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Lawn care service in Cincinnati

Looking for the top rated Cincinnati lawn care services? Lawn Love is your lawn care service near me answer. If you live in Cincinnati and have ever said "I need lawn care services near me fast," then Lawn Love is your best option. We have the top rated pros in the Cincinnati area and we are ready to take care of all your lawn care service needs. Get an instant quote for lawn care services near you such as lawn aeration, lawn mowing, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, gardening, yard care, weed control and more. See why we're rated the #1 Cincinnati lawn care service company.

Lawn Love's team of independent, Cincinnati-based lawn care experts have mastered the science of lawn care. We don't just cut your grass, we cut it to the precise height for your climate and grass type, to ensure a healthy, lush lawn year after year. Or perhaps we can mix up a custom match of fertilizer for your lawn's specific needs. Or maybe you need us to rake up your leaf debris and give your lawn the spring freshening-up it deserves. We're happy to do all of that and even more.

Speaking of happy, you'll not only be happy with our lawn care, but also with our commitment to customer service. The friendly staff at Lawn Love know that you have better things to do than to sit on the phone all day chasing quotes and trying to get information. Give us a call at 513-318-4348 and we'll get you a quick and clear quote for your yard, letting you get on with your day. Or, if you'd rather get your quote online, we can do that too! Our two-minute quote service is a quick and easy way to get the process started. We're looking forward to helping you love your lawn again!

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Lawn care facts in Cincinnati

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Cincinnati:

How are lawn care prices in Cincinnati?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Cincinnati:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

Cincinnati lawn care resources

Top Rated Lawn care Service Providers in Cincinnati, OH

Which lawn care services do I need this month?

Check out the calendar below for recommended services by month in Cincinnati, OH

What's included in each service?

Proper mowing doesn't only give your lawn an attractive appearance, it also increases the density of your grass

Removing snow from your driveway and parking area, whether you have light snow that drifted up several feet high, or wet, heavy snow.

Selective herbicide spot-treatments to stop even the most aggressive weeds.

Puncturing the soil with small holes in order to let air, water and nutrients to absorb in the grass roots.

Spot treat bare areas with topsoil, which will improve the quality of the soil and allow the grass to grow.

Spreading fertilizer provides your lawn with the nutrients it is deprived of in order to better the overall health of the grass.

Cleaning out leaves and debris that may be clogging your gutters, and flushing the entire gutter system.

Specialty Services

In addition to regular lawn maintenance, some circumstances may lead to a need for additional services, such as:

Removing outdoor debris is important for keeping your backyard healthy, growing, and thriving year round.

Bush and shrub trimming, flower planting, weeding, green waste disposal, edging and more!

Lawn care scheduling made easy

With Lawn Love, we make staying on top of your lawn care services easy. Simply sign up for recurring lawn care services, saving you money and time. Your services will be completed either: one time, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly, depending on your needs. Some services may need to be completed more often than others, so you have complete control over the frequency of each individual service. You can add or remove scheduled services at any time, or you can skip a service as needed.

From there, we will pair you up with a certified lawn professional in your area who’ll complete the scheduled service. Everything is handled within the app including payment, quote adjustments, and rescheduling, so you don’t even need to worry about being home!

Rest easy knowing that the scheduling is done for you and that you have full flexibility to make changes at any time! Get a custom quote for your property and service mix in minutes.

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Should I water my lawn today?

It looks like the expected precipitation in Cincinnati is 0.05 inches, which means you will probably have to water your lawn today.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 6:32 AM and set at 8:56 PM today in Cincinnati).

Cincinnati lawn care services

Cincinnati lawn care

As a Cincinnati homeowner, you enjoy your city's distinctive, funky vibe, tempered by its rich history. You're probably always eager to get out and sample the many delights that your city has to offer, but your lawn just won't stop growing and yet another sunny Saturday sees you sweating behind your lawnmower! Let us help you improve your lawn service in Cincinnati.

Best grass types for Cincinnati

Perennial Ryegrass is a great choice for cool weather environments. The blades of this grass have a fine texture with a dark green color that stays quite lush. It isn't completely resistant to cold and disease but it is enough so that it will survive in Cincinnati. Perennial Ryegrass should be mowed to about two and a half inches once a week.

Tall Fescue grass grows well in the cold and also can thrive in extreme heat, even in full sunlight. Tall Fescue is drought-resistant and will survive a long, hot, dry summer weather. It should be mowed to between three and three and a half inches and should be mowed at least once a week.

Fine Fescues have narrow leaves and have a reddish tint. Fine Fescues encompass at least five major species: Hard Fescue, Sheep Fescue, Chewings Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue, and Slender Creeping Red Fescue. The grass can adjust well to any type of soil and stays green all year long in most regions. Fine Fescue germinates quickly for fast growth.

Kentucky Bluegrass can thrive in cool weather climates, and is the most common type of grass in Cincinnati. This grass prefers a bright, sunny environment with minimal shade. However, this grass also grows rapidly in winter. Kentucky Bluegrass also does well against the threat of insects and even disease. The grass should be mowed no lower than two and a half inches high and should also be mowed about once a week.

