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What's included in a snow removal service?

Our snow removal service includes salting, and removing snow from your driveway, as well as any sidewalks or walkways included when mapping your property.

What time will my snow removal tech arrive?

Your snow removal tech will arrive to service your property between 8 AM and 6 PM. Due to the unpredictable nature of work in the field, we cannot give an exact arrival time.

Who is removing my snow?

Once you order, you'll be matched with one of your area's top snow removal techs. All service professionals have an average of 10 years of experience caring for customer's needs. We are fully bonded and carry a multi-million dollar liability insurance policy.

How can I pay for my service?

We only take payment by credit or debit card. We will charge your credit card two days after your service is completed. This gives us enough time to make sure everything went great before charging for the service.

All credit card information is secured via industry standard 256-bit "bank grade" encryption. No one at Lawn Love can access your credit card number once it's saved.

Do I have to be home?

Nope! Just make sure that your gates are left unlocked and all pets are inside.

Will my snow pro always be the same?

When you first sign up, we match you with a qualified professional in your area. We try our best to send the same person for subsequent appointments. If your tech is unavailable for some reason we will assign an equally qualified snow pro to fill in.

Of course, in the unlikely event that you're not thrilled with your pro, we'd be happy to swap them out for someone else.

Is Lawn Love insured?

Yes, we provide end-to-end insurance coverage. We hold a multi-million dollar general liability policy.

Can I change how often you visit?

Definitely. You can do so from your Lawn Love account dashboard.