How Much Does a Walkway Cost in 2024?

 A new walkway typically costs between $335 and $2,840, depending on the material it’s made of.

Walkway costs will vary based on the materials used. A new concrete walkway will cost $1,620 on average. A paver walkway can add a more attractive and unique element to your landscape and cost $2,480. Pea gravel walkways can be more cost-effective and have a more natural look. On average, pea gravel installation costs $335

This walkway cost guide will analyze the installation cost of using these three paving materials for your walkway project.

In this guide:

Average walkway costs in 2024

These are the average costs for installing a new walkway, whether you want one made of concrete, pavers, or pea gravel. 

Concrete walkway cost

National average cost$1,620
Typical price range$1,080 – $2,160
Extreme low-end cost$700
Extreme high-end cost$2,770

The typical price range for concrete walkways is between $1,080 and $2,160. The national average installation cost for a concrete walkway is $1,620.

Paver walkway cost

National average cost$2,480
Typical price range$1,430 – $3,530
Extreme low-end cost$1,400
Extreme high-end cost$4,665

The typical price range for paver walkways is between $1,430 and $3,530. The national average installation cost for a paver walkway is $2,480.

Pea gravel walkway cost

National average cost$335
Typical price range$275 – $395
Extreme low-end cost$245
Extreme high-end cost$1,235

Pea gravel is by far the cheapest material to use for a walkway. The national average for pea gravel installation is $335 but can typically cost anywhere from $275 to $395.

Walkway cost estimator by size

The most significant factor affecting the walkway’s price (other than material cost) is its square footage. Using the following examples of small, medium, and large walkway projects, we calculated the approximate cost of your hardscaping project by size. 

Concrete typically costs between $6 and $12 per square foot. We multiplied the walkway project sizes by an average price of $9 per square foot.

Concrete walkway size Average overall cost 
20’ x 4’$720
35’ x 4’$1,260
70’ x 4’$2,520

Pavers cost between $9 and $20 per square foot. We multiplied the walkway project sizes by an average price of $14.50 per square foot.

Paver walkway size Average overall cost
20’ x 4’$1,160
35’ x 4’$2,030
70’ x 4’$4,060

Pea gravel typically costs about $20 to $80 per cubic yard. We multiplied the walkway project sizes by an average overall cost of $50 per cubic yard.

When using gravel for a walkway project, it’s essential to consider the area and the depth of the project. An easy way to calculate the amount of pea gravel needed is to use this formula:

(Length in Feet x Width in Feet x Depth in Feet) ÷ 27= Cubic Yards of Pea Gravel

Pea gravel walkway size Recommended depthCubic yards of pea gravelAverage overall cost 
20’ x 4’2 inches0.49$25
35’ x 4’2 inches0.86$43
70’ x 4’2 inches1.7$85

Other factors that affect cost

The most critical factors that impact the cost of a walkway are the materials used and the project size. Additional factors affecting a new walkway’s price include labor, complexity, and decorative touches.


Contractors typically charge about $75 per hour for walkway installation. Larger, more complex projects or projects with additional decorative touches such as staining, stamped patterns, and walkway covers will take longer to complete and drive up labor costs.

Prep Work

Some areas may require prep work to prepare the land for walkway installation. Excavating or grading land will add additional costs to your project. Removing old concrete or dirt will cost 30 to 50 cents per square foot. Building a walkway on a slope can add 8 cents to $2.00 per square foot for grading land.


The walkway project’s complexity will increase the time it takes to complete and drive up labor costs. Areas that are difficult to access with equipment make it harder for a professional to complete a project quickly. Walkways with many bends must be carefully laid out and may require cutting pavers.

Decorative touches

Additional decorative touches will also need to be calculated into the total cost of your new walkway. Staining, stamped patterns, and walkway covers require extra labor and materials:

  • Stamped concrete walkways typically cost between $8 to $28 per square foot
  • Staining concrete adds an extra $2 to $4 per square foot for a single color. 
  • Walkway covers add between $4 and $30 per square foot to the total cost.

Possible permits

If your new walkway connects to an existing public sidewalk or road, you may need to purchase a permit. Your contractor will be able to tell you if a permit is required. Permits typically cost between $200 and $1,000. 

Related services 

If a pro is already installing a walkway on your property, inquire about these related services. These services can add functionality and beauty to your yard.

