People say the nicest things

"Bottom line: Great, professional service!

Once the service was scheduled, I was looking forward to the day of the service. I arrived to my home and I was not disappointed. The area was mowed to the right height, and the edging looked really nice too. The entire area was cleaned of any grass clippings. I'm glad I decided to go with Lawn Love and I recommend it to those that are looking for lawn care services. Thanks!"

Steven B
La Jolla, CA

"Loved this company! Thank you so much for the amazing service we received yesterday! I wasn't sure you'd be able to make it out on such short notice, but it looks amazing! I love not having to talk a son and husband into doing the lawn - I came home and it was done!!

Only regret is I should have called you all earlier. Thank you!"

Debbie B
Indianapolis, IN

"Lawn Love did a terrific job on my lawn. The customer service is incredible and the lawn pro was the best. I would absolutely recommend their service."

David H
Durham, NC

"Had them come out for a Lawn aeration. Great service, prompt and less than other companies in the area. Will use them again for my lawn needs in the future."

Christopher F
Fort Worth, TX

"It was bad. Real bad. Nobody had seen anything like it. Some combination of thistles, crabgrass, and gopher holes. It looked like France after world war II. At one point, my wife and I had to hire a German bodyguard to make it from the curb to the front door. He didn't make it. Thankfully we are ok. We knew something had to be done.

Then along came Lawn Love. Now mind you, I've never spent time in actual war, but if I were being rescued from a Vietcong internment camp by special forces, I imagine this is what it would be like. 12 men, 13 weed whackers, a tractor, and 2 sheep.

We are saved. Thank you lawn love."

Matt H
Del Mar, CA

"Great service and very professional, having a large property Craig did a great job. My wife loves how the lawn turned out, Craig cleaned the area and there are no signs of cut grass."

Michael B
San Antonio, TX

"My husband and I were looking for a lawn service and I found Lawn Love. I saw the reviews and thought I'd give it a try.

We are SO HAPPY with their service! They sent us a PHENOMENAL guy named Auggie. He was pleasant and knew exactly what we wanted. Man oh man did he work his butt off, because our yard and bushes were SO overgrown. If you are wondering if you should use them, wonder no more. They're GREAT! I highly recommend them, and wish all first time experiences with businesses could be so easy and awesome."

Tina A
Los Angeles, CA

"Fernando was everything I could have hoped for and more - super work ethic, great communicator, great attitude! Given this yard clean up experience, I decided to bring him on to do a recurring service. I also liked that you pay via the office or the website - the technicians do not collect payment or tips. All the agents I spoke with were very professional and helpful. Great experience - thank you Lawn Love!"

Ella D
Costa Mesa, CA

"We own a rental property and had Lawn Love provide a weekly mowing/edging while we were between tenants. Everything about our experience was great, completely hassle-free. For those of us who can't always be at the property to handle payment at the time of service, the convenient service that Lawn Love offers is a great benefit."

Robert C
Dallas, TX

"I got connected with the company on a Tuesday morning during peak season after my lawn mower broke down. Our house was on the market and we needed to get it mowed ASAP. The woman I spoke with was super helpful and arranged for a guy to be at the house that afternoon! 5 stars for timeliness and helping me out in a jam!"

Bill S
Indianapolis, IN

"Man did they do a fantastic job! They cleaned everything up, even hauling away the remains of the bush/tree I had cleared out of the backyard earlier that day. Now the front and back yards look great and the hedges are clean and trim. My wife and I are very very pleased with the work Juan and Lawn Love did for us."

Chris C
Los Angeles, CA

"When we bought our house, our lawn was terrific. But as time raged on and my black-thumb's malevolence took hold, our lawn started looking rather shabby. I'm very glad I found Lawn Love! What I needed was a lawn pro who could say what I needed to do and get the lawn looking like I was a golf course greenskeeper and Juan was that pro. He knows his stuff and was a great guy too - he gets 5-stars from me too."

Tilden M
Woodland Hills, CA

"Love, love, love the folks at Lawn Love! They don't just mow our yard, they truly manage our lawn service. We appreciate all they do to keep our landscape in tip-top shape. I highly recommend them and that says a lot as I previously owned a lawn maintenance company when I was younger."

Pamela V
San Antonio, TX

"I booked Lawn Love online to deal with a massive weed problem in my front yard.

Customer service was excellent, everything was scheduled over the phone then reviewed using their online system. I was still at work when they came, took care of everything, put the green waste into the bins we provided, and the place looked tons better when I got home.

Thanks for a great job!"

Gene W
Irvine, CA

"Lawn Love,

The name says it all.

Company: While they are a start up and working out a few kinks, I felt that they were incredibly receptive to constructive criticism and want their best for their clients.

The Tech: Anthony. Super nice guy. Work really hard and made my lawn look great! Showed up when he said he would, did the job I asked him to do, and communicated over the phone to ensure both of our time would be spent well."

Victor G
San Jose, CA

"I've been looking for a lawn care solution for a few years since we purchased our home. Lawn Love is exactly the type of flexible, quality service that we've been seeking. The team did an excellent job servicing our lawn (we elected for mowing plus gardening/weed control). Plus, there is an online dashboard that allows you to manage your appointments."

Christina B
Austin, TX

"The customer service with this company is EXCELLENT. There is clear communication when things need to be shuffled, and every time they come take care of our yard, it looks amazing after they leave. We have never had ANY problems with this company, which is unusual for smaller business models. Lawn Love knows what they're doing and has a solid team working the gears on the inside. Bravo, guys."

Van G
Houston, TX

"Great solution on short notice. Reasonably priced, superior customer service and the lawn pro, Rigoberto, did a wonderful job. Highly recommended."

Scott K
Huntington Beach, CA

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