Almost everyone has seen a truck drive by with a company name emblazoned all over it. You envy their freedom of movement and confidence in their business. But for the grace of the bank goeth you. Wait. Most entrepreneurs start with a truck or an SUV, some lawn tools and a lawn mower, and a desire to make it to the top of the lawn service heap. You wonder what would be the best truck for your lawn care business. Let's examine what needs a truck would fulfill.

Type Of Lawn Care Service

Before you accept your first client, you need to determine what type of lawn care services you’re going to provide; whether you will just cut grass and trim, or if you will aerate lawns, deal with brush and debris, and mulch trees and flower beds. The more involved the lawn care, the more equipment and lawn care products you'll need to stock and use.

Some homeowners have no idea what it takes to nourish a lawn and they’ll leave the whole thing up to you. If you plan to aerate, seed, and mulch lawns, then you'll need a truck prepared to handle those tasks. You’ll also need a dumping mechanism so you don't have to shovel everything off the truck.

You'll also have to decide if you're going to do winter lawn care, or snow removal. If so, you'll need a truck with hooks on the front to attach snow scrapers.

Your Clientele

Obviously, not everyone lives on a perfectly flat, straight lot. Some people have only a small patch of grass for a lawn while others live on huge spreads with multiple acres. Many do have flat lots, but more homeowners live on gentle rises or on hills or even on the side of a mountain. These require different types of equipment which your truck will need to be able to carry.

The Truck

No one is going to begin their business with a fleet of the best trucks or trailers. If you have a truck, that's great! You can begin your lawn service business one step ahead. However, if you don't own a truck, you'll need to consider new vs used.

Let's say you cash out for a brand new Dodge Ram. Maybe, the first thing you'll do is paint it in your company colors. Then you'll letter your company information on the doors and body. Keep in mind the truck is going to get dinged and bashed in the first week just getting equipment in and out of the truck. That's a lot of money to spend to have the best truck for your lawn care business.

If you went with a used truck with low mileage (20,000 to 40,000 miles), it wouldn't matter so much that you're going to repaint and letter it. You might even customize the bed yourself. You'll have all your tools and equipment at your fingertips. It may or may not be the most expensive or marketed truck, but considering the prices, a used truck is always a great option.

Ford F150 XL

In the beginning of your business, buying a Ford F150 XL wouldn't be too expensive, handles 3,200 pounds, and can pull up to 8,000 pounds. Maximum bed length is eight feet and 21 inches high.

Ford F150 XL

Dodge Ram

For those new business owners with a little heavier equipment, you might consider the Dodge Ram we discussed above. It'll make a good investment with a payload of 2,300 pounds, and a pull ability of 12,750 pounds. The bed is six feet and 21 inches high.

Dodge Ram

GMC Sierra

For new business owners needing capacity, take a look at GMC Sierra. It's a tad expensive, but it will carry 2,500 pounds and pull 9,700. The bed is eight feet and 21 inches high.

GMC Sierra
Truck with trailer


Before you begin your business, you'll need a lawn mower, trimmer, edger, and blower. These will fit in the bed of your truck.

However, when you've built your business enough that you can afford new mowers, then you'll need to consider a trailer. You'll need to decide on a single or tandem axle. A single axle trailer will cost more in gas than a tandem axle. Trailers begin at five feet and can go up to twenty feet, but six to ten feet is the normal length. Some have mesh sides with others offering rails.

Trailers are available both online and in stores. They're available new and used. Some even come in package deals from carriers featuring a riding mower and a usually five foot trailer.

Final Thoughts On Lawn Care Trucks And Trailers

There are so many homeowners, businesses, and even apartment complexes with residents who work so hard that they don't have time to care for their yards. This can be such an ample opportunity for extra income for you! If you love nurturing your yard, and making sure it gets the nutrients it needs for maximum good health, then you’ll probably enjoy doing it for others too. Beginning your own lawn care service requires some serious equipment, and we hope this article gave you some insight to help you prepare for the beginning of your lawn care business journey!

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