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Looking for Piedmont Triad lawn care services? Lawn Love makes it easier than ever before to get lawn care services to your home. We know what you're thinking, "I need fast, affordable lawn care services near me that are as easy to get as a push of a button." Well Lawn Love does just that. Get an instant quote for lawn care services near you such as lawn aeration, lawn mowing, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, gardening, yard care, weed control and more. See why we're rated the #1 lawn care service company in the Piedmont Triad area. Whether you're in need of Winston-Salem lawn care services, Greensboro lawn care services, or high point lawn care services, Lawn Love has you covered.

Living in the Triad area means having the best of everything at your fingertips. From major art and historical museums to excellent schools to its beautiful trails and state parks, there's a lot to love about living in the Triad. It's too bad that it's hard to make time to get out and see it all, with those never-ending lawn care chores standing in your way.

Now you can set your lawn care tasks aside for good, thanks to Lawn Love. With just the click of a mouse or by using our convenient app, you can book and manage your lawn care services while on the go. And we match convenience with quality: our team of independent lawn care experts knows exactly how to transform your lawn into a plush, verdant showpiece that will enhance your home and neighborhood.

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It looks like the expected precipitation in Piedmont Triad is 0.01 inches, which means you will probably have to water your lawn today.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 6:54 AM and set at 7:46 PM today in Piedmont Triad).

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Lawn Care in Piedmont Triad, NC

Over the years, North Carolina's man made landscapes have changed from working farms to urban and industrial centers. Commerce has largely replaced plantations, but you might be surprised to know that farming is still very much a way of life in North Carolina. In fact, tobacco is still one of the state's largest sources of economic revenue. North Carolina has a relatively humid climate, and its spring and fall seasons are quite mild and pleasant. Even though you may not be planting and harvesting tobacco for a living, you can still take advantage of the state's climate that is conducive to plant and grass growth. Learning the basics of lawn care and the types of grass that grow best in North Carolina can get you started on the right track.

North Carolina Lawns

Lawns, the University of North Carolina notes, do much more than just improve your home's curb appeal and attract pollinators. They provide an environmental benefit as well by reducing air pollution, stabilizing soil, minimizing noise, controlling heat, trapping dust, and curtailing glare from the sun and city lights. Any lawn can accomplish these feats, but one that is healthy, established, and flourishing is your best bet for benefits. By knowing which species to plant, you can improve your lawn's appearance, reduce the amount of work you put into lawn care each day, and even raise the value of your property.

What to Plant in North Carolina

Regardless of whether you are renovating an existing lawn or merely trying to improve a current one, choosing the "right" grass is crucial to success. The choice may sound simple, but there are many considerations you'll have to keep in mind as you select the appropriate grass. The climate, region, aesthetic preferences, and intended lawn use (physical or ornamental) should all be taken into account when you decide what kind of grass to plant on your property.

From warm-season grasses to cool-season grasses, here are some top options for establishing a lawn in North Carolina.

Top North Carolina Grasses

North Carolina supports both warm-season and cool-season grasses, which means that you can have an attractive property year-round by combining both. Regardless of whether you're leaning towards one or the other (or you want to have a hybrid lawn), here are some recommended options.

Bermuda is a warm-season grass that stands out for its lovely dark green color. It is also a resilient grass that can withstand the impact of heavy foot traffic. It is an excellent choice if you know that your lawn will get heavy, frequent use and full sun, as it can recover quickly and bounce back from stress easily. Bermuda should be mowed when it reaches 1-2 inches.

Centipede is also a warm-season grass. It grows much more slowly than Bermuda grass, however, which means you'll need to have more patience if you plan to establish or fill a lawn with Centipede grass. Centipede grass stands out for its apple-green hues and its coarse texture, which in turn makes it a good choice if you have a property that you think will get frequent use. Centipede grass is also low-maintenance, which is a huge relief for time-pressed homeowners.

Tall fescue is a cool-season grass that grows throughout the US. This grass also has a dark green color. In contrast to other cool-season grasses, however, its blades are much more fine and narrow. This allows the grass to withstand shade, drought, heat, and cold. It is , therefore, an excellent remedy for lawns that suffer from brown patches and seasonal problems like infestations. Tall fescue can be added to an existing grass mixture on your yard for ultimate weather resistance and pest control. Tall fescue should be mowed when it reaches 2-3 inches.

Fine fescue also requires plenty of sunlight during the day and six to eight hours, at least, for optimal growth and health. This grass is characterized by tall, thin, and fine blades. It is not as delicate as initially appears, however. Fine fescue can withstand drought, shade, and poor soil much better than many other species.

Perennial ryegrass is a cool-season grass that is most prolific in fall and early spring. This grass does best when used as an overseed with other varieties of grass because it tends to germinate quickly. Perennial ryegrass is sometimes mixed with Kentucky bluegrass for optimal erosion control and to combat the effects of severe weather on your property.

Kentucky bluegrass is characterized by a dark green and blue hue. This grass holds up to the cold well and has a fine texture. Kentucky bluegrass, however, is not an optimal choice for the summer's scorching heat, as it does not hold up to bright sun and hot days as well as other types of grass.

Now that you know what types of grass can create a perfect North Carolina lawn, it's time to bring in the experts. A professional lawn care provider can help you plan and perfect your property so that you have more time for fun activities.

Attractions in Piedmont Circle

No matter the season, it's easy to get out and about in Piedmont Circle. Here are some notable local attractions worth seeing.

North Carolina Zoo

This zoo has existed since 1976. It has expanded its exhibits and displays since then. Now, it is home to more than 500 acres of land containing over 1,600 animals. Today, the zoo has the largest natural habitat in the world and gets support from the state government to continue operating.

Emerald Pointe Water Park

With multiple slides, play areas for children, relaxing cabanas for adults (that come with table service), and refreshing pools for everyone to enjoy. A day at this water park is a day well spent. The water park also hosts special events like youth summer camps and homeschool days.

When you want nothing less than the best, Lawn Love can help. As experts in all aspects of lawn care and maintenance in the Piedmont Triad, it's our goal to get your yard in prime condition. Call or contact us today to learn more.

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