11 Best Gifts for Gardeners

two succulents in decorative pots

Looking for a gift for your green-thumbed friend? Don’t worry, you’re not limited to garden gloves and packets of wildflowers (useful as those are). We’ve got 11 gardening gift ideas that will delight and surprise any gardener, from novice to expert. 

1. Propane torch weed burners

Gardeners hate weeds. Why not torch them? Propane torches make weeding fun and less back-breaking. You can use this tool along metal fences, gravel or paved driveways, and in the garden. What’s not to love?

Note: Some torches are made for small, 1-pound propane tanks, while others require a 20-pound tank. Propane tanks are sold separately.

2. Standing weed puller

Continuing with the weed theme, standing weed pullers are another option for saying “sayonara” to your weeds without breaking your back. These handy tools (there are many different variations) allow you to pull or scrape down weeds without getting on your hands and knees or spraying harmful chemicals. This is a great gift for the well-seasoned gardeners in your life.

3. Grow kit

If your friend loves grow kits, there is a grow kit for every interest, including cacti or succulents, mushrooms, and grow-a-tree kits, to name a few. How about a cat grass grow kit for the cat mom in your life? No matter which type you choose, your friend will enjoy the chance to grow a new plant from an easy, convenient kit.

4. Self-watering spikes

Even homebody gardeners need to get away once in a while. For an indoor plant lover or frequent traveler, self-watering spikes are a handy tool. Attach these spikes to a plastic water bottle and place them in potted plants. These spikes deliver just the right amount of water to your plants while you’re away. Your friend won’t have to worry about having someone come and water, and the plants won’t even notice they’re gone.

5. Pollinator gifts

If you’re gifting for a newbie gardener (or maybe a new homeowner), pollinator gifts are a thoughtful gift idea. Even if your friend isn’t a big gardener (yet), help them invite good insects and wildlife into the yard. Not only do pollinators make a lawn more inviting for local wildlife, but birds and bees are also fun to watch. And your newbie gardener friends will feel that they’ve made a positive impact on the world just outside their front door.

Here are some simple pollinator gifts:

  • Solitary beehive
  • Birdfeeder
  • Hummingbird feeder
  • Pollinator seed packets

6. Farmer’s market gift certificate

There’s a good chance your avid gardener friend loves to visit a local farmer’s market or participate in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) weekly pickup. Did you know that some farmer’s markets offer gift certificates? What gardener wouldn’t love a bit of mad money to use at his favorite market?

7. Garden ornament

Before you glaze over this gift idea, consider the possibilities. Wouldn’t your friend (let’s call her Mary) love a personalized garden plaque with “Mary’s Garden” and her favorite bird etched alongside? Personalize it to make it unique, and you’ve got a gift she’ll treasure forever.

8. Gardening tools

Whether you’re in the kitchen, the workshop, or typing away at your computer, having “the right tool for the right job” makes all the difference. Here are a few tools (common and unusual) that might be a perfect fit for your gardening friend:

  • Hori Hori knife
  • Gardening gloves (they come in multipacks for a reason)
  • A new trowel
  • Top-rated cutting shears or pruners
  • Garden tool set (great for newbies) 
  • Soil blocker
  • Outdoor wagon or garden cart

The key to giving common items (like a pair of cutting shears) for a big holiday or birthday is to buy quality, not quantity. This makes the gift meaningful because it will last for decades if properly cared for. 

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to buy maintenance accessories (like a sharpening file and silicone spray) along with your tool gift. Some manufacturers, like Felco, have branded sharpening files and lubrication sprays for their products.

9. Gardening in the 21st century

If you prefer to give techy gifts, even your gardening friends can look forward to a gift from you. Consider these tech-savvy gadgets for your favorite gardener:

  • Smart garden (great for herb gardens)
  • Home weather station (some connect to apps or smart speakers)
  • Robotic lawn mower (a perfect gift at Christmas)
  • Solar-powered outdoor lighting
  • LED grow lights for starting seeds indoors

10. Artisan gifts

If your DIY-loving gardening friend loves anything handmade, the internet makes gifting for them a little easier. Ever heard of a trug? It’s a harvest basket that was traditionally made from wood and copper nails. Guess what? There are still folks who hand-make these items in the U.S. and across the world. 

Even if certain items aren’t completely hand-made, these items are often made with natural materials like metals or natural fibers instead of plastic.

Here are a few items that are still available to buy from artisans the world over:

  • Garden trugs
  • Watering cans (copper, clay, brass, ceramic, whimsical)
  • Hand-made garden apron (custom embroidery, maybe?)
  • Garden tote, crossbody tool bag or belt
  • Wind chimes
  • Yard art/yard ornaments
  • Bird houses

11. Novelties

If your gardening friend is the gardener who has everything, why not opt for some of these novelty, plant-related gifts that they’ll appreciate in and out of the growing season:

  • Plant jewelry (flower pot earrings, anyone?)
  • Grass-scented candle
  • Dirt-scented soap
  • Sunscreen and bug spray duo

Shopping strategies

You’ve got a list, and you need to check it twice. Here are a few shopping strategies to help you decide and make the most of your time.

Shop by store

Here are a few stores where you can find gifts for gardeners or other folks on your nice list:

  • Amazon
  • Anthropologie
  • Etsy
  • Grommet
  • Local businesses (brick and mortar)
  • Uncommon Goods

Shop by personality

  • Techy Gardener: We think a home weather station that connects to their smart speakers would be perfect.
  • Marie Kondo-Obsessed Gardener: A seed organizer would be right up her gardening row.
  • Reader-Gardener: That latest gardening bestseller with tasty veggie recipes at the end.
  • Health-Conscious Gardener: How about a microgreens kit?

Shop by price

Here are a few gardening gifts that fit a budget gifter’s wallet:

  • Self-watering spikes
  • Jewelry
  • Candle or soap
  • Farmer’s market gift certificate

If shopping is higher on your to-do list than lawn care, let one of our local lawn care pros take care of your lawn for you. Or, instead of wrapping a gift, give a few lawn mowing sessions to a friend. Lawn care is a time-saving gift anyone will appreciate. 

Main Photo Credit: sweetlouise | Pixabay

Sarah Bahr

Sarah is a writer who has previously worked in the lawn care industry. In her spare time, she likes to garden, raise chickens, and mow the grass with her battery-powered lawn mower.