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I absolutely LOVE this service. Not only are they prompt, their prices are incredibly reasonable and they are just friendly and accommodating. They aren't pushy, but they have a lot of options to not only get your lawn cut, but to keep it healthy and/or get it healthy. I could not recommend them more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! No more calling around and getting flaky or inconsistent service. You can pay with a credit card-because who wants to leave a check in the mailbox these days? They bend over backward to make sure you are not just satisfied, but truly happy with the service.
Kim J
Fort Worth, TX
Bottom line: Great, professional service!

Once I was scheduled with a lawn care company in my area, I was looking forward to the day of the service. I arrived to my home and I was not disappointed. The area was mowed to the right height, and the edging looked really nice too. The entire area was cleaned of any grass clippings. I'm glad I decided to go with Lawn Love and I recommend it to those that are looking for lawn care services. Thanks!
Steven B
La Jolla, CA
Loved this company! Thank you so much for the amazing service we received yesterday! I wasn't sure you'd be able to make it out on such short notice, but it looks amazing! I love not having to talk a son and husband into doing the lawn - I came home and it was done!!

Only regret is I should have called you all earlier. Thank you!
Debbie B
Indianapolis, IN
My provider did a terrific job on my lawn. The customer service is incredible and helped me set things up easily. I would absolutely recommend their service.
David H
Durham, NC
I used Lawn Love to find a pro to help complete a lawn aeration. Great service, prompt and less than other companies in the area. Will use them again for my lawn needs in the future.
Christopher F
Fort Worth, TX
It was bad. Real bad. Nobody had seen anything like it. Some combination of thistles, crabgrass, and gopher holes. It looked like France after world war II. At one point, my wife and I had to hire a German bodyguard to make it from the curb to the front door. He didn't make it. Thankfully we are ok. We knew something had to be done.

Then along came Lawn Love. Now mind you, I've never spent time in actual war, but if I were being rescued from a Vietcong internment camp by special forces, I imagine this is what it would be like. 12 men, 13 weed whackers, a tractor, and 2 sheep.

We are saved. Thank you Lawn Love.
Matt H
Del Mar, CA
Great service and very professional, I have a very large property, and Craig did an excellent job. My wife loves how the lawn turned out, Craig cleaned the area and left it pristine when he left.
Michael B
San Antonio, TX
We have been using Lawn Love for almost a year now. We found their service to be reasonably consistent in quality. As recently as yesterday, they paird us with a new lawn pro, Joseph Perez, who serviced our patio. The job was the best we have seen in the past year - very organized, accomodating and thorough. We had a dead creeper that had climbed well into a neighboring tree that required removal. There was also a lot of tree debris alongside the patio. All of this was handled very professionally by Joseph and his wife. We look forward to having them back next month, and for all future appointments thereafter!
Shridhar R
Irvine, CA
I've had issues for years with lawn service providers in this area - either they're outrageously expensive, or the service is terrible, or they don't show up AT ALL! I recently came across Lawn Love and it seemed like they had a very good reputation, so I gave them a shot. Within a few minutes of me filling out the forms online I had a phone call and had service set up for a few days later, and a few days later a service provider came out and did the things they said they would and charged me the amount of money they said they would - and it is WONDERFUL. I am ecstatic that I've finally found an honest, reliable, dependable, quality solution!!!!! Highly recommend these guys
Will K
Houston, TX
Great experience with Lawn Love and lawn pro Nicholas. He's been keeping my lawn cut right for over two years now. Highly recommend.
David G
San Diego, CA
We requested a clean-up, mowing, and weed control in our multi-level backyard. Dave, our lawn care guy, was professional and very courteous. There was a little confusion at first as to what we wanted done, but Dave handled it well and assured us that customer satisfaction was a priority. We would absolutely recommend this company.
Jennifer S
Chicago, IL
I spent a lot of time dealing with weed killers trying to make my yard look good, but the weeds would always return stronger than ever. I had enough and called Lawn Love.

After one summer of applications my yard looks great, weeds are gone, and my grass is fuller and thicker. A big thank you to Lawn Love for saving me time and money on what seemed like an endless battle.