Patio installation

Installing a patio is a great way to add attractive outdoor living space to your backyard. Typically, a patio installation project costs around $2,600 to $7,300, depending on the size and materials.

Driveway installation

A driveway that matches your new walkway can add cohesiveness to the appearance of your home, increasing its curb appeal. Driveways are much wider and thicker than walkways due to their need to accommodate the size and weight of large vehicles. 

The average concrete driveway will cost about $3,500, a paver driveway will cost about $13,000, and a pea gravel driveway will cost about $1,500.


Landscaping, in conjunction with hardscaping features such as walkways, patios, and driveways, can revitalize the appearance of your lawn. If your property feels barren or you want to add unique features to it, landscaping will cost $4.50 to $17 per square foot.

Pro cost vs. DIY cost

Much like installing a walkway professionally, the DIY cost depends mainly on the materials used.

It’s best to attempt a concrete walkway installation only if you have experience pouring concrete. Concrete can be difficult to handle, and bags of it will be hefty. However, if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, installing a concrete walkway yourself is more cost-effective than having it done professionally. 

DIY equipment and materials for concrete walkwayAverage cost
Concrete mix$6 per 50-pound bag
Concrete mold$45
Total for a 35’ x 4’ Walkway:$995

Paver walkways require an extensive list of equipment to complete. They also may require a concrete saw if you need to cut your pavers to a specific size. It is more costly to install a paver walkway yourself than to hire a professional.

DIY equipment and materials for paver walkwayAverage cost
Pavers$5 per 16” x 16” stone
Tape measure$18
Crushed gravel$800 per pallet
Garden rake$20
Garden hose with nozzle$45
Paver sand$5 per bag
Finishing trowel$20
Concrete saw$1,000
Safety glasses$14
Construction adhesive$5
Work gloves$15
Dust mask$25
Polymeric sand$30 per 40-pound bucket
Leaf blower$130
Total for a 35’ x 4’ Walkway:$2,978

Pea gravel is much cheaper and easier to install yourself than concrete and pavers. It is also cheaper to install a pea gravel walkway yourself than to hire a professional. 

DIY equipment and materials for pea gravel drivewayAverage cost
Pea gravel$325 for 140 square feet
Work gloves$15
Measuring tape$20
Garden rake$20
Garden hose with nozzle$45
Square point/transfer Shovel$30
Total for a 35’ x 4’ Walkway:$595

As you can see, pea gravel is the most DIY-friendly material for a walkway. If you want to use pavers or concrete, we recommend hiring a professional. 

Cost of installing a walkway by location

The cost of walkway materials by location is impacted by how quickly you want the materials and how far away you live from suppliers. This is why buying your materials from a local supplier is best. You may also need to ask if your supplier has a minimum purchase requirement for delivery. 

Typical delivery costs for walkway materials are as follows:

  • Concrete delivery: $100 – $200
  • Paver delivery: $0.50 per square foot 
  • Pea gravel delivery: $5 – $10 per mile


How much does it cost to repair a concrete walkway?

Damaged concrete usually costs about $1 per square foot to repair. Since small blemishes are reasonably easy to fix, this is a project you can do yourself. Old concrete that is highly damaged and cracked may need to be replaced and costs about $1,380 on average to remove.

How do I prevent cracks?

Applying a sealant to a concrete or paver walkway can prevent it from cracking. It is best to use a sealant annually to preserve and maintain your walkway. Sealant costs about $1.50 per square foot.

How do I maintain pea gravel?

Pea gravel hardscaping is relatively simple to maintain. Over time, foot traffic and weather will likely shift the stones. Fixing this issue is pretty simple. You can rake the gravel back into place!

If you live in a colder region, you may notice that snowfall tends to mix with the pea gravel. On average, you can hire a professional to remove the snow for you for around $50 to $140.

Final thoughts 

Installing a walkway is a great way to add aesthetic appeal to your yard and make it more accessible. Concrete walkways have a simpler appearance but are typically durable and stable. Paver walkways are similar but add a more interesting design element and can be arranged in unique patterns.

Pea gravel is a highly flexible natural stone material when installing a walkway and maintains a more natural look in your yard. Homeowners can expect to pay $1,620 on average for a concrete walkway, $2,480 for a paver walkway, and a cost-effective $335 for a pea gravel walkway. There are several varieties of pavers and pea gravel, as well as stains and designs for concrete, so contact a local pro to see what they offer and get a quote for your project.

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