Grass growing from soil - horizontal view

Causes and Cures for Compacted Soil

From heavy foot traffic to over-tilling, there are many causes of soil compaction. Sometimes soil compaction can be a good thing, particularly for construction projects. But when it comes to…
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Pesticide application sign in lawn

Guide to Using Pesticides in Your Lawn

When your lawn suffers from weeds, fungi, insects, rodents, or arachnids, pesticides can offer an effective control solution. But lawn pesticides also can be useless (and dangerous) if misapplied. From…
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large aged tree with a split down the middle

12 Signs You May Need to Remove a Tree

The sickly tree in your backyard is worrying you, and rightfully so –– its unusual lean, hollow trunk or fungus growth requires immediate attention. A dreadful storm or windy afternoon…
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