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Lawn Care App for Scheduling and Routing

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What can a scheduling app for lawn care business do for your bottom line? The answer includes an incredible array of benefits for a business that depends on efficient scheduling more than most service businesses.

Scheduling crews can be very difficult due to weather. Hiring contract labor can also be challenging. The business end of lawn care involves a lot of behind-the-scenes details, such as creating estimates, booking new clients and invoicing clients who get regular service. The lawn care business generates many challenges for owner/operators, but the right service app can transform how you do business and enable you to handle all your clients with total professionalism.

Challenges of the lawn care businesses

Lawn care businesses have become more challenging than providing regular mowing service. Clients want special types of mowing, catered to preferences such as grass-height, green practices, type of grass, season and weather trends. Some clients want irrigation and sprinkler advice and system installations. The competition for lawn business has become fierce because of digital marketing, and you must have easy accessibility online and customized lawn care services to compete.

The best scheduling app for lawn care business handles many of the following challenges:

Convenient ways to pay for service

The right app can take payments from your customers, send invoices and manage contractual lawn care billing.

Hiring on-demand labor

When the weather is good, the demand for lawn care service skyrockets. If you have a mobile app that can send messages to on-demand workers in your labor pool, you can maximize service on prime days for lawn care. Contract laborers can check-in and check-out on the mobile app, and you can schedule work crews, send notices and schedule replacements for no-shows.

Handling administrative work

Most lawn care professionals choose lawn care work because they don’t like paperwork or the administrative headaches and prefer to work outdoors. The right app will allow you to handle all your office work while you’re in the field. This includes scheduling, providing quotes, hiring labor, calculating payroll, billing, collecting payments, storing employment records, allowing employees to exchange client information on jobs, capturing information electronically and generating mobile forms, contracts and reports.

Storing records

Client information is available through a turnkey app for all client details, such as mowing-height preferences, trimming work, fertilizing schedule, preferred mowing times, seasonal adjustments, etc.

Tracking supplies and equipment

Tracking your supplies and equipment is critical for knowing what’s available or nearby to handle the next job.

Scheduling and routing

Apps use digital technology, service area maps, and traffic reports for more efficient scheduling and routing of work crews, in addition to matching jobs with the right equipment, getting needed supplies for the job and handling issues that cause service delays.

Improve customer management and communication

You can use a lawn care app to plan and bid on jobs, meet customer needs and create advanced proposals, such as installing sprinkler systems or making landscaping alterations. Communicating with your customers in real-time helps you schedule service efficiently and keep customers happy.

Get better job visibility

An app can be used to get real-time visibility of jobs and crews in the field, make crew adjustments and give crews more detailed instructions.

Choosing the best scheduling app for your business isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. It’s important to review some of the better apps or available software to choose the best fit for you.

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The top apps for lawn care service businesses

Some of the top app choices for managing a lawn care business include reference apps, document management apps, and turnkey apps for lawn care businesses. The following are a few examples of different types of apps that might be useful for your business:

Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot was designed exclusively for lawn care and landscaping businesses by an entrepreneur who built a multimillion dollar lawn care empire. You can use the app to manage all daily operations, including routing, scheduling, giving estimates, invoicing, and taking payments. There are predesigned templates for invoices, business forms, and even marketing.


Having a mobile time clock app is incredibly beneficial in a lawn care business. Each employee or temporary worker can use the app to clock-in and clock-out. You can manage multiple time sheets right on your phone and eliminate guesswork, rough estimates and worker exaggerations with precise confirmation of the hours worked.


This specialty app is a perfect complement to your management app because it specializes in producing and storing documents and contracts that customers can sign when you’re on-the-go. Your clients can view what they’re signing, ask questions and expedite essential service paperwork electronically.

Lawn Buddy

This user-friendly app handles just about everything in a lawn care business, such as planning routes, scheduling, creating estimates, and automating invoices.

Harvest Landscape

This specialty app can help you estimate how much soil or mulch is needed for planting purposes, based on the depth and coverage area.


The Slack app enables everyone in your company to collaborate, send messages, plan lawn care strategies and manage special projects, such as big landscaping jobs with many moving parts. You can use the app for free in the basic plan.


Workwave is a great turnkey app for managing a lawn care or landscaping business. The app helps to keep multiple work crews and managers connected and on-target to meet company goals. You get real-time views of field work, back office operations and vehicle locations. The app makes it easy to handle seasonal demand and off-season projects. You can run your business on-the-go - even if you’re actively participating in the work.

Turfgrass Management

This app provides information for identifying lawn pests and diseases and choosing the best treatment products, such as herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators, adjuvants, insecticides, etc.

The Landscaper’s Companion

This app is a mobile plant and gardening reference guide that your crews and managers can use in the field to identify plants, trees and shrubs and plan the best maintenance strategy. You’ll appear more knowledgeable to your clients, and your knowledge will help you land more accounts.

Choosing the Best App or Apps for Your Needs

It might be easier to choose several apps for different functions, such as DocuSign’s ability to generate contracts and get signatures on your mobile device in addition to a reference app for plants, pest control solutions, etc.

There are hundreds of apps available to help you choose specialty apps and the best scheduling app for lawn care business.

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