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How To Get New Lawn Care Customers

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If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you love the freedom of working outdoors, it is no surprise that you've decided to launch a lawn care business. This type of business offers a win-win situation for yourself and clients.

You get the chance to provide a service you love to offer, and your customers get the benefits of a meticulously manicured lawn without the hassle and expense of investing in lawn care equipment or spending a precious Saturday afternoon doing hard work on a day off.

Launching your lawn care business

Grass never stops growing, which means there's always a demand for this service. Regardless of whether you already have an established relationship with several clients, or you're in the early stages of developing your business plan, you're sure to have questions. One of the most important questions you'll need to answer is what is the best way to get customers for the lawn care services you provide.

Learning how to get customers for a lawn care business isn't too complicated. You don't even need to have a lot of money in the bank, either. All you need is a solid drive to succeed and a plan.

Get a website

These days, a professional website is a must-have for anyone serious about growing their lawn care or landscaping business. Even if you don't want to publish an elaborate, complicated website, a simple website that contains vital contact information or a way to send a message directly offers visitors a way to get in touch without having to jump through hoops.

If you want to add some functionality to your website, there are some easy-to-add features such as online scheduling and payment options that offer your customers a way to pay for your services using a credit or debit card, which is often more convenient. Customers are looking for convenience and the online bill pay options add great value to a business that is usually low-key.

Business branding

Branding plays an essential role in all business endeavors. Another way to get customers for your lawn care business is by branding using innovative approaches, like vehicle decal wraps. Vehicle wraps applied on your work trucks are both eye-catching and affordable. Another added benefit is that they help to protect the paint on your trucks, vans, or trailers from potential damages, such as scratches and UV damages to the exterior paint.

To keep your professional messaging on point, make sure that your company website and any printed or promotional materials, all match to keep everything aligned.

Life is your creation

If you're managing a team or crew of workers, investing in work shirts that bear your logo on the front or back helps to identify your staff members to customers, as well as to any potential clients who see your staff members when they are on the clock.

Build business through referrals

Personal referrals are one of the best ways to get customers for a lawn care business. If you already have a small customer base, and your clients are happy with your work, ask them to refer you to friends, family members, or associates who could use your services. Always be sure to have business cards on hand to make it easier for them to pass along your information.

Many local business owners could be searching for the exact services you're offering.

Join local associations and groups

Another approach to getting customers for your lawn care business is by joining local associations and online groups and participating within these organizations. They help you grow your personal and professional network to open up new opportunities.

Joining your local Chamber Of Commerce is another way to get customers by making valuable connections with professionals in your area. Many local business owners could be searching for the exact services you're offering to keep the exteriors of their businesses looking terrific.

Take advantage of social media platforms

If you use social media websites like Facebook, be sure to publish a business page that supports your company and keep it up to date. When promoting your business, pictures and videos work as powerful marketing tools to showcase the level of work you complete and is another great way to get customers.

Other ways to utilize Facebook as a way to get customers is by joining local groups on the platform. Many of these groups serve as trusted resources for local people to find the things they are looking for in the local area. But before jumping right in and promoting your company, be sure to read the rules of the group.

By doing so, you can help yourself to avoid potential issues with the group administrators and other members of the group.

Hands gathering people

Add your business on review sites

In the digital age, getting your business listed on review style sites such as Angie's List, Yelp, Bark, and others provides another venue for potential lawn care or landscaping clients to find your company.

While it could take some time and effort to fill out your business profile across multiple websites, it's worth doing, as it can give you higher visibility, and valuable citations and links back to your business website.

Complete your “Google My Business” profile

In addition to adding your business to review sites, another great way to get customers for lawn care is to make sure you've claimed your Google My Business (GMB) listing. This service is free for all business owners and helps ensure your landscaping company comes up in search results when people are searching from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone.

When completing your GMB listing, be sure to fill out all of the fields available for the most favorable results. Open fields include your business phone number, business address, operating hours, the services you offer, brands you use or carry, links to your business website, and a place to upload photos or videos.

Do a great job

One of the easiest ways to get customers for your lawn care business is by consistently doing a good job! Pictures are worth a thousand words, so let them speak for you on your site, through social media, and on GMB.

Happy growing!

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