Consider your company’s business card as a pocket-sized billboard. A business card plays a pivotal role in the relationship you hope to build with your clients. It is often the first impression someone will have of your company. Considered the ultimate marketing tool, a business card is often the first time a potential customer sees (and hopefully remembers) a business logo and overall brand. There are many things to consider when entering a new business industry. Business cards are an excellent way to market your business and spread the word of your product or service. Creating your own business card can be intimidating. There are tons of different production methods, in addition to the infinite ways you can design the card itself. Business cards not only represent your company but your individual identity

Lawn care business card ideas

Examples of lawn care business cards can be extremely helpful. Good examples can provide business owners with great insight with colors, weight, fonts, and even the placement of a logo, contact information, and slogan. Inspiration from business cards that you have received and that stood out to you, will give you a better idea of what will serve you best as a design.

Business cards are very different than they were ten years ago. Producing lawn care and landscaping business cards can range in size, style, and price based on a person's preferences and budget. The cards themselves can have different finishes, usually either glossy or matte. Cards come in every color, material, and thickness, giving you plenty of business card options for lawn care.

The number of options to choose from can be overwhelming for businesses. There are endless amounts of business card generators online, that you can explore and test out before you commit to producing a mass amount of cards. Doing so allows business owners to narrow down their selection by explicitly looking for companies that sell the type of cards that meet their list of requirements.

Size of lawn care business cards

The standard size for business cards is three and a half by two inches. Micro-business cards are usually one by three inches. Some companies offer larger sizes of business cards than the standard size but you don't want your card to be so big that it resembles a postcard. The three and a half by two inch business card can neatly fit into a plastic protector or the card slot of a wallet where it can be repeatedly seen and reviewed.

Choose what looks good to you aesthetically.

Style of lawn care business cards

Styles of business cards vary by industry, and by personal preference. From minimalist to bold and modern, you can choose what looks good to you aesthetically. You can decide which type of material you want the cards to be made out of, too. Some companies offer non-traditional materials such as wood and plastic as choices for their customers to select, making business card ideas for lawn care more personal and eco-friendly.

Varnish finish of lawn care business cards

In addition to leaning away from the historically traditional and plain business cards of the past by changing style and size, you can add a dramatic touch to your card by using a unique finish. The finish of the business card will change how it feels in the hands of your customer. The varnish finish that a person chooses for their lawn care and landscaping business cards is typically glossy or matte. In some cases, it can be semi-glossy or semi-matte. To better understand the difference between the two, glossy has a sheen to it while matte does not.

The print finishes are now a big part of making a business card extra special and one of the biggest tools to enhance the design.

You can use varnish and spot UV, which is an ultraviolet varnishing that is used to enhance certain areas of the card making the color appear richer and shine with the varnish coating feel to it. Die cutting, the simple process of cutting the card into different shapes, is becoming very popular when creating business cards. Foil bloquing is the process of pressing a colored foil into the card paper with a heated die and is mostly used to enhance typography and logos.

Some businesses also use prefolds with their business cards, to give double the space to put more information on the card and an extra touch of uniqueness to it

A lawn care business card template saves time and money.

Lawn care business card templates

Lawn care business cards ideas can be put into a template and adapted to a person's liking rather quickly. It is much quicker to try this method than to design a card from scratch. Changing the font style, color, and size is relatively effortless, too, thanks to the template and its straightforward way of being used.

Moo, Vistaprint, and Zazzle are examples of websites that provide business card templates for people to use. By selecting the style of card you're interested in, you can customize it to your liking so that it benefits your lawn care business entirely. A lawn care business card template saves time and money by eliminating the need to hire a graphic designer to come up with a card design.

Templates are easy enough for a novice to use. A person doesn't need to have any knowledge of design whatsoever to use one. Instead, they adjust the cards pre-set details until they look like something that their own company would use.

A change of the font style or size may be a big enough difference to impress potential customers. Having options such as templates available prevents the frustration of not knowing where to start with a business card design. Within a few minutes, the cards get customized and ordered so they can be shipped and received in record time.

Examples of lawn care business ideas

There are many places to find examples of lawn care business cards. You can view them online, order sample kits from printers, and even collect cards from other businesses. Having a collection of cards for ideas and motivation can help lawn care business owners find the exact look that they are hoping to create themselves.

gardening business card

Things to pay attention to

Quantity and pricing

Some companies will send sample packs so you can compare quality and print. These companies usually require orders in large batches 50-100 and prices range depending on the customizations you have selected (example: $x for 50 cards).

Before committing to large bulk orders, make sure you are satisfied with your design options. Some companies may offer discounts or subscriptions for refills. Avoid incredibly expensive business cards/designs unless you have a marketing plan to heavily utilize your cards and make them a staple of your business image.

The readability of the card

Is it something that instantly states that the company is a lawn care business? Is your contact information clear and easy to understand? Is your company name easy to look up or inquire about with family and friends?

Cards should be legible and easy to understand. They shouldn't have so many details that the central message the card gets lost.

The colors used on the card

How do they look? Is there a difference between a glossy green card and a matte green card? Which looks best? Is one harder to look at because of the light reflecting on it outdoors? Most lawn care companies use green in their logos and business cards. Is there another color that is just as effective?

The feel of the card

Does it feel luxe? Is the paper thick or thin? Does it feel cheap? Does it feel like something that can withstand being carried around in someone's wallet or placed on their fridge? Is it semi-matte, matte, semi-glossy, or glossy?

The placement of lawn care business card slogans

Is the logo large and prominent on the back of the cards? Or, are they small and placed underneath the contact information of the lawn care company? Are they above the name of the business owner or below it? Does the slogan catch the customer’s eye right away, or is it something that blends in with all of the rest of the information?

These tips should help business owners determine what will be valuable to include on their cards. You will come across examples of well-designed business cards and ones that aren't good at all.

Knowing ahead of time what to put on a business card will save business owners time and effort. There are so many considerations to make when owning a lawn care business. Marketing tools such as lawn care business cards are an important resource that will allow you to extend your reach and remain at the forefront of potential clients' minds whenever they need lawn care services performed at their homes or businesses.

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