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Services offered in Atlanta, GA

Mowing / trimming
Core aeration
Sod installation
Sprinkler repair
Tree trimming
Leaf removal
Gutter cleaning
Weed control
Lawn assessments

Behind the scenes at Nature's Way Landscape Management

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.

What do you love most about your job?

Being outside and making beautiful landscapes and making people happy with their lawns and overall landscape for their properties.

Where is the nicest lawn in the world?

In Atlanta, because I maintain it.

What's your biggest lawn care pet peeve?

Leaving pet business on the lawn. It gets on people's work boots, on the mowers, it gets carried into my vehicles and it transfers disease to other people's lawns. Also, leaving furniture on lawns when you know we are coming out to service.

What's your favorite on-the-job snack?

There is nothing like peppered beef jerky to get energized and good protein.


I want this guy for regular service going forward please....

Charlie H.

Marietta, GA


Very pleased!!!

Cherry C.

Kennesaw, GA


Nice job.

Lisa J.

Marietta, GA


Great job! Friendly and kind

Nicole M.

Powder Springs, GA


Ricardo did an excellent job. He was professional and courteous. I'm very excited about the prospects for my drab yard. I know he's going to get it into shape soon. Thank you for the wonderful work.

Yvonne S.

Austell, GA


Ricardo did a fantastic job, called ahead of arrival, read and followed the notes I set up ahead of time, and overall did great work with strong attention to detail. I'd be happy if Ricardo were assigned to us again. Thank you!

David P.

Acworth, GA


He did an excellent job! The cleaned and trimmed all of the areas that I requested and left everything looking great.

John F.

Marietta, GA


the yard was wet, most likely reason back deck and pad still had some sticks and green stuff on it. Overall very good job!

Nicola A.

Kennesaw, GA


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