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Why we’re the best rated in lawn mowing

1. We find lawn mowing pros near you.

Lawn Love is a modern day take on lawn mowing. Gone are the days when moving to a new neighborhood meant starting from scratch to find local lawn maintenance companies to complete your weekly required grass cutting. Our skilled, independent pros service over 120 cities and roughly 900 counties. Once you become a Lawn Love customer, you'll never have to worry about finding a lawn mowing service again.

2. We offer immediate and transparent pricing on all mowing jobs.

We also solve the age old problem of determining a fair price for lawn mowing services. We quote your lawn mowing service cost instantly using our proprietary satellite technology. You can feel confident knowing that our price is fair and consistent. You know what you'll pay before we even schedule the job. We aim to provide affordable lawn care services for everyone.

3. Our lawn mowing pros do great work, we guarantee it.

Lawn care and maintenance takes time and the right equipment to do it right. We’ll connect you with a lawn company that is prepared to handle even the most complex lawn mowing needs. When hiring someone to care for your yard, you want to make sure it's a company you can trust. Your lawn care professional has already been pre-screened and vetted to ensure only the best lawn services are provided. You can rest assured that your yard mowing services will get done right or you don't pay us. It's that simple. Just ask our happy customers.

lawn pro mowing lawn

Do I need lawn mowing services?

Grass cutting is typically a part of most lawn owner’s weekly chore list. But what if there were an easier way? If you had some help, how much time would it save you, and would your lawn end up looking better and being healthier in the end?

How long does it take to mow a lawn?

It takes about an hour to mow the average sized lawn, which ends up being more than 20 hours a year! That’s time you could be learning to play the guitar, taking an online class, trying out some new recipes, or just relaxing outside.

Are you mowing correctly?

While lawn mowing may seem simple, every time you cut your grass, you are either one step closer to lush and healthy looking grass or crippling its chances of survival. Proper mowing doesn't only give your lawn an attractive appearance, it also increases the density of your grass. When done by a professional, you may actually notice a big difference!

How much does it cost to mow my lawn?

Our goal is to provide cheap lawn mowing services, without compromising quality. Payment and scheduling are automated, and you can manage everything from the convenience of your phone or web browser. If you’re looking for affordable lawn care, lawn care services start at just $29. We have different options for mowing and maintenance services and plans to fit any budget. Our pricing is transparent, meaning you'll know what you'll pay for your service before the job is even scheduled so you'll never experience any hidden fees.

Come see what the best lawn care of the future looks like. Let Lawn Love connect you with a nearby lawn care professional today.

Why Lawn Love?

Using our lawn care app, lawn care providers have access to pick up your job in as little as two days. Get an instant quote online based on your exact location and size of your lawn.

Lawn Love is a modern, delightful lawn care experience for the best mowing service.

Gone are the days of in-person estimates, payments left under the doormat, and spotty services from lawn companies. Lawn care doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Our quoting technology will generate a personalized quote for your yard - all in under two minutes. From there, we'll send over only skilled, pre-screened lawn care pros from one of the best lawn care companies to work their magic. Your pro will come prepared with all their own lawn care tools. You don’t even need to be home!

