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Looking for fast, affordable lawn care services in Augusta, Georgia? Look no further! Lawn Love makes getting lawn care services as easy as a press of a button. Get an instant quote for lawn care services near you such as lawn aeration, lawn mowing, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, gardening, yard care, weed control and more. Lawn Love has finally brought the lawn care service industry into the modern century. It's never been easier to get lawn care services to you. See why we're rated #1 in lawn care services company in Augusta, Georgia.

Augusta is known the world over for the Masters Golf tournament, but to you, it's simply the place you call home. You may not aim to have your lawn as pristine and perfect as the Augusta National Golf Course, but you still want to come home to a lawn that's beautiful and welcoming. But who has the time for that? The answer is simple: the people who call Lawn Love.

Lawn Love is a fully insured and bonded lawn care service. Our teams of experienced and friendly lawn care technicians want to help make your lawn picture perfect. They can take care of all the weeding, seeding, trimming, mowing, fertilizing, and aeration, all you have to do is contact them to get started!

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How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Augusta:

How are lawn care prices in Augusta?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Augusta:

Should I water my lawn today?

There won't be any rain in Augusta today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 6:22 AM and set at 8:41 PM today in Augusta).

Augusta lawn care

Augusta lawn care

Everyone wants a nice looking yard; the greener the grass, the more lush the appearance. Homeowners want grass that's going to create a beautiful and warm curb appeal to make their houses stand out from the neighbors. Lawn care is important for homeowners in helping them maintain beautifully manicured yards. A manicured lawn also helps create a beautiful green space to the community which benefits the entire neighborhood environmentally and aesthetically. Lawn care helps to create beautiful lush greenery that creates oxygen and absorbs rain falls more efficiently. A wonderfully maintained yard also helps to prevent runoff and topsoil erosion. As you can see, there are tremendous benefits to having a beautifully maintained and well manicured yard.

Types of grass in Augusta

In order to properly treat your lawn, you have to know what type of grass you are dealing with. Each region of the country is different and have different grasses that grow in each.The lawns in the Augusta area consist of the following grass types:

As we transition from winter to spring, it is apparent that grass is beginning to start its growth cycle. It's this time of year when the grass begins to leave the dormancy phase and begins gearing up to produce greener and more vibrant appearances. When you understand what type of grass you have, you can then determine the type of treatment you'll need for your lawn. Once you have a clear understanding of the type of grass that's growing in your yard, you're able to properly treat and maintain your yard to keep it looking beautiful and green throughout the spring and summer months.

The treatments you implement for your lawn will depend on which part of town you are living in. For example, if you live in an area that is not as developed, you'll more than likely find Bahia grass growing in your yard. This type of grass can be identified by the long thick stems in the shape of a y at the tip. It is usually found along the roadsides near rural areas. This grass type is more indigenous to the Augusta area and requires minimal maintenance.

Bermuda grass is more commonly found in more developed neighborhoods. This grass is more popular in the state of Georgia because it is able to take root in the red clay that makes up Georgia soil. It is also popular because of its durability and ability to withstand periods of drought. It is easy to gauge whether this grass type needs any type of maintenance by visually looking at the grass blades. If the grass blades appear bent and dark around the tip, it can be quickly remedied by trimming the blades to reveal a greener appearance. It is not conducive to shadier areas, so if you have a lot of trees in your yard, you may want to consider another type of grass.

Lawn care in Augusta can be a delicate subject. While there are some grasses that flourish in shady areas, their other grasses that are not able to weather those types of conditions. In order to maintain a beautiful yard, you must be able to distinguish between what type of grass can flourish in certain areas. Augusta weed control and Augusta lawn fertilization are other factors that need to be considered when selecting the grass that's right for your yard.

Augusta yard clean up is also a factor for yards that have not been manicured and maintained properly. In the state of Georgia, Augusta snow removal is usually not a factor as this area usually doesn't receive an enormous amount of snow.

Native Augusta plants

Lawn care in Augusta also focuses on the beautiful plants that grow in certain regions. The types of plants that grow best in the Augusta area include:

Understanding the types of plants you have growing in your yard and the surrounding area is also essential in developing a comprehensive lawn care routine for your yard. If there are an abundance of plants and shrubbery that are growing around the property, Augusta yard clean up is available to assist in keeping your yard well manicured. Augusta lawn fertilization and Augusta weed control also helps to maintain the beauty and the longevity of your grass and the plants that grow within your yard.

Common types of Augusta grass

Since Centipede grass is able to flourish in both the shade and sun, it is a grass that is more commonly used because of the extremely low maintenance that is required. Since this grass is highly durable and can thrive in multiple conditions, it is the grass that is more widely used in common areas such as the city. Even though lawn care maintenance is important throughout the city, Augusta snow removal is not an issue considering this area does not see a lot of snow even in the winter time.

When your grass is properly maintained, it means less work for you as a homeowner. Once you set the right conditions for the soil and the grass, all that is required is regular mowing and watering to maintain the beauty and quality of your lawn. Lawn care is extremely important in maintaining the greenspace within neighborhoods and the general community. Not only does it absorb noise and help to control the temperatures in the immediate area, it also creates oxygen which is good for the environment.

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