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Looking for lawn care services in Deltona or Daytona beach, Florida? Lawn Love makes lawn care services only one click away. Finally, someone is bringing lawn care into the 21st century. Get an instant quote for lawn care services near you such as lawn aeration, lawn mowing, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, gardening, yard care, weed control and more. See why we're rated the #1 lawn care service company in the Delton/Daytona, Florida area.

Most people aren't aware of the natural beauty Florida has to offer, but living in Deltona makes you no stranger to the wonders of the Sunshine State's outdoors. From the rustic state parks to the large lakes around Deltona, life is filled with endless choices of how to best spend your free time. One of the biggest ways to save time is to hire Lawn Love to take care of all your lawn and garden needs, so you can enjoy your days on the lake or hiking through the Seminole State Forest.

Lawn Love is a full-service lawn care company that knows what it takes to care for your Deltona lawn. Our experienced, skilled and fully bonded and insured lawn care technicians can give you peace of mind that your lawn is being cared for right. We can take care of all the weeding, seeding, gardening and clean up and all you have to do is come home to and enjoy your beautifully manicured lawn.

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There won't be any rain in Daytona Beach today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 7:14 AM and set at 7:43 PM today in Daytona Beach).

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Lawn Care in Dayton, OH

Ohio is commonly called the "Buckeye State." It has the largest annual gathering of twins, and its state flag is the only one with a non-rectangular design. Ohio, located in the Midwest, has a temperate climate that supports many kinds of native grass species. If you are trying to establish a lawn in Ohio or enhance your current one, there are many opportunities to make that happen. Along with adding to its aesthetic appeal, choosing the right grasses for your Ohio lawn can make it more resistant to erosion, drought, and daily use. However, choosing the most suitable grass for your Ohio property requires some knowledge of lawn care and maintenance. If you're hoping to get the right kind that suits the climate and soil of the region, here are some options to consider.

Kentucky bluegrass is a cool-season grass. It stands out for its picturesque dark green and blue hues. Kentucky bluegrass is the most commonly planted grass in Ohio. It is the most popular grass used for lawns in the northern third of the state. Kentucky bluegrass is an optimal choice to get a smooth-looking lawn with a fine and even texture. When compared to other species, it grows much more rapidly throughout most of the year, including over the winter. This grass naturally has a high level of disease resistance. It can take up to three months to grow once established. Kentucky bluegrass can be used to cover your entire lawn and make it look more beautiful. It is also a supreme choice for filling in patches and sparse areas.

Fine fescue is a grass with narrow leaves and a coarse texture. It can be planted as a standalone species or combined with other grasses to create a nice blend. Fine fescue pairs especially well with Kentucky bluegrass. It does not require high-grade or nutrient-rich soil. It is easy to seed and should be mowed at the height of 3-3.5 inches. This grass is ideally mowed once every ten days at the peak of its growing season.

Perennial ryegrass has a bright green color. It can tolerate drought well and can withstand Ohio's often hot and sunny summer days. Ryegrass stands out for its aesthetic appeal and durability. Unlike other grasses that wilt in the sun, Perennial ryegrass tends to retain its firm texture. It doesn't take as long to mature as Kentucky bluegrass, making it a popular choice if you want to establish a lawn quickly. This grass is not as hardy as bluegrass, which it shares genes with. Perennial ryegrass should be mowed when it reaches a height of 2.5-3 inches. It should be mowed once a week at least during the peak season.

Tall fescue draws attention for its vivid green shades. This grass features rough, broad blades and has leaves that can reach .25 inches of an inch. The grass is resistant to heat and retains its bright green color even on the brightest and sunniest days. The grass can also withstand a drought. This grass is a common sight across Ohio. It should be mowed when it reaches a height of 3-3.5 inches. It should also be mowed at least once weekly.

Bentgrass is the highest-quality lawn grass available for planting in an Ohio lawn. It can be used in many places, including golf courses, parks, and other commercial areas. Bentgrass needs regular maintenance to continue looking its best. This includes adequate fertilization, proper mowing, and fortification against diseases and pests. This grass is one of the more expensive and difficult to maintain of the state's native lawn grasses. Therefore, it is not an optimal choice for novice homeowners who aren't experienced with lawn care and maintenance. However, there are also several hybrid versions of this grass that are easier to maintain. Bentgrass should be mowed when it is less than .05 inches. In peak growing season, you may need to mow the grass more than once every week to retain its optimal height.

Buffalograss is generally dark green in color. It is an overall lower-quality grass that is common in Ohio. The grass is relatively low-maintenance and is a good choice for homeowners looking to fill in patches in their lawn or get a thicker groundcover. This grass grows well naturally in the state's climate. It doesn't require extra maintenance or a high-quality soil to thrive. Buffalograss should be mowed when it reaches a height of 2.5-3.5 inches. It is another grass that should be mowed at least once, if not several times, during the peak growing season for best results.

Sights in Dayton, OH

Dayton is one of Ohio's most vibrant cities. That means there is never a shortage of things to do here. Inside or out, there are many options for exploring Dayton.

National Museum of the US Air Force

This museum is a flight museum that showcases the history of the Air Force. It has several family-friendly attractions such as war-themed exhibits, a 3D theater, a flight simulator, and a cafe located on-site.

Carillon Historical Park

This park covers 65 acres. Its picturesque property includes historical artifacts, transportation exhibits, interpreters in costume, and over 25 historical buildings. The park covers state history from 1796 to modern times. It opened in 1940 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

The Dayton Art Institute

This museum is dedicated to the fine arts. It features several eclectic exhibits and a hands-on interactive gallery. The art institute also has a kids' gallery and family programs.

Dayton, Ohio is a vibrant Ohio city with many attractions to see. Inside or outdoors, there is never a lack of places to explore in Dayton. If you're a homeowner, you can enjoy the city's natural beauty at home by establishing a picturesque lawn. If you aren't sure where to start, simply contact Lawn Love, Dayton's local lawn care experts, for assistance.

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