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • The grass looks significantly more appealing than it had been. He even was nice enough to move my trampoline AFTER i told him I would do it. He came in got the job done and left. I love that I don't even have to be home next time. I would have liked the grass clippings in the grass picked up and a more defined edging, is that a service you offer? I was also expecting a quote for my shrubs as requested when I scheduled. But all in all I am pleased and I hope I get the same person each time.
    Precious B.
    Flint, MI
  • I didn't receive any communication regarding a time change in the schedule but I'm still grateful. He does excellent work. Very efficient in his lawn mowing skills. I just wish at the end he would've knocked on the door and let us know he was quoting the tree so I could've pointed out which tree I was referring. I just received a quote out of no where. Looked outside and he was gone. As this was my first time with any Lawn service I would've appreciated just better communication
    Yasmine B.
    Columbia, SC
  • I have been staying at my daughters for a few days . I went back to my place sat.I notice there are a lot of dandelions, which have turned to maturity, which means the tops will be blown all over my lawn and the neighbor on the west side.I Think we had a misunderstanding about the message I sent that I wanted the weed kill & lawn feed applied.. I only can afford two app. I would like the dandelions sprayed. and all the lawn sprayed &fed. every 10 to11 days Thank You, M Bundoff
    Martha B.
    Livonia, MI
  • Lawn Enforcement lawn care LLC is awesome! The crew always does a great job. I have had three different companies before Lawn Enforcement and were never quite as satisfied as Iam with this company. It really shows when a crew takes pride in their work. I have had to tell a crew please not turn the lawn mower in a way that it blows all the grass and dirt on our front porch, and they left it like that. Lawn Enforcement gives excellent service. Thanks Lawn Enforcement Lawn Care!
    Shirley M.
    Virginia Beach, VA
  • I was thoroughly satisfied with Phillips service. They exceeded my expectations by arriving a day early , Demonstrating exceptional, professionalism, and politeness throughout the process. Not only did they complete the job efficiently, but the results in my yard were great. I couldn't be happier with how much better it looks now. Thank you Philip for your excellent service.. I look forward to working closer with you in the hopes of getting a total transformation of my yard.
    Stacy M.
    Lawrenceville, GA
  • I really wanted to give a 3.5 but the App wouldn't allow it. The crew arrived at my house right at sunset. I feel there were a few things missed, and a couple of dog toys that should've been missed that weren't lol, that had they arrived when it was lighter outside this wouldn't be an issue. I do appreciate them keeping me updated. I just need them here a little bit earlier and for us to keep communicating effectively and things should work out great. Thank you
    Catherine H.
    Newnan, GA
  • It looks freaking awesome! Last year they didn't weed eat certain little bits around the house (I think that's because they took my instructions quite literally, and to be honest, my duplex is kind of odd, so I completely understood why they didn't, so it wasn't something that warranted any complaint), but now they take care of all the weird little grassy spots that are scattered around the house and easy to miss. I ran into him one day, and he was very kind.
    Rachel M.
    Austin, TX
  • This was our first time using this service. Having someone ring the doorbell and introduce themselves prior to just starting the lawn mowing would have been appreciated. We also had questions about additional services that we may want to add in the future, but never got a chance to ask them. The individual left without any communication once the work was completed. The lawn looks great, however the communication and overall lack of interaction was poor.
    Shaniel F.
    Laurel, MD
  • My lawn looks amazing after several months of going without any care Jonathan gave my lawn some much needed attention mowing, trimming, basically some tender loving care. And the main thing is he done it so quickly , that I got confused and cost effective then even gave me a quote on another project that I wanted done and scheduled it for me as well so now I don't have to worry about my lawn and I can do other things . Because my lawn was cut by a pro .
    Katrinna S.
    Memphis, TN
  • Gonzalez Landscaping delivers breathtaking transformations, turning mundane yards into verdant paradises. With meticulous attention to detail, their skilled team orchestrates nature's symphony, crafting serene outdoor sanctuaries that captivate the senses. A harmonious blend of expertise and passion blooms in every meticulously manicured garden, making Gonzalez Landscaping the premier choice for those seeking to elevate their outdoor living experience.
    Kenji K.
    Joshua, TX
  • Hello! Thank you for coming to service my lawn. For future services please note that the open field to the back of the property is a part of the parcel and I would also like that cut down and that i like the lawn cut low. Also please note that I would prefer if trash is picked up and the area to the back (west) of the property is also cut down low to the ground. Please call if you have questions next time and adjust fees as needed if necessary
    Janaee W.
    Decatur, GA
  • Johnny is wonderful and I would live his help about what numbers to enter for doing mulch. I prefer that the small backyard be mowed and left longer so it stays looking green---it looked burred with that handheld thing...and I guess the poor guys were just rushing and accidentally left leaves and sticks by the back stairs...but I like Johnny and his great work but I want the grass long enough to still look green instead if brown after mowing,
    Sandra J.
    Fort Worth, TX

