6 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Lawn Care Business

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A common question in the lawn care industry is, “how do I advertise my lawn care business?” Our response is “carefully.” There are right and wrong ways to advertise lawn care businesses. In this article, we’ll detail marketing tips that will grow your lawn care business.

Our best advice to you? Be flexible. Technology has completely changed the way that customers respond to physical and digital lawn care marketing materials.

To be successful, you must adapt to changes in your community and the lawn care industry. After all, if you can’t attract lawn care clients, you won’t be able to stay in business long.

1. Advertise through direct mail and digital marketing

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Marketing a lawn care business is an ongoing effort that requires the use of direct mail and digital marketing. The best way to advertise a lawn care business is frequently!

Advertising a lawn care business becomes less of a mystery for business owners as they’re able to approach promotion from all angles. Some customers spend a great deal of time online, and many respond to flyers and advertisements that they receive in their mailbox.

It’s important to maintain a physical and digital presence.

2. Fill out social media profiles entirely

The best way to get lawn care clients is to have every social media profile for your business filled out entirely and keep them up to date. Businesses should have their name, physical location, phone number, email address, and website URL listed on every platform they have an account on.

The creation of new social media accounts is one way to promote your lawn care business, and the fluffing up of existing profiles with relevant contact information is another.

It helps to maintain a consistent look from one platform to the next. Brand consistency is imperative to the success of businesses of all sizes.

3. Maintain brand consistency

Many companies have too many differences between their online accounts. They use different colors and fonts to try to get their message across. One word of advice for lawn care company owners: Create brand consistency throughout all of their marketing materials.

That means that your social media accounts should match your website, which matches any storefront marketing materials. Everything looks and feels authentic, and like part of your lawn care brand. At a glance, a customer should be able to know which company they’re dealing with just by your logo, font, or color you’ve chosen to use in your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Customers tend to promote what they love. By rewarding that behavior through an advertised referral program, businesses can capitalize on new clients frequently.

4. Start a referral program for happy customers

Marketing your lawn care business takes creativity. It requires out-of-the-box thinking every day. A referral program allows lawn care service providers to take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising because happy customers tell their family and friends about the business they hired to work on their lawn.

Free advertising is very beneficial as it allows your business to extend its reach without adding more money to your marketing budget. By rewarding customers who refer other people to your lawn care business, you benefit from the introduction.

For example, you can give your client a money savings offer or complimentary service with every specified number of referrals that they direct to the business.

5. Provide valuable content for clients to consume

People want to know what they can do to have a healthier lawn. They seek advice from experts like you regularly. Marketing ideas for lawn care business professionals include regular content generation and distribution through blogs, articles, videos, photos, and social media posts.

The online presence that a lawn care business creates is an essential tool that increases visibility. By creating fresh content regularly, it helps your business stay at the forefront of your lawn clients’ minds. Whenever they need lawn care services, they know to call the company they interacted with online.

6. Practice makes perfect

Marketing your lawn care business takes practice. It involves trial and error to figure out what appeals to your client base. By following these outlined industry standards, lawn care companies of all sizes stand a better chance of succeeding in their marketing efforts.

If you discovers that your company’s marketing efforts have fallen short, it’s time to evaluate why. You’re able to come back stronger and better informed the next chance you reach out to your lawn care customers. With one failure under your belt, you can fine-tune your marketing plan in a way that is sustainable long-term.

Craft your marketing to grow your business

If you build a successful marketing strategy, you may need to adapt your business plan or strategy to accommodate an increase in customers. It’s great to have scheduled appointments pouring in, but without the resources to manage them things might slip through the cracks or people will learn your business is unreliable.

With all the lawn care marketing materials readily available at your disposal, it’s easy to turn things around in shorter amounts of time. Marketing strategies that worked for your business in the past might not always work. It’s important to stay open-minded and adapt to new strategies.

Lawn care marketing success awaits anyone with a lawn care business who is willing to implement the advice listed above.

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