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Behind the scenes at Lawn-ler Enterprises

Where did you grow up?

In a house? Oh, you mean like _where_? Charlotte, NC and Louisville, KY.

Have you ever rescued a lawn from certain death? How did you do it?

Well, I killed my own lawn to rid it of bermuda. It took two killouts to knock it back. I then raked it all up, put it in my green waste bins, aerated, and power seeded with fescue. Then we got 7" in a single storm that washed most of the seed away. So the yard looked bad, to be honest. Oh well.

How did you get into lawn care?

I took a programming/IT job at a company that had two different guys with degrees in turf maintenance. I loved picking their brains and learning everything I could about how plants work.

Advice for anyone interested in starting their own lawn care business?

Maintain a professional online presence. Work with platforms like Lawn Love to plug holes in your schedule.

How do you relax after a long day?

After the quiet weeping? I usually read useless articles on the internet or books on how to suck less at my job. Sometimes I can claim the TV for my own and whip out the SNES Classic. 🤘


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