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Lawn care service in Madison

Looking for the top rated Madison, WI lawn care services? Lawn Love is your lawn care service near me answer. If you're in need of Madison lawn services and have ever said I need lawn service near me at the push of a button then Lawn Love is your lawn care service answer. By bringing the lawn service industry into the 21st century, Lawn Love makes it easier than ever before to get lawn care to your door. Get an instant quote for lawn care services near Madison such as lawn aeration, lawn mowing, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, gardening, yard care, weed control and more. See why we're rated the #1 Madison lawn care service company.

Lawn Love is a fully insured and bonded lawn care service. Our teams of experienced and skilled lawn care technicians want to help you create the lawn of your dreams. We can do a little or a lot from the mowing and trimming to the weeding and seeding; Lawn Love is here to take care of all your lawn care needs.

To find out more about Lawn Love's awesome services and to take advantage of our free, fast and easy two-minute quote, call us today at 608-888-0250!

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Lawn care facts in Madison

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Madison:

How are lawn care prices in Madison?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Madison:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

Which lawn care services do I need this month?

Check out the calendar below for recommended services by month in Madison, WI

What's included in each service?

Proper mowing doesn't only give your lawn an attractive appearance, it also increases the density of your grass

Removing snow from your driveway and parking area, whether you have light snow that drifted up several feet high, or wet, heavy snow.

Selective herbicide spot-treatments to stop even the most aggressive weeds.

Puncturing the soil with small holes in order to let air, water and nutrients to absorb in the grass roots.

Spot treat bare areas with topsoil, which will improve the quality of the soil and allow the grass to grow.

Spreading fertilizer provides your lawn with the nutrients it is deprived of in order to better the overall health of the grass.

Cleaning out leaves and debris that may be clogging your gutters, and flushing the entire gutter system.

Specialty Services

In addition to regular lawn maintenance, some circumstances may lead to a need for additional services, such as:

Removing outdoor debris is important for keeping your backyard healthy, growing, and thriving year round.

Bush and shrub trimming, flower planting, weeding, green waste disposal, edging and more!

Lawn care scheduling made easy

With Lawn Love, we make staying on top of your lawn care services easy. Simply sign up for recurring lawn care services, saving you money and time. Your services will be completed either: one time, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly, depending on your needs. Some services may need to be completed more often than others, so you have complete control over the frequency of each individual service. You can add or remove scheduled services at any time, or you can skip a service as needed.

From there, we will pair you up with a certified lawn professional in your area who’ll complete the scheduled service. Everything is handled within the app including payment, quote adjustments, and rescheduling, so you don’t even need to worry about being home!

Rest easy knowing that the scheduling is done for you and that you have full flexibility to make changes at any time! Get a custom quote for your property and service mix in minutes.

Get a custom quote for your property.

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Should I water my lawn today?

There won't be any rain in Madison today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 6:04 AM and set at 8:18 PM today in Madison).

Madison lawn care services

As the capital of Wisconsin, Madison is an important commercial center. The technology-based industry powers the city's economy with tech giants like Google, having an office there. Madison has many parks and thriving gardens.

Madison climate and lawn care

We can hardly separate the demands of lawn care from the way the local climate behaves. The climatic patterns affect how you will care for your lawn; from choosing which grass, flowers, or trees to plant, to mowing frequency, and other general maintenance tasks. During extreme weather conditions such as snowfall or heavy rainfall, you can take advantage of the services of Madison lawn care companies for convenience.

The city experiences extremes in temperature conditions during winter and summer. The freezing temperatures bring about 42 inches of snow annually on average. If you are a homeowner, or a park administrator, you'll need Madison snow removal professional service providers to come to the rescue during those winter months.

The city receives relatively higher rainfall than most parts of Wisconsin. It receives heavy rain for around 115 days out the year. The most torrential rain falls during the summer and less during the spring. Due to this local weather pattern you may need to consider irrigation on your lawn more in spring than in summer. It also implies that weeds may be more prevalent during the summer, so you may need to consult the nearest Madison weed control professionals to provide you with specialized solutions.