Buffalograss is sometimes uncommon in Cincinnati but is still a very versatile grass. Buffalograss doesn't require much attention and is very durable. It can even bounce back fast from damage as it is not very sensitive and can manage high foot traffic. Buffalograss should be mowed to a height between two and a half and three and a half inches.

Bentgrass, commonly used for golf courses, is an extremely high quality (and expensive) grass. Bentgrass requires a strict routine of regular maintenance including timely mowing, proper irrigation, fertilization and protection against pests and diseases. Since it is on the expensive side and can be difficult to maintain, it is not usually recommended to plant in the average household. However, if you truly wish to grow this type of grass, you can go for its sub-type, Penncross Creeping, which is a bit less strenuous to maintain.

Cincinnati winter preparation

A build up of leaves over winter can be detrimental to your lawn in terms of compacting your soil and being inviting to pests and bugs. It's important to consistently rake your lawn to keep it free of debris. Following the hot months of summer, your lawn might be exhausted with the amount of use, overseeding can help replenish any bald spots.

The best time to fertilize your lawn is from late September into early October. Cincinnati is just on the border between the transitional temperature zone and cool season zone. This means that winters are more of a threat here than they are in warmer zones, so fertilization is even more important to ensure the strength of the lawn through winter.

You should continue watering your lawn up until the point where it goes dormant for the winter, usually around the first freeze. Watering in the winter gives your grass roots strength to outlast the cold months, and also helps with the growth of overseeding.

Snowfall is a way of life during winter in Cincinnati. While there is really nothing you can do about the constant accumulation of the snow, there are still measures you can take to protect your lawn from snow plow or shovel damage. Before snow starts falling, use guide stakes along the edge of your lawn near sidewalks and driveways. Stakes usually come in plastic or wooden styles and are usually available at any home improvement store. This will help you to stay clear of the lawn and prevent any potential damage when clearing snow.

Spring and summer in Cincinnati

There are several things that could have happened to your lawn during winter, and spring and summer in Cincinnati provide an ideal climate to repair your lawn. Irrigation concerns, fertilizing needs, and aeration needs become just as important as keeping up with the growth season for grass blades and weeds. You should begin by cleaning up any leaves sticks, or debris that may be on your lawn.

Anything too big can suffocate your lawn and stunt healthy growth. March and April are the best months to apply a weed control to prevent the rapid spread of weeds when summer comes around, such as crabgrass and foxtail. During spring, you should mow every three to four days until the weather heats up and grass growth slows down. Mow in different directions and never mow when the grass is wet.

Contrary to popular belief, spring is not an ideal season to seed your lawn, nor is summer. Grass needs sufficient moisture and a soil temperature above 50 degrees to germinate and grow. While this fits in with the beginning of spring in Cincinnati, late spring and early summer bring hot temperatures which means your new grass growth won't last. While the seeds will germinate, their small root systems won't be able to survive the hotter months.

Spring is an essential time to work on the health of your soil. Healthy soil retains moisture better, which in turn allows your lawn to grow deep and healthy roots. Aeration and fertilization are two things that can dramatically improve the health of your soil. When your soil becomes extra compacted after winter, it's important to disrupt it so that the roots of the grass are allowed to breathe and grow. Combined with a healthy fertilization, you'll be giving your soil the right balance to produce a thick and lush grass.

Professional Cincinnati lawn care

Cincinnati lawn services can be overwhelming. Whether it takes up too much time or you just don't have a passion for lawn care, you might want to consider hiring a professional for your Cincinnati lawn mowing needs. From Cincinnati gardening to Cincinnati gutter cleaning, Lawn Love can take care of your lawn care needs!

Commonly asked questions

Are there any watering restrictions in Cincinnati?

There are no watering restrictions in Cincinnati. The city is lucky to draw 88% of its water from the large Ohio River.

What is the height limit for weeds?

Every owner or person in control of any lot or lands within the city of Cincinnati shall cause the lot or lands to be kept free from weeds and turf grasses over ten inches in height by cutting and then removing said cut weeds and turf grasses from such lot or lands immediately.

What is the height limit for landscape vegations/trees?

The height restrictions do not apply to natural plants on privately owned, occupied residential property and properties contiguous to the privately owned, occupied residential property provided that such contiguous properties are owned by the same individual, when such natural plants are part of a Managed Natural Landscape Area.

Managed Natural Landscaped Areas shall be set back a minimum of three feet from all property lines, roads, alleys and/or driveways unless the property is abutted by a fence or similar barrier separating it from adjoining residential properties, then the natural landscaping may be planted up to the property line (inside the sidewalk). With the exception of trees, all vegetation in the right of way strip between the sidewalk and street must be kept at a height of less than ten inches.

Other services offered in Cincinnati

Lawn aeration Gardener service Gutter cleaning Leaf removal Lawn mowing Weed control Yard care

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