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What is Lawn Love? Lawn Love is a modern, tech-enabled marketplace for lawn care services. Schedule mowing, trimming, and a wide range of outdoor services from your computer or smartphone. You’ll be matched with a nearby pro who is skilled, friendly, and insured. 

The Idea Behind Lawn Love

It all started with the idea of making lawn care simpler. I’m Jeremy Yamaguchi, Lawn Love’s founder, and CEO, and like you, I’ve struggled to find someone dependable to mow my lawn and keep it looking great.

Jeremy Yamaguchi
Lawn Love founder and CEO Jeremy Yamaguchi

There must be a better way. If we can book an Uber or Lyft rideshare or order food delivered by GrubHub, why can’t we book a lawn care pro the same way?

That was the eureka moment behind Lawn Love. In 2014, Lawn Love got started in San Diego. In recent years we received $6.7 million in funding from Barbara Corcoran from “Shark Tank,” quarterback Joe Montana, Y Combinator, and several others. 

In just a few years, Lawn Love was on a hyper-growth trajectory, with lawn care pros in 120 markets across the U.S.

Growing Beyond Lawn Care

As Lawn Love expanded across the country, our pros took on other seasonal yard-care projects. Weed control, fertilization, and core aeration help keep your yard green and healthy, but our pros also can help with leaf removal, tree trimming, landscaping, sod installation, gutter cleaning, and a wide variety of other outdoor services. 

In the North, Midwest, and Northeast, some Lawn Love pros offer snow removal. That just makes sense — when the mowers are in the shed for the winter, someone has to clear the snow from driveways, sidewalks, and even roofs.

Lawn Love: The Next Chapter

We’ve traveled an enormous distance over the past seven years, and Lawn Love has positively impacted the lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of small-business owners across the country. That’s why I’m proud to announce that Lawn Love has agreed to merge with LawnStarter — the largest on-demand home services platform — in a cash-and-stock deal that closed in Summer 2021. 

This deal effectively teleports both Lawn Love and LawnStarter years into the future. It’s a dramatic acceleration toward our goal of empowering small-business owners by providing the technology and tools to help them grow their businesses, compete with the big guys, and ultimately thrive.

What does this merger mean? More jobs for our lawn care pros, and a wider selection of talented outdoor pros for our homeowners to choose from.

I’m invested — literally — in the success of this outdoor services powerhouse. I’m not going anywhere, and I am excited to continue working to forge a truly category-defining company. It helps that LawnStarter and Lawn Love share the same customer-centric values and vision for the future. 

Lawn Care Made Easy. That’s Lawn Love’s mission, and now LawnStarter’s, too.


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