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Weeds are the enemy of any beautiful, green lawn. Even the best-kept lawns can fall under attack from common weeds. Lawn Love offers a range of weed control services to custom fit your needs. Just start by submitting a quote request and we’ll provide you with an accurate service estimate in just two minutes.

Professional weed control services

When it comes to fighting weeds, the best defense is often a good offense. Here at Lawn Love your providers know just how hard it is to keep weeds off your lawn. If you’re looking for professional and affordable weeding services, you’ve come to the right place. Lawn Love will match you with a local, independent weed control provider with extensive weed control expertise. We offer selective herbicide spot-treatments to stop even the most aggressive weeds. It’s time to stop weeds from growing out of control of your property. Give us a call at 800-706-4117 or get a weed control quote online today. Once you’ve received your instant price you can schedule a service in as soon as just two days from today.

What’s included in your weed control service?

Our services stop damaging or toxic weeds from competing with your plants and lawn grass. Our team can work with you to determine the best treatment solution for your property. Start by filling out the quote form.

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How do weeds get in my yard?

Weed seeds can be transported by wind, water, animals, soil amendments, or even poor quality grass seed. Once they’re in your property, the weeds will spread around. Even if you think they are gone for good, they can grow back again. This is because weeds can remain dormant in a lawn for up to several years before they begin to grow. The seeds need to reach the soil's surface and get proper sunlight and moisture before they can germinate.

The health of your lawn can be greatly impacted by the weeds on your property, so how you choose to control them is very important. You’re best equipped to fight weed invasion when you can identify common weeds and know the correct way to treat that specific type. Give us a call if you’re unsure about the weeds on your property. We’d be happy to help.

What kinds of weeds are growing on my lawn?

There are three main classifications of weeds, which all grow differently depending on your type of lawn grass:

Which weed control methods work best?

Weed control stops weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth when they could be harmful to your lawn or garden. It is done using manual techniques including soil cultivation, applying mulch, and herbicidal spray. The following are the most commonly used methods for weed control.

Weed control by hand

Manually removing unwanted weeds by hand or with lawn care tools is the most selective and environmentally friendly way to control weeds on your property. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using this method:

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Weed control and prevention by herbicides

Manual weed removal isn't a practical method for large areas or places that are truly overgrown with weeds. For these situations the best approach may be to use herbicides. When applied correctly, herbicides are extremely effective at combating weed invasion and eliminating weeds. There are two types of herbicides:

Within these two categories, weed control herbicides may also be selective or nonselective:

Herbicides are either pre-emergent or post-emergent and the timing of application is crucial.

Organic weed control

Organic weed control is safer for both family and pets. If you have children and pets that play on the lawn, then they are likely to come in contact with weed-killing chemicals. Dogs and cats chew grass and plants, and ingesting dangerous compounds can have long-term consequences. Some chemical herbicides can cause cancer.

A main ingredient in many chemical based herbicides is glyphosate. Glyphosate can cause many problems in the environment. This chemical weed control accumulates in the soil. Being around it for an extended time can result in cancer and even genetic mutations.

Problems can occur when these chemicals get into the groundwater. The herbicides seep into the soil and, eventually, get into the groundwater. The groundwater then flows to rivers, streams, and even into water reservoirs that we use for drinking and household use. Because of this, many customers opt for biosafe weed control.

Organic compounds used to kill weeds don't use this chemical, making them safer for your family and the environment. And you can enjoy your yard immediately after a weed control spray application. Organic treatments are also a good option when controlling weeds in your flower beds.

Another organic, non toxic option is weed control fabric. This is commonly used around the base of shrubs and trees. Weed control fabric prevents weed seeds buried in the soil beneath from sprouting. It also limits the need to use harmful herbicides for weed control.

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How can I tell what type of weeds I have?

The best weed control for lawns depends on the type of weed that is growing. The following are the three most common weed types:

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Still unsure about Lawn Love?

Lawn Love is a modern, tech-enabled service that instantly connects you to lawn care services. Gone are the days of physical, in-person estimates, payments left under the doormat, and spotty service from unprofessional lawn companies. Just tell us your address, and we use a combination of high-resolution satellite imagery, machine learning, and human review to generate a personalized blueprint of your yard – all in under two minutes and without ever setting foot on your property.

From there, you can book your professional weed control service with just a few clicks, and we'll match you up with a lawn care company to come by and complete the work. You can coordinate everything from your smartphone or web browser, and the entire experience is streamlined and delightful.

How much does weed control cost?

We believe in transparent pricing for your lawn care services. That's why we offer you an instant and personalized quote for your lawn weed service using satellite imagery to locate and size your lawn. Affordable lawn care doesn’t have to be difficult to navigate. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve found affordable lawn care and yard services with no hidden costs.

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