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Lawn Care for Real Estate Open Houses

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Lawn Care for Real Estate Agents

Lawn care for realtors should be easy. Our platform is utilized by thousands of real estate agents who use our system to oversee yard maintenance for multiple listings that they have all over the world.

Planning an open house is stressful; everything has to be perfect. Lawn maintenance for the property you’re showing shouldn’t be another thing you have to manage. We can mow the lawn, clean the gutters, remove the leaves, and more all at the push of a button, and the job will be completed typically within 2 days. While you are thinking about the million other things to make the property special, you can rest assured that the outdoor space will look like new.

By creating a Lawn Love account, you will be instantly connected with professional lawn care providers who can maintain all your open houses, with a few taps on your smartphone. You can manage scheduling, payments, and yard maintenance services for your entire portfolio from your smartphone or laptop, without ever having to show up or even make a call. Lawn Love is entirely digital, meaning you’ll never have to write a check again. Just enter your information, create your account, set up your service plans, and that’s it! You can easily manage multiple lawn care services for multiple properties, all from your smartphone or computer.

Enter your next property today, and you’ll receive an instant estimate on all of your lawn service needs.

Tips for Maintaining Properties While on the Market

When preparing for an open house, a first impression is everything! As a realtor, your clients are trusting you with one of their biggest assets. This means you will want to do everything in your power to get their property ready to sell. The ultimate goal when preparing for an open house should be to get the home ready, make a good impression, and hopefully attract an offer quickly.

Why is lawn care important for open houses? When researching how to prepare a home for an open house, usually the first result that comes up is to make a good first impression by freshening up the landscape. A second piece of popular advice is to clean the exterior in addition to the interior of your house. This is because the outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see.

In addition to the outside of your house, there are tons of other things to do to prepare for the showing. Cleaning from top to bottom, removing clutter and putting away furniture to make the space appear bigger, staging with designer pieces, removing and securing personal items, and even marketing the open house, there is so much a real estate agent has to do. With Lawn Love, you can mark one more thing off your open house preparation checklist, without even lifting a finger!

Lawn Care Services for Real Estate Open Houses

Lawn MowingAt the very least, the property being shown should have a mowing service complete before taking photos to use for the listing and again prior to the open house. Other services to consider when preparing for an open house are weed control, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, snow removal, or even a yard clean up depending on the state of the yard.

Gutter CleaningGutter cleaning for real estate open houses is often another necessary step. Gutters clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris can be a major red flag for buyers, as they can cause damage that leads to a leaky roof or even ruin the interior or exterior of the home.

Yard CleanupDepending on the state of the house, individual yard services might not be enough. You may need to book an entire yard cleanup. Yard clean up for real estate open houses are essentially a makeover for the entire yard. Some houses may have never been maintained, and now you have to try to sell them, and the yard is probably a mess. With a cleanup service, you will receive mowing and maintenance, trimming, weeding, and leaf clean up.

Snow RemovalYou might have to consider snow removal for real estate open houses, depending on your area. Snow can be a hazard if you're going to have a high amount of traffic going in and out of the house, so it's a good idea to have it cleared beforehand.

Get a quote online to receive a fast, free estimate for your lawn care needs.

How Lawn Love Works for Open Houses

Using satellite mapping technology, we're able to give quotes in two minutes or less. Our instant, personalized quotes are based on the size of your lawn, location, and requested service. Our proprietary quoting technology will generate a personalized blueprint of your yard. We can even complete your lawn services within 2 days in some cases.

We measure all lawn areas, plant beds, sidewalks, and driveways. From there, we'll send over a skilled, pre-screened, and vetted lawn pro to work their magic. Payment and scheduling are automated, and you can manage everything from the convenience of your phone or web browser. We also don't charge until 48 hours after the service has been completed, in order to ensure complete satisfaction.

Get an instant quote for your next open house showing now.

Affordable Lawn Care for Real Estate Agents

When quoting you for a service, we measure each property’s size, lawn areas, driveway length, and more. We also consider the growing region, frequency of service, and mix of services in order to generate a price.

We offer service plans starting as low as $29, for weekly mowing and trimming services. In order to help you maintain a budget, we’ve created recurring lawn care service plans and bundles that are cheaper than a one time service. Most properties require at least a weekly or bi-weekly service, but the frequency of a plan can be adjusted at any time as needed. We never require you to sign a contract or charge you a subscription fee.

Our pricing is transparent, meaning you'll know what you'll pay for your service before the job is even scheduled so you'll never experience any hidden fees. You can check out more information on pricing or get an instant quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell a house with a dead lawn?

It’s possible to still sell a house that needs a new lawn or fertilization service, but it may decrease the property value by as much as 5-15%. It can also lose you the sale if the client becomes wary that the house has been maintained. We recommend watering and using lawn fertilization or seeding services to bring the lawn back to life. Laying sod is a more expensive option but may also be used to fix the appearance of the yard quickly.

Does artificial grass decrease home value?

While it depends on the home buyer’s preference, many buyers prefer artificial grass because of its appearance (i.e. ‘curb appeal’) and its lower overall maintenance. In many cases, artificial grass can actually improve the potential value of the home.

Should I stage the yard before a showing?

Yes! Beyond lawn mowing and cleanup, adding flowers and an outdoor seating / entertaining area can show the potential buyer what they can do with the outdoor space. Outdoor lighting can also set the home apart and can be great for pictures of the listing at night.

What yard improvements increase the value of a home?

Outdoor kitchen and dining amenities, trees and shaded areas, outdoor fountains, and patios are a few of the additions that can improve a home's worth. Some additions, including pools and hot tubs, basketball courts, and built-in firepits, may increase a home’s value but are also a risk to a potential buyer who may have different preferences.

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  • Great job Estevan! Good communication, sent photos, let me know he was coming, and when he was done. The yard looked great! Estevan suggested some additional services which I will consider later in the season. The yard is already looking so much better!
    Karla B.
    Greeley, CO
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