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How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Santa Barbara:

How are lawn care prices in Santa Barbara?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Santa Barbara:

Should I water my lawn today?

There won't be any rain in Santa Barbara today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 5:51 AM and set at 8:14 PM today in Santa Barbara).

Santa Barbara lawn care services

Like other plants, your lawn requires proper care. It cannot fit in your house, but it requires attention similar to that you provide to your houseplants. But if you are among the people who leave their houseplants and windows to gather dust throughout the year, the lawn will show similar neglect. Do not panic. Santa Barabara gardening professionals will help you keep the grass stunningly beautiful throughout the year.

A vibrant lawn will make a superb complement for your flower beds and create a striking green centre of attention during the hot summer months. There are many types of grass to plant in Santa Barbara, CA, but all of them will demand regular watering and mowing. They will also need feeding and top dressing during autumn and spring. Santa Barbara yard service professionals are always ready to help you with the tasks.

Common Santa Barbara grass types

Bermuda grass is among the most prevalent types of grass in the United States. The warm-season grass requires a lot of sunlight to flourish, but it is also sturdy and resilient. It is drought, heat, salt, and traffic tolerant, something that makes its maintenance easy. Even though it will not handle cold temperatures well, and requires little water, it will need soil amendments and fertilizer to stay beautiful.

Tall fescue is not only heat-tolerant, but it is also disease, shade, and drought tolerant. You can plant it in your Santa Barbara yard, regardless of the amount of shade in the place, but because its self-repair ability is limited, you will have to reseed once it thins. The grass will germinate and establish very fast to form a nice-looking lawn within a few weeks. This grass requires less fertilizer than other types.

St. Augustine is an excellent choice for warm areas. It blooms during the cold months, and its drought tolerance makes it suitable for Santa Barbara. The grass grows very fast and does well in moderately shady areas. You should be ready to mow it more often and apply fertilizer because it grows rapidly. Contact Santa Barbara yard clean up service providers for quick clean up after each mowing.

Plants for your Santa Barbara yard

Matilija poppy is a large shrub that grows to around eight feet high and spreads to form a shady area. It produces large flowers that resemble paper-mache, their diameter can grow to five inches inches with a big yellow center. This plant requires full sun and properly drained soil. Keep in mind that its transplantation is a challenge due to its highly sensitive roots, but after establishment, it will grow rapidly.

Beardtongue is a wildflower or cottage garden plant that produces showy flowers that attract hummingbirds and honeybees. Beardtongue has been an excellent choice for individuals who need low-maintenance shrubs on their yards.

Rockrose is a bloomer of white and pink flowers, and it will thrive if neglected. It will do great in almost any type of soil, and it requires a small amount of water. You can plant it to provide shade or to prevent soil erosion in your yard. It will spread around 3-5 feet wide.

Yarrow is a herbaceous perennial plant that comes in many colours such as pink, red, yellow, salmon and white. Due to its colourful flowers, it will attract many beneficial insects to your yard and deter the pests. It grows to around 2 feet tall and blooms between midsummer and fall.

Santa Barbara lawn care tips

For your lawn to stay healthy, you have to mow it to the right height. Maintain the grass blades at a height between three and four inches so that the root system and lower part of the blades can get enough sunlight. Never mow more than a third of the grass blades at once to prevent wilting and plant shocking.

The water requirements of your lawn will vary throughout the year. In the cold months, the grass will grow slowly and will need less water. Overwatering in such times will facilitate the growth of fungi and trigger weed growth. During the hot summer months, your lawn will need more water because it will be growing rapidly, water the lawn at least three to five times per week. Denying the lawn enough water will result in burned areas, wilting and dead patches.

Before you start fertilizing your lawn, hire Santa Barbara gardening professionals. Professionals will help you choose the right fertilizer and decide on the application frequency depending on the soil richness. After each mowing, leave the clippings on the lawn to help build soil nutrients. Granular or liquid lawn fertilizer will facilitate growth.

Weeds can appear anywhere on your lawn because they are brought by pets, birds and other animals that roam on the grass. They can grow as flowers or seed heads, and you will find many of them in your lawn. The best thing to do is pull out the entire plant each time, including the roots, to get rid of it. Santa Barbara weed control experts have the tools, machines and herbicides you need to control all types of weeds.

Professional Santa Barbara lawn care services

Grass requires around seventeen elements to flourish. And apart from hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, the availability of other elements is limited in the soil. Santa Barbara Gardening professionals will conduct a soil test to help identify the level of each nutrient and design a fertility program. Experts will help you provide the grass and other plants with a steady supply of nutrients for optimal growth.

Application of pesticides and herbicides helps maintain a quality lawn. Santa Barbara weed control experts will help you choose the chemicals you need to control diseases, pests and encroach weeds. The experts are licensed and conscious of the chemicals they use.

In addition to pesticide and herbicide application, Santa Barbara weed control professionals will help you with the topdressing part. Topdressing comes with many benefits, including decreased thatch layer, enhanced drainage, increased water retention capacity, and increased soil microbes and nutrients. Contact Santa Barbara yard service experts for help during the selection of the topdressing material.

Deep tine aeration relieves soil compaction around the root zone. Some of the things that lead to soil compaction include use of lawnmowers, foot traffic, and usage of heavy equipment more often. Compacted soil will not retain air and water, and your grass will not get the essential nutrients. Santa Barbara yard service providers have the tools needed to do deep tine aeration and keep the soil drained.

For your grass to stay healthy, you will need to hire Santa Barbara leaf removal professionals from time to time. Mobile vacuuming is among the services to expect from Santa Barbara leaf removal companies. The method involves running powerful machines to remove all leaves, including the smallest, from your yard. Excess leaves on your yard can reduce water evaporation and block sunlight from reaching the root area leading to the development of diseases, mold and fungus. Contact Santa Barbara yard clean up experts for help.

After you have created an ideal outdoor space and selected the right grass and plants for the area, you should work to keep it beautiful. Hire experts to remove the weeds, moss and thatch so that the grass can grow rapidly. They will also help you with the mowing, soil aeration and irrigation. Never forget about the health of your lawn just because you are busy.

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