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Services offered in Pittsburgh, PA

Mowing / trimming
Sod installation
Sprinkler repair
Tree trimming
Leaf removal
Snow removal
Weed control
Lawn assessments

Behind the scenes at Seth McBurney

If you could mow any celebrity's lawn, whose would it be?

I would want to mow P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm. Acres of soft, rolling, turfed hills surrounded by botanical gardens...

Have you ever rescued a lawn from certain death? How did you do it?

Rescuing lawns from certain death is quickly becoming my forte. Each property is going to have unique differences, and those should be addressed, but in order to know these things I begin by assessing the lawn from curbside to back. As I assess I make notes about what tasks will be required and areas of largest concern (wet areas, dead spots, large overhanging branches, and other symptoms of larger problems). Once I've completed my assessment I begin my work from the curbside to the back. While working I keep time management and results in the front of my mind by asking myself, "What can I do now that will have the best results in the future?" Once my initial pass of work has been made, I begin to focus on the finer details. Edges of beds, walk ways, and other hardscapes are addressed. I complete all of my jobs by reassessing the property by asking, "Has an improvement been made, and what may need to be addressed with a future visit?"

String trimmer, weed whacker, weed eater, or weed whip?

Whatever you call it, my goal is to wield it like Rembrandt's brush...

How did you get into lawn care?

I had my first mowing job at 16, maintaining a 1.5 acre property that began with overgrown garden beds and a lawn 3 feet tall, but within a summer had a sculpted green lawn, and meandering walkways. Within a few years I was working as a groundskeeper and was learning a lot.

What successes have you achieved from working in this industry?

The landscape industry has helped me to fulfill my goal of being self-employed.


Went the extra mile, and was on time which is very important to me. Thanks

Yvonne C.

Pittsburgh, PA


Seth is great! Will definitely hire again.

Shayne S.

Glenshaw, PA


Seth did excellent, thorough work on our yard

Jeff D.

Pittsburgh, PA


Let me know exactly when he was going to arrive

Michael A.

Pittsburgh, PA


He's awesome!!!

Dwan R.

Homestead, PA


I wish I could choose every single option under additional feedback. Friendly, clear, efficient, extremely informed, wouldn't have anyone else take care of my lawn!

Rafael G.

Verona, PA


Appreciate the attention to trimming

David N.

Pittsburgh, PA


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