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Lawn Care for Real Estate Investors

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Lawn care management has always been a tedious task, especially if you own multiple properties. Historically, lawn care has been the responsibility of the tenant, but this has proven to be ineffective. Policies can’t prevent lawn care from being forgotten or ignored. Landscape management can create a big inconvenience and sometimes costly results for individuals investing in multiple properties.

Regular yard maintenance includes fertilization, dethatching, overseeding, trimming of trees and bushes, debris removal, and gutter cleaning. The curb appeal or aesthetic of your yard is the first thing people notice, and it directly affects the property value of the home.

Lawn Love allows you to manage multiple properties with ease. It usually takes multiple phone calls, hours of back-and-forth, and coordinating in-person visits from a service provider just to get a quote for a single lawn service. Lawn Love’s mission is to build a smarter lawn care solution, making lawn care scalable and easy to do online. In doing so, we can provide real estate investors with a more modern, streamlined experience.

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Recommended Lawn Care Services for Multiple Property Maintenance

  • Recurring Lawn MowingAt a minimum, a weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing and maintenance service is recommended for each property. Edging should also be included in the service to create straight, clean edges around the driveway, sidewalks, and plant beds.
  • Yard CleanupIf you’re just taking over a property, and it has not been serviced in a while, you may want to consider a complete yard cleanup. This is also a safety measure as it can help you avoid low-hanging branches, debris, or bushes crowding the walkways, which can all be safety hazards for tenants.
  • Gutter CleaningGutter cleaning for multiple property maintenance will be a benefit for both you and your tenants to keep your gutters functioning. Regular gutter cleaning also helps prevent interior and exterior damage to buildings.
  • Snow RemovalSnow removal for multiple properties may be necessary if you own properties in colder climates. Snow removal is sometimes city-mandated and therefore lawfully required, so it is a good idea to book this as a regular service when winter comes around to avoid unnecessary fines.
  • Services such as lawn aeration and fertilization are also highly recommended for many properties in order to keep the lawn healthy and green throughout the entire year.

Lawn Maintenance Tips for Multiple Properties:

  1. A beautifully maintained property can be ruined in a matter of months if an irresponsible tenant is left in charge of the maintenance. We do not recommend that you leave lawn care up to the tenant.
  2. Rather than dealing with thousands of dollars in deferred yard maintenance every time a lease ends, it is a good idea to include lawn care in rental agreements. Services included in rental agreements can also allow for the rent to be increased to reflect the costs of the services.
  3. Scheduling recurring services is recommended so that you can always be on top of your lawn maintenance and void complaints from or safety hazards for your tenants.
Get a quote online to receive a fast, free estimate for your lawn care needs.

How Lawn Love Works

Using satellite mapping technology, we're able to give free, instant quotes in two minutes or less. Your quote will be based on the size of the lawn, the property location, and the requested service. Our proprietary quoting technology will generate a personalized blueprint of your yard.

We measure all lawn areas, plant beds, sidewalks, and driveways. From there, we'll send over a skilled, pre-screened, and vetted lawn pro to work their magic. Payment and scheduling are automated, and you can manage everything from the convenience of your phone. We also don't charge until 48 hours after the service has been completed, in order to ensure complete satisfaction.

Get an instant quote in 2 minutes or less.

Affordable Lawn Care for Multiple Real Estate Properties

We offer service plans starting as low as $29, for weekly mowing and trimming services. In order to help you stick to your budget, we’ve created recurring lawn care service plans and bundles that are cheaper than a one time service. The frequency of a plan can be adjusted at any time as needed. We never require you to sign a contract or charge you a subscription fee.

Real estate stock is an investment, and we want to help you protect your income. You shouldn’t be wasting money, or time, on lawn care services. We aim to create affordable services, no matter how many properties you have.

Quotes are based on the size of your property, lawn areas, driveway length, and more. We also consider the growing region, frequency of service, and mix of services in order to generate a price.

Our pricing is transparent, meaning you’ll know what you’ll pay for your service before the job is even scheduled, so you’ll never experience any hidden fees. Check out more information on our pricing or get a custom quote for the properties you manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I legally obligated to provide yard care services for tenants?

This is typically considered a gray area, making it especially important to include information about this in your lease agreement. Ultimately if there are hazardous conditions in the yard or walkways, you may be responsible for fixing them unless otherwise stated in the terms of the agreement. Homeowner associations also tend to have explicit rules regarding the appearance of the home, which may likely fall on the property owner to upkeep.

Structural damage can also result from lack of proper maintenance, including flooding caused by clogged gutters. This can make the property unrentable and as the owner, you may even become responsible for providing other living arrangements for your tenants in some cases.

Exact laws on property management vary by state, so if you haven’t looked into this, we recommend that you search your state’s regulations.

Who is responsible for lawn care in multi-family homes?

Similarly, this can become a gray area when not explicitly stated in the lease agreement. Multi-family homes generally include shared yard/patio space or entry ways. This increases the likelihood of one or more of your tenants complaining about unruly yards or lack or maintenance. It’s even more so highly recommended to handle lawn care for these kinds of homes to avoid complications with multiple renters.

How can I take care of multiple rental properties?

Hire help for anything that can be better sourced by a professional. You can’t do everything yourself, and in some cases, you can risk damage to your property if you try. When investing in multiple homes, it’s optimal to find one company to manage the work across multiple properties so that you do not have to keep track of multiple contractors.

How much does it cost to maintain a rental property?

Rental property maintenance includes much more than just lawn care. Every property is different, but many real estate professionals recommend considering this as a percentage of the rent that you are bringing in every month to help with estimating your total costs. Some experts suggest setting aside half (50%) of your rent for covering maintenance costs. You can adjust this up or down over time and based on factors such as weather, condition of the home, etc.

What are maintenance expenses?

This can include anything needed to keep your property in working condition. Lawn care is one of many of these expenses for a property owner. Other outdoor maintenance expenses could include the installation of security features such as window bars or security screens. Some may be difficult or impossible to plan for as a property owner. However, for known maintenance expenses, such as lawn care, we recommend tracking these in one location to help with budgeting.

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