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One place in America that is synonymous with outdoor living is Virginia Beach. Besides its 35 miles of coastline and awesome beaches, there are other amazing attractions in this independent city such as the Military Aviation Museum and the First Landing State Park, one of the most visited parks in all of Virginia. We have great hotels here, but we really shine in the camping department as we have more than 1800 campsites and 70 rustic cabins. It sure would be great to experience the great outdoors of Virginia Beach rather than being stuck at home aerating your lawn. Give yourself a chance to have some fun during the weekend by hiring Lawn Love for your lawn aeration needs.

Lawn aeration is one of the most important aspects of proper lawn care. It involves the perforation of your soil with small holes to allow the roots to grow deeply. This can result in a stronger and more vigorous lawn. Alleviating soil compaction is the main reason why you will want to aerate your lawn a few times a year. Compacted soil contains high amounts of solid particles, and this can prevent the proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients from taking place.

If you feel that your lawn could benefit from aeration treatment, then do not hesitate to hire us at Lawn Love because we can get the job done right. Our independent lawn techs have the experience and knowledge needed to provide you with the results that your lawn needs. You can give us a ring at 757-301-4036 to know more about our services. You can also get a free online quote to see our rates.

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Here are the most common schedules and services paired with lawn aerations in Norfolk/Virginia Beach:

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Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn area. Here are some average aeration prices for homes in Norfolk/Virginia Beach:

Should I water my lawn today?

Is your soil rock-hard? Aerations work best when the ground isn't too dry.

There won't be any rain in Norfolk/Virginia Beach today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 5:50 AM and set at 8:27 PM today in Norfolk/Virginia Beach).

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