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Lawn Care for HOA Property Maintenance

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Lawn Care for HOAs

As an active HOA member, you care a lot about the community you live in, from the way it looks to the way it operates both inside and out. We appreciate the huge task residents take on when you serve on a homeowners’ association, and we at Lawn Love want to help alleviate some of the burdens that come with managing property maintenance.

Lawn Love is a tech-enabled marketplace for lawn and garden services. Our lawn care customers can get instant personalized satellite quotes for their residence so that you have no surprises when it comes to pricing. We are modernizing the lawn care experience, allowing our customers to schedule recurring lawn care services and coordinate everything online. The net result is a more streamlined and modern experience for customers, with significant scale and efficiency advantages so that you can focus on other ways to make your building a better place for its residents.

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Our Lawn Care Services for Property Maintenance

HOA regulations exist for a reason; to keep a community looking nice and uniform for the homeowners. In most cases, an HOA hires a lawn maintenance company to care for the outdoor common areas of the property in order to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Lawn mowing and maintenance is usually the number one service HOAs include in their rental agreements. Edging should also be included in the service to create straight, clean edges around the driveway, sidewalks, and flower beds.

During the fall, leaf and gutter cleaning is necessary to ensure that no property damage occurs due to gutter blockages or leaks. Keeping gutters clean may prevent flooding or other major and costly damages. If left unkempt, the health of a lawn may also suffer as a result of leaf coverage.

Snow removal may also be a necessary service if you own properties in areas that receive regular snow. Snow removal is usually mandated by the city, and you can be fined if you don’t clear the snow from your property.

A complete yard clean up for property maintenance might be necessary for new properties that haven’t been cared for in a while or that may have been neglected by a tenant. This can include weed control, lawn fertilization, leaf removal, and gutter cleaning, among other services.

Property Maintenance Tips for Homeowners Associations

A well maintained property increases value, and may attract people to rent from you. Ownership of property maintenance can be confusing and sometimes difficult to manage, but Lawn Love is here to help. Although maintaining a property can be a lot of work, if you pick the right partner to outsource the work to, you'll only have to worry about the initial setup, and then you can leave it up to the professionals to take care of the rest.

In the case that a landlord is not maintaining the property, tenants can take legal action to get the landlord to uphold their part of the lease. Usually, it is the landlord's duty and responsibility to maintain the property. As a member of the HOA, it's then your responsibility to make sure that landlords are managing this effectively. By using one trusted company to oversee your lawn care needs and including this cost in your building's HOA fees, you can avoid this risk altogether.

The average hours spent maintaining the property and the average cost of maintaining a rental property will vary, but it's an incredibly important investment for HOAs. In order to ensure that you're covered, we'd recommend:

  1. Set clear guidelines for landlords and homeowners with regard to their expected yard maintenance
  2. Hire or recommend an ensured service provider such as Lawn Love to make sure that lawn care is regularly scheduled and completed within guidelines on a recurring basis
  3. Keeping up on yard services all year round, including seasonal services such as leaf cleanup and snow removal
Get a quote online to receive a fast, free estimate for your lawn care needs.

How Lawn Love Works for HOAs

If you manage several different properties, or the complex you own is massive, lawn upkeep can be intimidating. Lawn Love aims to create an easy, seamless experience for HOAs. From day to day emergencies, unhappy tenants, move-ins and move-outs, and paperwork, you probably have a million other things to do than worry about another burden like lawn care.

Using satellite mapping technology, we're able to give quotes in two minutes or less. Our instant, personalized quotes are based on the size of your lawns, location, and requested services. Our proprietary quoting technology will generate a personalized blueprint of your property's yard areas.

We measure all lawn areas, plant beds, sidewalks, and driveways. From there, we'll send over a skilled, pre-screened and vetted lawn pro to work their magic, without you ever having to be there. Payment and scheduling are automated, and you can manage everything from the convenience of your phone or laptop. We don't collect payment until two days after the service, in order to ensure complete satisfaction.

To get an instant quote, check out https://lawnlove.com/quote.

Offering HOAs Affordable Lawn Care

One of the most costly expenditures for HOAs is maintaining and repairing the property, allocating an average of 25% of annual operating expenses to keep their buildings and common areas maintained. Equally, the people residing within the community pay a share of their hard earned income to the HOA, and they rightfully expect to see their money is being invested wisely. It is the HOA’s responsibility to seek out the most qualified companies at the best price possible.

We offer service plans starting as low as $29, for weekly mowing and trimming services. In order to help you keep costs low, we offer recurring lawn care service plans and bundles. Depending on your property maintenance, you will probably require at least a weekly or bi-weekly service, but the frequency of a plan can be adjusted at any time as needed. We never require you to sign a contract or charge you a subscription fee.

When quoting you for a service, we measure your property size, lawn areas, driveway length, and more. We also consider the growing region, frequency of service, and mix of services in order to generate a price.

Our pricing is transparent, meaning you’ll know what you’ll pay for your service before the job is even scheduled, so you’ll never experience any hidden fees. Check out more information on pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can HOAs require homeowners to water their yard?

Typically, HOAs may require tenants to keep their grass alive and healthy with regular maintenance. However, some states are banning HOAs from enforcing requirements around watering due to environmental concerns and during times of drought. Please make sure to read your states’ laws regarding the inclusion of these types of requirements in your HOA agreements.

Can an HOA regulate backyards?

Yes, but if you have concerns about this, it’s important to include specific guidelines in your HOA agreements for residents. Be sure to include rules surrounding what changes residents are allowed to be made to the yards, appropriate storage, etc.

Can HOAs collect on fees for lawn care violations?

It’s certainly possible to charge residents when they violate lawn care guidelines. However, the time investment that comes with monitoring yards / outdoor spaces and collecting on these fees can be intensive. We recommend handling lawn maintenance as part of the HOA agreement and including the cost for these services upfront in your monthly fees so that you don’t get stuck in this position or end up handling costly damages to the building.

Do I Need a Landscape Maintenance Agreement?

HOAs should create a thorough Landscape Maintenance Agreement before they work with a contractor on a large landscaping project, such as light installation, laying sod, etc. For regular lawn maintenance services, however, including lawn mowing and gutter cleaning, this is not typically required. If there are particular HOA guidelines that a lawn care provider needs to be aware of, you can leave a note for them or speak to them directly before completing the job.

What happens if residents are not happy with the quality of their lawn care?

Make sure that tenants have a contact on the board that they can reach out if they have concerns with a contractor that the HOA has hired. If a problem arises with the quality of work being done, or the lawn care provider ends up damaging the lawn, you can contact the lawn company for reparations or a free service to correct the complaint. Many reputable lawn care companies offer guarantees on quality, so make sure you read the fine print and the reviews of a company before hiring them.

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