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Lawn care facts in Birmingham

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Birmingham:

How are lawn care prices in Birmingham?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Birmingham:

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Should I water my lawn today?

It looks like the expected precipitation in Birmingham is 0.01 inches, which means you will probably have to water your lawn today.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 5:43 AM and set at 8:00 PM today in Birmingham).

Birmingham lawn care service

Birmingham lawn care

Birmingham has some of the most beautiful agriculture in the United States. Since lawns are so important to the community, specialized care is taken to provide the best lawn possible. For an easy way to get help maintaining a beautiful yard in Alabama, Birmingham lawn service can make a big difference.

Birmingham grass

Not all grass grows the same. In fact, there are dozens of different types of grass in the United States alone. Depending on the climate, grass needs specific care to help it grow the way it was intended. To keep a lawn looking fresh and sharp, knowing what type of grass you have is the first step.

Bermuda grass is some of the most resilient grass that grows in our country. It can withstand the hottest and driest of summers. Many other types of grass will dry out and die quickly if they are exposed to intense bouts of high-degree heat. Bermuda grass, however, is known for its toughness. It requires full sun and although resilient, it is high maintenance. Bermuda grass does have nutrient requirements to withstand southern summers. Because this is a perennial type of grass, it should grow back every year. If the grass consistently dies, it is not being properly taken care of. A healthy, well-taken care of Bermuda grass, should start to grow in the late spring.

Like Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass is known for withstanding high, summer temperatures. Although this grass prefers the sun, it has no problem tolerating moderate shade. If there are stretches of time with little rain-water, Zoysia grass should not die. Because it can take more time to grow than certain other grasses, some people throw in the towel too early. By waiting for the grass to fully grow in, you can see it makes for a dense, green lawn. In general, this type of grass is very low maintenance once you know how to properly take care of it.

Although Tall Fescue is primarily a cool-season grass, it is one of the four most popular grass types in Birmingham. It does have a tolerance for southern heat, but isn't known to be as durable as Bermuda grass or Zoysia grass. The best time for planting is during the peak growth period. Tall Fescue primarily grows in the fall and spring months and can greatly contribute to a lawn for the entire year.

Bahia grass is found in many areas of the deep south. It is both heat-tolerant and can withstand droughts. Because it requires less water than average, its nutrient requirements are also few. The texture of Bahia grass is found to be frequently more coarse than other grass types. Unlike many other grass types, Bahia does not operate on a month-to-month lawn schedule. By mowing at just the right height, roots can grow healthy and strong. This is especially important since they do well in poor soil.

City grass can face different elements than grass that is grown in a more rural area. The environment of a city can be much harsher. There may be more or less shade that can influence specific grass. Usually there is more foot traffic in an urban area than there is in somebody's backyard. City's often experience different nutrients, fertilizer and air. Depending on the type of grass used, the density and resilience can be altered. Even if a hardy grass from the suburbs survived dry temperatures at home, the results may not be the same in a city. Knowing how to develop a healthy landscape in town is a special skill set that professionals are familiar with.

Landscaping encompasses many areas surrounding the home. In Alabama, keeping the outdoors looking its best can take effort. For instance, Birmingham gutter cleaning can be a chore. Manually raking out leaves from high altitudes is not always possible for everyone. Regardless if you're able to properly clean home gutters, it's a job that must be done to protect the value of your house.

In addition to Birmingham gutter cleaning, hiring a professional can help in many areas. Birmingham snow removal can help make your lawn safer. Snow can hide large objects from plain view, making it possible to trip and fall. Bicycles and toys are frequently covered when a surprise winter mix happens. Without proper lawn care in Birmingham, slippery walkways can become dangerous. Birmingham snow removal is a priority for those who do not have experience with difficult winters.

Native Birmingham plants

The native plants of Birmingham do particularly well in hot climates. Because of their resilience to dry weather with the possibility of little water, they flourish in a well-groomed, Alabama lawn.

Whether you choose a plant with mini-flowers and berries or a rain lily with large, pointy petals, their soil and surroundings are crucial to Birmingham gardening. Without the proper knowledge about Alabama native plant care, cutting routines and water management can ruin a perfectly healthy landscape. Unlike flowering plants north of Alabama, Birmingham has a special array of greenery that is highly localized. Those who are familiar with native Birmingham plants are best equipped to handle local landscaping tasks. Most plants that grow in this region are designed to be durable and tough because the possibility of a drought is very real. Just because they can survive high temperatures, however, does not mean they don't require specialized care.

Birmingham lawn service brings unique challenges to the landscaping field. Droughts, high temperatures, and the juxtaposition between city and county can best be handled by lawn care professionals. A lawn is an essential part of the home. By managing upkeep on a regular basis, your lawn is as valuable as possible.

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