Grass cutting tips

  • Select an appropriate mowing height. Generally speaking, the appropriate mowing height is two to three inches. Set the blade to the correct height of cut and mow frequently enough so you cut off no more than the top third of the grass plant. This will encourage stronger and healthier roots.
  • Don't cut too short. Cutting your lawn too short can cause your lawn to lose moisture at a more rapid pace and fosters an environment for weed and disease infestation.
  • Keep the lawn mower blades sharp. If you aren’t sharpening your lawn mower blades, then you could be risking the health of your lawn. Sharp blades are needed to produce a clean, even cut. Unsharpened blades have a tendency of ripping the grass tissue. Torn grass tissue can result in a tan or brown cast to the lawn. The ripping also creates a breeding ground for disease and other issues.
  • Leave grass clippings on your lawn. This process is called mulching, grasscycling, or recycling. Grass clippings can reduce your need for fertilizer by as much as 25% because they are full of essential nutrients. Grass clippings break down easily and cause issues only if there is an excessive amount.
  • Change directions. Mowing causes the grass to lie over slightly, causing mowing patterns to develop. It's important to alternate directions with each mowing to avoid the grass from lying over. Changing directions also reduces compaction and wear.

What is the best lawn mower?

The correct lawnmower for your grass will provide a clean cut, every time. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best mower for you.

types of lawn mowers

A push mower or walk-behind mower is ideal on 1/2 acre or less. Push Mower varieties include:

  • Manual reel mower: Manual push mowers are environmentally friendly and quiet. This is a good choice for small, flat lawns.
  • Electric mower: Corded and cordless (battery-operated) electric mowers are less noisy than gas mowers and great for small yards. Corded mowers require access to an electrical outlet, and battery-operated types may require a re-charge mid-mow. Cordless mowers charge times will vary by battery and charger, ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours.
  • Gas-Powered push mower: Ideal for medium-sized lawns, gas mowers are the conventional option for yards up to 1/2 acre in size. A gas mower is more powerful and easier to maneuver than manual and electric options and provides more power. Most crank with a pull start, but some feature an electric starter that eliminates the need to use the pull cord. Keep in mind, you will need the correct fuel.
  • Mulching mower: Mulching mowers cut and drop grass clippings to the ground as you mow. They have a handful of benefits, including increasing the addition of nutrients and disbursement of beneficial microorganisms into the soil.

A riding mower is good for a yard a 1/2 acre or larger. For large or sloped lawns, a riding mower or lawn tractor is the best option because they allow you to get a big job done quickly.

Contact Lawn Love for the best lawn mowing service

Are you ready to have the best lawn care service and a lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy? Call our professional lawn service experts today or get a quote online for a free estimate for affordable grass cutting services from a Lawn Love approved lawn care company. We understand that each customer and their lawn has different needs and therefore requires different care. Let Lawn Love put together a customizable and comprehensive solution for your best lawn care service needs!

If your yard could benefit from mowing and you need the best, give us a call at (800) 706-4117, or get a free quote online to be connected with a lawn specialist. Your yard will thank you.

Get a quote online to receive a fast, free estimate for your lawn care needs.

Lawn Mowing Guide

When’s the best time to cut my grass?

The best time to mow a lawn is early in the morning or in the evening. This is because mowing during the middle of the day where temperatures are at their highest can cause the plant to go into shock. It is also recommended to mow when your grass is dry. Dry grass allows your lawn mowers to function better as well as minimize disease exposure that can spread from plant to plant. Between the hours of 8:00am - 10:00am is generally the best time to cut grass.

How to mow your lawn

before and after lawn mowing

Mow your lawn using the one-third rule. The one-third rule says that you should never remove more than one-third of the leaf blade during any one lawn mowing. For example, if the recommended mowing height for a turfgrass is 2 inches, the height of the grass should not exceed 3 inches before it is mowed back to 2 inches.

Why? Turfgrasses, like other green plants, provide themselves with the necessary nutrients to grow through the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light energy (sun) into chemical energy. During photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and utilized to convert water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds.

When over one-third of the leaf blade is removed during the mowing process, there is significantly less surface area remaining to absorb the light energy to allow the process of photosynthesis to continue. Therefore, the green plant will produce less food for itself, resulting in a less healthy plant that is susceptible to insect damage and disease. Overcutting weakens the grass and also inhibits the growth of the roots, leading to the creation of a small, shallow root system. During the dry season, shallow roots can dry out which leads to the inevitable death of the plant or grass. Large root systems below ground allow grass to grow tall and healthy and can withstand the dry, summer months.

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