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Lawn Care in the State of Wisconsin

Located in the Midwest and Great Lakes region of the United States, there is no question that Wisconsin has its share of appeal to those who call it home. Wisconsin became a U.S. territory upon the independence of our country in 1783. There was still a substantial British presence in the area until after the War of 1812. The population continued to grow after that. Many settlers of German, Irish, Norwegian and other European background came to the area. As a result, even today Wisconsin has a significant Catholic and Lutheran presence. For many years, the area was well-known for its dairy industry, and it is still that way to a certain degree. In the past one hundred years, this area has also become well-known for the winning tradition of the sports team called the Green Bay Packers. Even today, stories abound of the exploits of Bart Starr in the Ice Bowl in the 1960s. For many years, the “frozen tundra at Lambeau Field” has been subject to a hydroponic heating system. This means that just under the turf there is an immense amount of white tubing, and maintenance crews have a system in place of keeping the ground at about 38 degrees (just above freezing) for game days.

Throughout much of the history of this state, there has also been the necessity of lawn care for ordinary people as well. This practice has evolved throughout the years, but of course, there are many kinds of grass native to this region and state. Unlike the Green Bay Packers, most residents of the state do not have the money to spend to keep their ground warm all year round. What they can do, however, is to study the native grasses in their state thoroughly and when the best time to plant them would be. Consider some of these unique Wisconsin grasses:

Kentucky Bluegrass

By and large, Kentucky Bluegrass is the most popular type of grass for the state of Wisconsin. Kentucky Bluegrass does well in these colder climates and has been looked upon as a good choice to fix a damaged lawn because it does not need to re-seed. Kentucky Bluegrass also does best in direct sunlight, but it can be mixed with fine fescue of shady areas.

Fine Fescue

As noted previously, Fine Fescue is a breed of grass that does well in shady areas. Fine Fescue is known for functioning well in areas with a lot of sand. Thus, if you are planting this grass type in your Wisconsin lawn, it is best if you pre-treat the soil with a layer of sand before filling in the seed.

Bent Grass

This brand of Wisconsin grass is known for having a reputation renowned for being dense and of high quality. However, this grass type is high-maintenance and usually only reserved for either the very wealthy or commercial golf courses.


When it comes to Wisconsin grasses, it is essential to understand the most appropriate planting times fully. For any grass, the best time to plant it would be within a few weeks around Labor Day. This gives the Wisconsin grass seed plenty of time to thrive under the temperatures of 50 F to 70 F. It will have a fuller turf appearance during the winter months. Keep these tips and grass types in mind for a great Wisconsin lawn, or try Lawn Love's professional services today.


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