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A large part of your lawn care service is the billing and payment system. After all, you have to have a way for your customers to pay you for a job well done! With this in mind, we've rounded up examples of high-quality paid and free lawn care billing software. Since there are dozens of different billing software available, narrowing your choices down can be a time-consuming and difficult process. We'll give you short overviews of each of them, and you can decide which one works best for your business.

Eight Best Paid and Free Lawn Care Billing Software Reviews

1. Service Autopilot

This software works well for lawn care, snow removal, landscape maintenance, irrigation, tree care, and pest control. This software comes built specifically for commercial and residential companies, and you get an all-in-one platform that seamlessly automates office tasks.

You can use it to track expenses, bill, create invoices, track your cash flow, and sell more work. This software can make smaller businesses look bigger, giving your clients a greater peace of mind. Prices start at $47 a month.

2. Yardbook

Yardbook is a completely free billing platform. It uses a sponsored business model very similar to Facebook and Google. This model gives Yardbook the freedom to offer free software to their users while they work to improve their product. If you need a more sophisticated setup, you can opt to pay for the premium features.

You can set up a pricing catalog, create invoices, track expenses, collect payments, schedule jobs, set up timesheets, and set up sales. This software has a very user-friendly setup with an innovative platform and interactive tools.

3. Manage Mart

This software starts at $19.99 per month, or you can buy at a yearly price of $16.25 per month. You can set up accounts and payments, scheduling, staff management, communications, equipment tracking, GPS tracking, maps, and set up a mobile app for customer management.

You'll get a seven-day free trial that allows you to test out the features to see if it'll work for your business or not. They have step-by-step guides for both the mobile app and PC software you can walk though as well.

4. WorkWave Service

WorkWave Services is a cloud-based software that comes with a comprehensive range of intuitive tools. It’s mobile-ready, has a clean interface, and offers end-to-end field service software. You can use this software to schedule jobs, dispatch your staff, monitor their progress, bill your customers, collect and process payments, and routing.

Everyone will be able to see the same interface, and this makes it easy to keep all of your workers on the same page. You can pick from different software suites, and you can book a demo before you purchase the software to see if it's a good fit or not.

5. Lawn Pro Software

Lawn Pro Software has four pricing packages with a free tier that allows you to have up to 50 accounts. The next tier is $29 per month, and you get unlimited customers. Each tier offers estimates, invoices, a mobile app, client portal, employee logins, drag and drop scheduling, an online payment option, and more.

You'll get predesigned templates that you can add your company's logo and information to, and the mobile app allows you to work anywhere. The clean interface is easy to navigate, and you can save customer portfolios with pictures for each job.

6. Arborgold

Arborgold has over 25 years of experience with designing and implementing software for lawn care and landscape companies. It works to help you schedule work, bid jobs, manage customer leads, track your inventory, invoice customers, and manage projects. All of these tools are on one interface.

You'll be able to automate any recurring billing for repeat customers, optimize your driver's routes, and connect your employees to the office through their smartphones. You can sign up for a free demo and try Arborgold before you buy it.

7. CLIPitc

For smaller businesses with up to 40 clients, CLIPitc has free unlimited access for the life of your business. Otherwise, there is a $50 per month option for up to 400 clients, and $80 per month for unlimited. You can set up individual user accounts with their property and information to keep everyone straight.

The software keeps track of each customer's estimates, history, upcoming jobs, routes, and invoicing. The customer portal allows your customers to log in and view past bills, upcoming bills, and make payments. Finally, you can set up service reminders and assign certain teams to specific customers.

8. Lawn Love

Lawn Love is a comprehensive software suite with a powerful app that makes professional lawn care business's administrative tasks like billing and payment processing quick and easy. Our all-in-one platform gives you a centralized location to track your business's financial health.

For example, you can set up payments, schedule your clients, and pick your jobs. Once you have jobs lined up, you can review them to create your schedule for the day or week. Lawn Love processes payments instantly, so there's no long delays. You'll get a clean and user-friendly interface, and your customers can instantly rate your work to help you grow a reputation for a high-quality business.

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Bottom Line

Managing your daily operations and making sure you get your money doesn't have to be stressful or a time-consuming process. You can use paid or free lawn care billing software to automate a lot of these processes and free up time to concentrate on your business.

We've rounded up eight different options for you to compare. Some are free, some have paid options, and you can buy a few outright and use them over the life of your business. Take a few minutes and compare your options. You just many find the software suite that will streamline your operation.

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