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Louisianians know how to have a good time. The food, music, and history of their state inspire hundreds of fun events all year long. Many have fascinating arts and crafts to explore and participates often dress in elaborate costumes. An eclectic mix of cultures adds a rich variety to this sultry, southeastern state and makes events quite colorful.

Of course, Mardi Gra in New Orleans is the granddaddy of them all, and no one celebrates the holiday quite like Louisiana. Colorful parades, live music, and dozens of special events take place in early February just before Lent. It's a week-long hoopla that shows partying at its most intense. The best way to experience Mardi Gra? Rent a balcony on Bourbon Street and get ready for the bead tossing.

You'll have time to recuperate for the next big event in New Orleans, the Jazz Fest. This popular festival is held for two weeks plus at the end of April into early May. New Orleans-style music and jazz dominate, but the festival, whose full name is the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, features genres like Cajun, blues, rock, and zydeco, a unique blend of rhythm and blues indigenous to the Creole people.

Fun and frivolity aren't limited to New Orleans, though, and you'll find some lively events in Louisiana's hidden gems. The historic downtown district of Winnsboro about three and a half hours north is the setting for Franklin Parish Catfish Festival, a family-oriented festival with music, magic shows, over 300 booths of various kinds, and of course dishes of every type prepared with catfish. It's become quite a fixture on the cities cultural events calendar, and they welcome newcomers. It's held around the middle of April.

Festival International de Louisiane is another April festival celebrated for five days in Lafayette, the heart of Cajun country. The unique heritage of Lousiana is celebrated through music, food, arts and crafts, and workshops.

Head over to Breaux Bridge less than an hour west of Baton Rouge for more fun on the first full weekend in May. The three-day festival has been going on since 1960 when Breaux Bridge was considered to be the Crawfish Capital of the World. This festival features plenty of live music with over 30 bands, dance contests, and crawfish served up in a myriad of ways, sometimes quite strangely.

Summers are long and hot in Lousiana, and residents love when fall finally arrives. It's perfect weather for the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival in New Orleans. Beautiful Lafayette Square becomes one big outdoor party with booths selling barbecue smothered in their secret sauce to a backdrop of continuous blues music. There is no admission charge.

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