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Lawn care facts in Shreveport

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Shreveport:

How are lawn care prices in Shreveport?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Shreveport:

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Should I water my lawn today?

It looks like the expected precipitation in Shreveport is 0.11 inches, which means your lawn got a nice soaking — leave those sprinklers off today.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 6:15 AM and set at 8:25 PM today in Shreveport).

Shreveport lawn care services

Located along the western side of the Red River in Louisiana, Shreveport is among the regions with the most favorable climate for lawns. The city is situated in the transition, and therefore its climate is a blend of subtropical humid and continental climates.

The region features a moderate to severe winter, mild spring and fall and hot and humid summer. Shreveport is characterized by average rainfall, and with this; it is evident that the overall climate is quite suitable for lawns.

However, before embarking on this journey, you should take your time to understand the best type of grass, the native crops in this city and Shreveport lawn care tips.

Shreveport grass types

If you are planning on establishing a new lawn in your home or apartment, you should mainly consider the climate and type of soil in your area. The overall environment in Shreveport is classified as warm and humid. This means that there is a limit on the types of grass that can survive here.

Bermuda grass is most people's favorite type of grass in Shreveport, due to its adaptability to the city's climate and soil. It is tolerant of both intense heat and shade and can also survive in cold climates. Grayish green blades with purple stems characterize the grass. This grass is commonly found in golf courses due to its tolerance to high traffic. However, Bermuda requires ample sunlight for growth and survival. It also demands regular care and feeding to maintain its flashy look.

Centipedegrass has minimal maintenance requirements. It features slow growth, thus minimum mowing requirements and while that is a good thing, this grass is not the best for individuals looking for a fast lawn establishment.

Zoysia is continuously growing in popularity in Shreveport, mainly due to its tolerance to cold, which makes it a perfect choice during the severe winter climate. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for a dense and carpet-like turf. It features slow growth and a medium to fine texture to give you a well-laid lawn. The grass has a deep root system which makes it drought tolerant.

Fine fescue is a cold-season grass which makes it an excellent choice during the cold months in Shreveport. It is, however, not many people's favorite in this region because it does not do well under heat. Nonetheless, it thrives better under shade than most types and can survive in any soil type.

Both cold and warm-season types of grass are viable choices for this city. It mainly depends on the season and local soil to determine the best option. Nonetheless, the warm-season grass types are the commonly used choice as they thrive better for the most part of the year. They include Bermuda grass, Centipede and Zoysia grass.

Shreveport lawn care tips

Once you have created your desired lawn, you should be willing to invest in quality lawn maintenance to improve its natural defense against weed, parasites and diseases. It is highly recommendable that you seek the help of Shreveport lawn care experts and let the professionals ease the stress of maintaining a healthy lawn.

Shreveport weed control is the most crucial step towards maintaining a healthy and nourished lawn. Weed can appear at any time of the year, and you, therefore, should do regular inspection to get rid of these unwanted plants before they take over the grass. You can either uproot them or use herbicides for fast removal. You should, however, let Shreveport yard service expert you on the best herbicide option that will not harm the grass.

This city features a frigid winter characterized by snow and precipitation. While this is good for grass insulation during the cold season, the weight can be too much on the grass and can result in retarded growth. Contact Shreveport snow removal experts and have it cleared without interfering with other components of the lawn.

A frequent Shreveport yard clean up is necessary for getting rid of overgrown branches and bushes that could block the lawn from getting enough moisture and sunlight. Look for a reliable Shreveport yard clean up company for a thorough clearance to give you a lush lawn.

Shreveport leaf removal is a crucial step, especially after the fall season. Your lawn is most likely to be covered with leaves from the neighboring leaves, and although they may look good from afar, they can significantly harm the grass. The leaves will block the grass from sunlight and moisture, which will adversely affect its health.

Native Shreveport plants

You need to add some plants in your yard for enhanced beauty of your lawn and offer some shade to the grass. Nonetheless, you must be keen when selecting the right type of plants that will thrive in the region. You may seek the assistance of the Shreveport yard service provider to advise you the best plants that grow in the area.

Native plants are the best choice since they are made to survive in the specific type of soil and climate. Some of the native plants in Shreveport include;

Professional Shreveport lawn care services

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