Changing Soil pH

How to Change Your Soil pH

Just like Goldilocks choosing her bed, plants have particular qualities they look for in their soil. One key quality is soil pH: the measure of how acidic or alkaline the…
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Person builds a garden bed

How to Create a Sensory Garden

Take your outdoor refuge to the next level with an immersive sensory garden. We’ll guide you through every step of creating a space that invigorates all five senses and elevates…
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Woman Smiling Holding a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers - Best Flowers for a Cutting Garden

14 Best Flowers for a Cutting Garden

The gift of a beautiful bouquet of flowers can celebrate an achievement, make someone feel loved, or simply brighten an ordinary day. Take your flower arrangements to the next level…
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Herb Garden - Potted Herb Plants

Best Herbs for Your Edible Garden

For culinary enthusiasts and gardeners alike, herbs are a fantastic way to add beauty, fragrance, and function to your backyard. Our guide will help you choose the best herbs for…
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Butterfly Perched on bright colored flower - Sensory Garden

10 Benefits of a Sensory Garden

Get grounded with a garden that engages all five senses. The benefits of a sensory garden are endless — it’s the perfect place to relax after a long day, learn…
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Sensory Garden - Barefoot Girl Stands Holding a bag of colorful flowers in a garden

What is a Sensory Garden?

If you want to transform a typical backyard into a piece of paradise, a sensory garden is right for you. Sensory gardens are relaxing, exploratory spaces where you can enjoy…
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An area of daisies in grass

8 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Camden

When you start to feel spring in the air, it’s time for evening walks down the waterfront and trips to the aquarium. It also means getting your landscape in tip-top…
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