Variety of cacti with colorful flowers

Best Low-Maintenance Outdoor Succulents

Growing succulents doesn’t necessarily mean growing houseplants. Outdoor succulents, with their water-storing fleshy leaves, are prized equally for their beauty and function, especially in drought-prone areas. If you’re new to…
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spikey plant covered in snow

7 Best Cold-Hardy Outdoor Succulents

If you know succulents as desert plants or container plants, you may not think they’ll survive in cold climates. We’ve got good news: Many succulent varieties will survive in cold…
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Large agave succulent plant along a stone wall

How to Create a Succulent Garden

If you love succulents indoors, wait until you plant them in a large-scale outdoor tapestry. Outdoor succulent gardens are works of art that can be simple, DIY installations or landscape…
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close-up of bright pinkish-red powderpuff mimosa flowers

30 Best Native Plants for Florida

Plants that grow beautifully all on their own — sounds too good to be true, right? But look around you. Your natural environment is filled with flowers, trees, shrubs, and…
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succulent garden with various different types and colors of succulent plants

What is a succulent garden?

If you’ve become intrigued by the #succulents posts in your Instagram feed, we’re here to tell you why it’s trending. Succulents are popular with apartment dwellers across the Instagram world,…
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