cactus with bright pink flowers blooming

16 Best Native Plants for Your Phoenix Yard

If your Valley of the Sun landscaping is withering in the Sonoran Desert heat, discover what native plant species can help alleviate your desert landscaping woes. Advantages of Arizona native…
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Skyline of downtown Phoenix, AZ with mountains in the background

5 Best Grass Types for Phoenix 

Phoenix isn’t nicknamed the “Valley of the Sun” for no reason. With an average high of 98 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, planting the wrong grass type in this area’s…
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close-up of a white and purple Blackfoot daisy

Drought-Resistant Landscaping for Phoenix

Drought-resistant landscaping in Phoenix saves you time, money, and is anything but drab. We’ll discuss how you can turn your lawn into a colorful, low-water Sonoran paradise. Some advantages of…
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