The lawn tech they found for us was also very helpful in addressing the concerns I had about my dog running around on the treated lawn. I highly recommended them!
Jamah D
San Diego, CA
My husband and I were looking for a lawn service and I found Lawn Love. I saw the reviews and thought I'd give it a try.

We are SO HAPPY with their service! They sent us a PHENOMENAL guy named Auggie. He was pleasant and knew exactly what we wanted. Man oh man did he work his butt off, because our yard and bushes were SO overgrown. If you are wondering if you should use them, wonder no more. They're GREAT! I highly recommend them, and wish all first time experiences with businesses could be so easy and awesome.
Tina A
Los Angeles, CA
Fernando was everything I could have hoped for and more - super work ethic, great communicator, great attitude! Given this yard clean up experience, I decided to bring him on to do a recurring service. All the agents I spoke with were very professional and helpful. Great experience - thank you Lawn Love!
Ella D
Costa Mesa, CA
We own a rental property and had Lawn Love find someone to do a weekly mowing/edging while we were between tenants. Everything about our experience was great, completely hassle-free. For those of us who can't always be at the property to handle payment at the time of service, the convenient service that Lawn Love offers is a great benefit.
Robert C
Dallas, TX
I got connected with the company on a Tuesday morning during peak season after my lawn mower broke down. Our house was on the market and we needed to get it mowed ASAP. The woman I spoke with was super helpful and arranged for a guy to be at the house that afternoon! 5 stars for timeliness and helping me out in a jam!
Bill S
Indianapolis, IN
Man did they do a fantastic job! They cleaned everything up, even hauling away the remains of the bush/tree I had cleared out of the backyard earlier that day. Now the front and back yards look great and the hedges are clean and trim. My wife and I are very very pleased with the work Juan did for us.
Chris C
Los Angeles, CA
When we bought our house, our lawn was terrific. But as time raged on and my black-thumb's malevolence took hold, our lawn started looking rather shabby. I'm very glad I found Lawn Love! What I needed was a lawn pro who could say what I needed to do and get the lawn looking like I was a golf course greenskeeper and Julian was that pro. He knows his stuff and was a great guy too - he gets 5-stars from me too.
Tilden M
Woodland Hills, CA
I contacted Lawn Love because I live out of state and needed someone to maintain my yard. I own a house in Fort Worth and it is hard to get good help to take care of my yard. Lawn Love sent Nicholas out and he did a superb job. I have service scheduled for every three weeks and the payment options are easy.

I love Lawn Love.
Steve W
Palm Springs, CA
I've been using them for a year now and it's been great. They allow you to reschedule or skip appointments with zero hassle. Ramon my tech always texts when he is on his way or if he needs to reschedule due to bad weather. Great customer service, a bit pricey but awesome service!
Tisha L
San Antonio, TX
I live in North County San Diego and found this service in a google search. I made an inquiry online and heard back from them within the hour. My yard was full of huge aggressive weeds that were 3-4 feet tall, and he got rid of everything! I'm definitely going to use Lawn Love again!
Rebecca K
Oceanside, CA
Really happy I found Lawn Love. The website is so easy to use, I had a call within 20 minutes providing me with a quote and answering any questions I had. It is really helpful being able to see what day the lawn specialist is coming. I had my first service yesterday and I am really happy - the front and back yard of the house look great.
Georgia D
Houston, TX
Octavio came by our house and did an amazing job. Our last gardener had disappeared without contact for 2 months which left our lawn looking terrible. Octavio cleaned up the weeds, the leaves, and straightened up our lawn. He also contacted us beforehand and was very courteous. I would recommend Lawn Love to anyone.
Alger A
Irvine, CA
Gustavo was professional and kept me informed of his schedule when he was running late. He also let me know when to water after the fertilization. I will be using this service again.
Christina M
Oklahoma City, OK
I went online looking for a one time trim (as i plan on getting my front yard turfed). I found Lawn Love, within 48 hours, the Jurassic Park that was once my yard - had been tamed. I walked out late in the morning on Saturday, to notice the yard (and curbside grass associated with my home) had been fully taken care of. Me, my roommates, and even our loud english bulldogs never had a clue.

