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Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Pittsburgh:

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Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Pittsburgh:

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Should I water my lawn today?

There won't be any rain in Pittsburgh today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 5:56 AM and set at 8:53 PM today in Pittsburgh).

Pittsburgh lawn care service

For people who own a home in the Pittsburgh region of Pennsylvania, preparing for spring means getting ready for the spring and summer lawn care season. While the initial lawn growth in early spring is slow, by May Pittsburgh lawn care maintenance becomes essential to protect against overgrowth.

Pittsburgh grass growth problems

Grass grows in a similar pattern as most growing perennial plants. Initial spring lawn growth starts out slow until the weather warms. This allows homeowners time to get ready for mowing. In the early mowing season, lawns can be mowed every two weeks until the primary lawn growth season gets underway. By mid-May, grass growth on most lawns requires a more diligent approach to include weekly Pittsburgh lawn service care.

Many homeowners falsely believe that Pittsburgh lawn care only requires regular watering and mowing, and their grass will take care of itself. However, lawn care often can be much more complicated when underlying problems arise that can affect the health and appearance of a lawn.

Lawns react to adversity like most all types of Pittsburgh gardening plants. Most grass species can be negatively affected by insects, disease, weed overgrowth, rodents, poor soil conditions, and lack of nutrients. When any of these occur, lawns can show signs of significant damage. If left unattended, many of these conditions can damage or kill off large sections of grass.

Through the help of a professional Pittsburgh lawn service, homeowners that have lawns that are showing significant problems can get the proper analysis and treatment to restore their lawn's health and luster.

Once brown patches, discoloration, or grass die-off start to appear on lawn patches, getting it diagnosed is the first step to recovery. Since there are several potential causes for each of these grass ailments, getting proper analysis for treatment is essential. The good news is that almost all adverse grass conditions can be successfully treated with professional lawn care in Pittsburgh services.

While having a few weeds infiltrate a lawn rarely causes significant problems, weeds can quickly overtake large patches of a lawn. If left unattended, weed growth can overtake the healthy grass and destroy a yard.

One of the most common causes of excessive weed growth on a lawn originates from weeds in gardens that spread. Weed overgrowth usually starts with small patches of weeds showing up beyond the limits of a garden infiltrating the lawn. This can occur from both vegetable and flowering gardens. That is why keeping up with Pittsburgh gardening maintenance can play a vital role in protecting a residential lawn's health.

Pittsburgh Spring flooding damage

Another primary concern for homeowners lawns in the Pittsburgh area is flooding from storms and spring snow melt. Water pooling anytime of year can cause significant damage to lawns. Like most other types of plants, high amounts of water that sit on the top of patches of grass for extended periods can cause grass die-off. Preparing for the winter snow season and the spring thaw and rain season properly can help protect against lawn inundations.

Because of flooding concerns in the spring from snow build-up, the use of regular professional Pittsburgh snow removal services is recommended. Using the same professional Pittsburgh snow removal company throughout the snow season will ensure that the excess snow is moved to a spot that will not damage a lawn.

One of the other concerns for spring flooding is ensuring that gutter systems are adequately cleared out. This should be done by a professional Pittsburgh gutter cleaning company in the fall when leaf and debris build-up is most common.

In most cases, homeowners only have to clean their home gutter systems in the late fall. However, if an extensive storm arises that causes gutter debris clogs, using Pittsburgh gutter cleaning services is recommended. This will help prevent water pooling and flooding on the grass. Consistent water pooling can kill the turf's root system and damage the entire area of grass that is inundated.

Regular Pittsburgh lawn maintenace

In addition to protecting home aesthetics and value, proper lawn care can be essential for personal health. Lawn overgrowth is tied to an increase in Lyme Disease, ticks, mosquitoes, and the spread of poisonous plants. Through regular lawn care maintenance, these risks can be significantly mitigated throughout the lawn growth season.

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