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Services offered in Ogden, UT

Mowing / trimming
Core aeration
Sprinkler repair
Tree trimming
Leaf removal
Snow removal
Gutter cleaning
Weed control
Lawn assessments

Behind the scenes at Residential Service Pros LLC

What's your favorite grass variety?

Kentucky Blue Grass, Scotts Commercial Turf Builder Mix. All-purpose fertilizers, weed ONLY annihilator solvents.

Have you ever rescued a lawn from certain death? How did you do it?

The first Lawn I ever revitalized was all the way dead to the point where you couldn't even walk across it barefoot due to possible injury! First thing I got started on was raising the PH of the soil to bring back some nutrients, a simple fertilizer application, and dusk and dawn "heavy watering". Within 3 days I had a light green tone in some of the heaviest hurt areas of the lawn. Within two weeks we were barbequing barefoot in the backyard. After about a month neighbors were asking to send their lawns through the same process. One summer later we are a full-service residential groundskeeping service.

How did you get into lawn care?

Lawncare and gardening have been my freelance profession for 25 years. I started small at age 7 doing the lawns for the elderly within the community. Since then I have made lawncare my passion. There's nothing more welcoming than to arrive home and take pride in a very well maintained and detailed property that you call your home.

What's your biggest lawn care pet peeve?

Uniformity and presentation. Also the "clean up", if there was white glove inspection after the job is complete, we would pass! I will never leave a customer questioning the quality of our work and will never complete a job that compromises quality and worth!

What successes have you achieved from working in this industry?

Within the first month as a Lawn Love provider, we successfully achieved a provider Level 2 status which requires an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from customer reviews.


Loved that they even did the easement! Great work! Thank you!!

Lindley W.

Sugar House, UT


Donovan was super friendly and Professional.

Jeremy P.

Syracuse, UT


Great gardner, Im glad he's taking care of our lawn!

Jeremy P.

Syracuse, UT


The yard looks much better than it had. The team worked really hard while they were they and made good progress.

David M.

Ogden, UT


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