Epic work, at this price i will definitely be coming back before the eventual turfing project. Thanks again!
Cooper A
Los Angeles, CA
Love, love, love the folks at Lawn Love! The company they matched me with doesn't just mow our yard, they truly manage our lawn service. We appreciate all they do to keep our landscape in tip-top shape. I highly recommend them and that says a lot as I previously owned a lawn maintenance company when I was younger.
Pamela V
San Antonio, TX
I booked Lawn Love online to help me deal with a massive weed problem in my front yard.

Customer service was excellent, everything was scheduled over the phone then reviewed using their online system. I was still at work when the lawn company came, took care of everything, put the green waste into the bins we provided, and the place looked tons better when I got home.

Thanks for a great job!
Gene W
Irvine, CA
Lawn Love,

The name says it all.

Company: While they are a start up and working out a few kinks, I felt that they were incredibly receptive to constructive criticism and want their best for their clients.

The Tech: Anthony. Super nice guy. Work really hard and made my lawn look great! Showed up when he said he would, did the job I asked him to do, and communicated over the phone to ensure both of our time would be spent well.
Victor G
San Jose, CA
Lawn Love,

The name says it all.

Company: While they are a start up and working out a few kinks, I felt that they were incredibly receptive to constructive criticism and want their best for their clients.

The Tech: Anthony. Super nice guy. Work really hard and made my lawn look great! Showed up when he said he would, did the job I asked him to do, and communicated over the phone to ensure both of our time would be spent well.
Christina B
Austin, TX
The customer service with this company is EXCELLENT. There is clear communication when things need to be shuffled, and every time the pro comes and cares for our yard, it looks amazing after they leave. We have never had ANY problems with this company, which is unusual for smaller business models. Lawn Love knows what they're doing and has a solid team working the gears on the inside. Bravo, guys.
Van G
Houston, TX
Great solution on short notice. Reasonably priced, superior customer service and the lawn pro, Rigoberto, did a wonderful job. Highly recommended.
Scott K
Huntington Beach, CA
I was really happy with the service I received. I have a big yard, and it can get out of control at times - especially with so much rain lately. Lawn Love send over Green Solutions, who did a fantastic job mowing and edging our front and back yards and left everything looking gorgeous. They even took the time to blow off our deck and lawn chairs (which were covered in leaves and pollen).

I was also thrilled with the customer service at Lawn Love. I had to reschedule our appointment, and then bad weather pushed things back even more. The team at Lawn Love was extremely accommodating, very communicative, and super easy to work with. I love that they send a little email reminder before each visit.

I would absolutely recommend these guys for your lawn care needs in San Antonio.
Marie S
San Antonio, TX
Just started with Lawn Love and so far I am very happy with their service. Daniel Perry the technician who serviced my property did an excellent job! Consummate professional who was very meticulous and treated my property as if it were his own. I have used many lawn companies in the 20 years living in Brandon, and so far Lawn Love has been the most reasonable priced service who had folks who take pride in their work! Thanks!
Bradley N
Brandon, FL
The service provider arrived on time and only a day after I called them. They were knowledgeable and made great suggestions. The previous homeowner had piled mulch from the front planter all the way up to the front of the house - covering the foundation in areas making it easier for termites to enter. The home already had some water damage from the bad design. To prevent future erosion of the mulch/dirt down from the planter on to the foundation, Affordable Ben installed a metal barrier about 6 inches from the home.
Tracy S
Houston, TX
My yard, even though brown from lack of water, looked horrible. Bushes out of sorts, weeds growing in the sidewalk cracks. It really looked like my house was abandoned. An email and phone call with Lawn Love, and a few days later the front lawn looks presentable.

I like that everything was done without me even needing to be there. Everything was cleaned up and perfect. A few days later an email follow up was sent to make sure that I was happy with the service. Then my credit card was billed for the service. Perfect!

I can't think of anyway Lawn Love could be improved. Thank you! I'll be back.
Paul P
San Diego, CA
Thank you Oris and Lawn Love! Lawn Love not only fit me in only a few days after I called, Oris really did a thorough job with a kind of crazy backyard. He was thorough and incredibly polite to myself and my son. I will definitely use them again.
Nano S
Raleigh, NC

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