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Lawn care facts in Des Moines

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Des Moines:

How are lawn care prices in Des Moines?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Des Moines:

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Should I water my lawn today?

There won't be any rain in Des Moines today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 5:48 AM and set at 8:51 PM today in Des Moines).

Des Moines lawn care services

Des Moines has a reputation for being an agricultural city. This reputation can be proven by the display of early farm machinery at the Heritage village and the Iowa Museum of Agriculture. One of their main tourist attractions is the Living History Farm Display's annual event that is held in August. The event features displays of replications of the farm activities of 19th century settlers of the city of Iowa. Therefore, it should not come by surprise that Des Moines gardening produces such beautiful outdoor living spaces.

In Iowa, you will find roses, tulips, lilacs, and many other recognizable perennials that make outdoor living spaces a spectacle.

Des Moines grass types

Kentucky bluegrass is the most common grass type found on Des Moines lawns. That is because it is well adapted to the partial sun and shade in Iowa which helps it form a thick turf under the different conditions. Bluegrass has underlying rhizomes that help it repair worn out and damaged areas. The underlying rhizomes make it tough and able to tolerate high human traffic with ease. Another advantage is that, with bluegrass, you won't have to call Des Moines weed control services frequently as it fairly competes with unwanted vegetation.

Perennial ryegrass is another type of grass that can withstand high human traffic. However, unlike the Kentucky bluegrass, it performs poorly with weed. But on the bright side, Des Moines weed control services are available from local lawn care companies.

Fescues grass type can withstand dry periods and require minimal fertilizer input. Therefore, fine leaf fescues are very economical to maintain. Gardeners often mix fine leaf fescues with ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrass because, despite their drought tolerance advantage, they are quite weak and damage easily with heavy human traffic.

The turf-type tall fescue is a modified fescue variety that is finer in texture and is more aesthetically pleasing to step on. Their modifications allow them to better tolerate drought and hot temperatures. They also have more ability to handle heavy traffic than fine leaf fescue. However, they don't have rhizomes or stolons and therefore are slow to recover in case of damage.

Given the proper conditions and care, all the above-mentioned grass types can create a lawn that neighbors admire. The following are basic tips on how to care for your lawn.

Common Des Moines plants

Iowa is home to plenty of perennial plant life. The native plants in Iowa are low maintenance plants adapted to the summer sun and are tolerant enough to survive cold winters. These are some of the native Iowa plants.

Snowy goldenrod is a sturdy plant that only grows up to three feet tall. It has bright yellow flowers that are very attractive to bees.

Ironweed is also a short plant that grows to about a foot and a half tall. It blossoms with vibrant purple flowers on maturity which makes it ideal for any garden.


The yarrow is incredibly popular because of its colorful cluster of flowers. Some natives believe that its leaves have a pain-relieving ability and they use them as a remedy for toothaches.

Des Moines lawn care tips

The healthiest thing to do for a lawn is to make sure you clean it up. Remove litter and leaf fall from your yard frequently. Most of the time you won't require to call for Des Moines yard clean up services from Des Moines lawn care companies. Gently rake to remove thatch and any items that may make your lawn fall short of its full potential. In case your hedges are overgrown or your lawn needs extra attention, then you can get Des Moines yard clean up services from the company that comes to attend to your yard.

Unfortunately, you cannot use pre-emergent herbicides and seed your lawn at the same time. Most herbicides will hinder grass growth for up to 12 weeks after spraying them. Therefore, treat your lawn and be patient before you plant fresh seeds.

When your grass starts to grow, it requires at least an inch of water per week. In case there is no rain, you should supplement this water amount using any irrigation method of your choice.

Procure the services of Des Moines snow removal experts from your yard care company to protect your family from injury and your grass from damage. When snow covers grass, it freezes it and it becomes brittle. Stepping on frozen grass breaks the grass blades and leaves a mark that is visible after the snow melts. You can use a snowblower to direct snow to different areas of your property before it settles. Snowblowers are safer for your lawn than using a plow blade. Nevertheless, once the snow settles and hardens, contact Des Moines snow removal experts to come and remove snow from your lawn.

Professional Des Moines lawn care services

Des Moines yard service companies relieve homeowners of the burden of tendering to their garden themselves. The time that would have been spent in the garden can be used productively elsewhere and still get the lawn fixed.

Yard care service keeps you from self-inflicted injury when handling gardening tools.

Gardening without the necessary expertise is detrimental to the yard. You may destroy the plants or the ground instead of fixing them. Lawn care service companies not only protect your lawn but nature and the environment in general.

Hiring a professional company for your yard care provides you industry-grade expertise and experience to provide solutions to all your Des Moines gardening issues. Different plants have different requirements that only a gardening expert can determine. Another advantage of professional yard care companies is that they have the right gardening tools and equipment. Owning all the gardening instruments like lawnmowers, shovels, and pruners is a costly investment. A gardening professional will come with all the required equipment once you contract them.

The most significant advantage of hiring a Des Moines yard service expert is that they will give you fresh ideas on how to improve your garden progressively until you get the yard of your dreams.

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