees) you need, and what equipment is needed to start a lawn care business.

You must also include a timetable, so you don’t waste time. Remember, time is equal to money, so you will want to maximize that.

If you don’t have a lot of money to start with, it is essential to secure a business loan from a bank or any other lending institution.

Make sure that your business plan is solid because any influx of investment funding hinges on this document.

An LLC or a legit company pays their expenses before taxes. This is a very crucial component to setting-up your business because being an LLC opens up a lot more tax loopholes for you.

Get a lawn care business LLC name

If you are just a one-man show, mowing someone’s lawn and beautifying someone’s yard, you are a self-employed professional. However, if you own a complete lawn care operation with tons of big machinery that employs others who can work even if you’re not around, then you are now a true business owner.

There is a major difference between the two because a person who is just a one-man show is akin to an employee who pays their expenses after they get taxed.

However, an LLC or a legit company pays their expenses before taxes. This is a very crucial component to setting-up your business because being an LLC opens up a lot more tax loopholes for you. This means, you can write off more as a part of your operating expenses during income tax season. This translates to smaller taxes for you and a larger take home pay. Of course, you have to be approved by your city government.

To be able to do that, you have to first apply as an LLC. You have to make sure that your lawn care business name isn’t already taken. You fill out documents, pay the necessary fees, show the documents to your bank, and obtain insurance. After all those requirements have been met, you may be granted your very own LLC.

Set up a corporate account

Setting up a corporate account will make sure that you enjoy all the perks of being an LLC. You must never mix your personal account with your LLC account to ensure you’re protected. In case someone goes after your LLC, your personal funds will remain untouchable. Keeping your personal expenses separate also makes it a lot easier to organize your finances.

Apply for a city government permit

In some states, you are not required to operate with a business with a permit. However, even if your state doesn’t, it is strongly encouraged that you get a business permit.

Business permits are relatively inexpensive. A business license increases your credibility as a business. You can put these numbers on your calling card. You can hang this proudly on your office walls and you can even advertise that you’re a licensed business on your truck. People are more comfortable working with a legitimate business bound by law to comply with regulations.

Secure a good insurance policy for your lawn care business

Here is some solid advice: do not scrimp on insurance. You will need it to protect yourself, your staff, and your equipment just in case something happens on one of your jobs. This is for your security in case someone ever decides to sue your business.

You will need comprehensive insurance for your work truck and trailer. It must include all occupants and equipment in case you get into an accident. The next level of insurance is a from half-a-million to a million dollars. This will protect you in case of a fire, accusation of theft, etc.

Buy good equipment

You can not beat good, quality equipment with warranty. If you’re thinking of going the second-hand route, make sure to test everything out. Do not purchase anything that has not been well-maintained. The last thing you want when your operations are up and running is to refuse jobs because your machinery has broken down. Good equipment will make your work life a lot easier, and you can do things more efficiently and effectively.

Hire the right set of people

Your team is a critical component to your lawn care business’ success. They will help you boost your business and please your clients. You don’t want an unreliable employee who will bail on you at the last minute. It is critical to do a background check and vet all the hands working for you.

Lawn crew

Final step: promote your business

When you’re new, one of the things needed to start a lawn care business is to actively promote your company. You may have the best knowledge, team, and equipment, but if no one knows who you are, then they won’t get the chance to hire you.

We suggest setting up your own website, being active on social media, and doing localized Facebook and Google ads. Once the jobs start coming in, you have to consistently do well and give great customer service because word of mouth and personal testimonials will do the selling for your lawn care company.

It can seem like a lot to start a lawn care business but if you’re passionate about your success, it is not too difficult at all. All you need is a good plan to make sure your goals come to fruition.

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