Your Comprehensive Guide to Lawn Care

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Whether you are new to lawn care or looking to sharpen your skills, our complete lawn care guide includes articles ranging from how to upkeep your lawn care equipment, to how to care for your lawn, and how to prevent lawn pests. 

For more advanced readers, we also cover landscaping topics and lawn care techniques like striping. 

This guide gives you all of the skills you need to love your lawn!

Lawn Care 101

Learn the basics of keeping a healthy lawn

How to Plant Grass Seed

Learn how to plant grass seed and ensure a lush, green lawn. Discover planting tips and how to select the best grass seed.

How to Mow a Lawn

We’ll show you how to mow your lawn safely with 8 time-tested mowing tips that will strengthen and fortify your lawn.

How to Kill Weeds

We’ll show you how to get rid of weeds with herbicides, hand-pulling, smothering, vinegar, and more.

How to Make Homemade Weed Killer

Looking for an organic herbicide? We’ll show you how to make a homemade vinegar weed killer to help annihilate pesky weeds.

How to Aerate Your Lawn

How do you aerate your lawn? We’ll show you why aeration is essential, list the tools you need, and detail the step-by-step process.

Lawn Equipment 101

In this section, we’ll cover how to use, maintain, fix, and store your lawn care equipment. We also have included links to some of our lawn equipment product reviews spotlighting out best lawn mowers, best string trimmers, and best leaf blowers.

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Learn how to sharpen your lawn mower blades correctly in just 9 steps to give your grass a healthy, clean cut.

How to Put String in a Weed Eater

Learn how to put string in a weed eater, from choosing the appropriate string and removing the old string to reassembling the weed whacker.

How to Replace a Sprinkler Head

Properly replacing your sprinkler heads is imperative to watering your lawn. Let Lawn Love help you through adjusting or replacing yours.

How to Winterize a Lawn Mower

Prepare for a successful spring by properly winterizing your lawn equipment. This guide shows you how!

Lawn Equipment Product Reviews

Best Riding Lawn Mowers
Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers
Best String Trimmers
Best Leaf Blowers

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Landscaping 101

In chis section, we’ll show you how to improve the look and feel of your yard.

How to Edge Your Lawn

Edging a lawn takes care and patience. We’ll show you how to edge your lawn like a pro, including the tools and techniques to use.

How to Plant Flowers

Want to create a garden bed? In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start a new flower bed that lasts.

How to Lay Sod

Learn how to install sod in your yard. Get lush green grass for you to enjoy, with our sod installation guide.

How to Install a Sprinkler System

Installing an in-ground sprinkler system is easy. We’ll detail 9 steps to show you how to install a lawn sprinkler to keep your lawn healthy.

How to Trim Bushes

Do your overgrown bushes make you tired? Don’t slump!! Come along as we show you how to trim your bushes.

Advanced Lawn Care

This group of articles covers tips for specialized lawn needs.

How to Grow Grass in the Shade

Growing grass in shade is possible by choosing the right grass seed and creating the right conditions for it to thrive.

How to Stripe Your Lawn

Lawn stripes provide various benefits for your grass. Find out how to stripe your lawn and make your neighbors green with envy.

How to Revive Dead Grass

Revive your dead lawn with expert tips on soil prep, seeding, watering, and care. Learn how to bring your grass back to life.

Lawn Pest Control

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants in Your Lawn

From boiling water to natural ant baits, here is how to get rid of fire ants in your yard and keep them away.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Yard

From proper lawn care to insect growth regulators and pesticides, discover the best ways to get rid of fleas in your yard.

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