Native grasses to Madison

As a homeowner in Madison, you'll find it useful to understand the types of grasses that are native to the broader region of Wisconsin before you decide which is the best for your lawn. Your Madison lawn care expert will help you identify indigenous grasses in the area and guide you in making the right decision for your yard. Here are some of the most popular.

Fescue forms attractive, dense evergreen tufts, with some of them being broad-leaved while others thin-leaved. The most common species used in lawns is the fescue rubra. Many lawn care enthusiasts widely adopt this particular type. Your Madison yard service expert will help you in identifying this type of grass.

Wavy hairgrass is ideal if you are looking for a soft textured grass. For your rock garden, this is one of your possible options. One advantage is that it does not require much watering, so it addresses any irrigation pain points. However, you will want to seek advice from Madison lawn care professionals on its viability and chances of survival in your yard.

Kentucky bluegrass turns dark green giving your lawn that deep visual appearance. It is hardy and tolerates adverse climatic conditions and diseases. It also spreads quickly and can allow you to mow shorter. You may need to research lawn care tips or hire Madison weed control pros to help you deal with the menace and maintain an attractive look on your turf.

Unlike Kentucky bluegrass, Perennial ryegrass does not spread. This grass may require regular replacement because it is short lived. This grass type is moderately soft and has a high resistance to most forms of damage. Perennial ryegrass blends well with Kentucky bluegrass, which will act as an agent of controlling soil erosion until Kentucky is ready to stand by itself and hold the soil.

Native plants to Madison

Apart from grasses, some other plants available in Madison and the larger Wisconsin area are usable in your yard. Apart from providing shade, they can also add to the aesthetic value of your yard and support some insects like butterflies, enhancing the ecosystem balance.

These are just a few examples of plants that you can use in your gardening. To understand better how you can fit them in your landscape, you can rely on your Madison yard service professional contractor. They will help you both in the design and execution of your yard plan.

Madison lawn care tips

Madison lawn care companies can help you with the majority of lawn care tasks, from leaf removal service, to yard cleanups, weed removal services and everything in between. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of all the tasks necessary to maintain a good looking yard.

Irrigate your lawn regularly but deeply to reach the roots. You may irrigate physically or install a sprinkler system. Madison lawn care experts can guide you accordingly.

Use Madison yard clean up services to trim back shrubs and remove debris that may have accumulated over the winter. Madison leaf removal professional services may also be necessary after leaf fall during autumn.

Learn how to remove weeds naturally to minimize health risks associated with chemicals.

Aerate your soil to maintain it in optimum condition.

If you have trouble clearing snow during winter, or you are afraid of damaging your lawn in the process, contact Madison snow removal services to take care of this for you

Whatever you do, work to keep your lawn in great condition year round. Yard care begins from the time you are preparing to plant the grass, and goes on continuously, it's not a one time event. Educating yourself on what to do and how to do it correctly can save you a lot of time and effort in the long term. We also recommend using Madison lawn care professionals to take the workload off you. You'll appreciate the expertise and experience they can bring to your yard care.

Commonly asked questions

Are there any watering restrictions in Madison?

There are currently no watering restrictions however residents are advised to conserve water as much as possible.

Where can I dispose of yard debris?

Curbside collection of leaves and yard waste resumes in early October. Be sure to set out the leaves on your scheduled days. Drop-off sites remain available, though residents should expect to encounter lines. If appropriate, residents can also mulch the grass clippings or leaves into the lawn, or compost it with a backyard bin. Yard waste includes: Leaves, weeds, garden trimmings, other plant debris, twigs less than 18" long, pumpkins, crab apples, pine cones, etc.

What are the landscaping screening requirements?

Landscape plans shall be submitted as a component of a site plan, where required, or as a component of applications for other actions, including zoning permits, where applicable. Landscape plans for zoning lots greater than ten thousand (10,000) square feet in size must be prepared by a registered landscape architect.

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