How Much Does a Snow Shovel Cost in 2024?

The average snow shovel cost is $60, with most models costing between $20 and $115.

The average snow shovel costs about $60, with most models costing between $20 and $115. However, standard snow shovels can cost as little as $10, and wheeled snow pushers can cost as much as $220

The price of a snow shovel depends on the type of snow shovel, its material, and other cost factors. We break down each factor so you can have a smart shovel shopping experience. 

In this cost guide we’ll cover:

Average costs of a snow shovel in 2024

Average cost$60
Typical price range$20 – $115
Extreme low end cost$10
Extreme high end cost$220

We researched snow shovels at Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, and Lowe’s to bring you the full scope of snow shovel prices. If you are looking for a bargain, aluminum and plastic standard shovels are the least expensive. 

Cost by type of snow shovel

The cost of a snow shovel varies by snow shovel type and the table below shows the typical price of a snow shovel by type. 

Snow shovel typeTypical cost
Standard snow shovel$15 – $40
Snow pusher$25 – $110
Combo$35 – $70

Standard snow shovel

With an average cost of about $25, standard snow shovels are the cheapest. Traditional shovels have a classic flat rectangular blade and are suitable for scooping and tossing snow from tight spaces.

Average cost$25
Typical price range$15 – $40
Extreme low end cost$10
Extreme high end cost$45
Pros Cons 
✓ Affordable
✓ Can use to shovel other materials
✓ Scoops and tosses
✗ Takes a long time to remove snow
✗ Doesn’t push snow

Snow pusher

Snow pushers are the most expensive, costing an average of $65. They have narrow curved blades that push snow, allowing you to clear snow much quicker than a standard shovel. Snow pushers are ideal for larger areas, such as a 2-car driveway. 

Average cost$65
Typical price range$25 – $110
Extreme low end cost$20
Extreme high end cost$185
Pros Cons 
✓ Pushes snow
✓ Can handle heavy snow
✓ Quickest type of snow shovel
✗ Expensive
✗ Doesn’t scoop or toss snow

Combination snow shovel 

The average combination shovel costs about $50. Combo shovels are the most versatile snow shovels, allowing you to push, scoop, and toss snow. Their blades are longer than on a snow pusher and more curved than a standard shovel. 

Average cost$50
Typical price range$35 – $70
Extreme low end cost$30
Extreme high end cost$95
Pros Cons 
✓ Pushes snow
✓ Scoops and tosses snow
✓ Quicker than a standard shovel
✗ Not as quick as a snow pusher

Other factors that affect cost

The following factors also affect the cost of a snow shovel:


The cost of a snow shovel varies by brand, and the table below shows the typical price range for popular snow shovel brands.

BrandTypical cost
Alpulon$60 – $185
Bully Tools$40 – $60
Emsco$20 – $75
Garant$50 -$90
Snow Joe$25 – $40
Suncast$36 – $85
True Temper$25 – $70

Emsco and Snow Joe have some of the least expensive snow shovels, and Alpulon has some of the most costly.

Blade material

A snow shovel’s blade material impacts its price tag, and the table below shows typical prices by blade material. 

Blade materialTypical cost
Aluminum $20 – $60
Plastic $20 – $85
Steel$35 – $95

As shown in the table above, steel blades typically cost more than aluminum or plastic blades. Steel blades are better at removing compact snow and ice, but snow slides easily off most plastic blades. 

Handle material

The cost of a snow shovel is influenced by its handle material. Please see pricing by handle material in the table below. 

Handle materialTypical price
Plastic $25 – $90
Aluminum$30 – $80
Wood$30 – $55
Steel$35 – $120
Fiberglass$40 – $125

When choosing a handle material, please keep in mind:

  • Fiberglass handles are the most expensive but also the most durable. However, they are heavy, so some people have difficulty lifting them.
  • Wood handles typically cost much less than fiberglass. They are durable but less durable than fiberglass. They are heavier than metal and plastic handles but lighter than fiberglass.
  • Aluminum handles are lightweight and affordable but less durable than other materials. 
  • Steel handles are more durable than aluminum but also heavier and more expensive. 
  • Plastic handles are lightweight and vary in quality and price.

Blade width

The broader the blade, the more a snow shovel will cost, as shown in the table below. 

Blade widthAverage cost
14 – 16 in.$30
18 – 20 in.$50
22 – 24 in.$70
≥ 26 in. $80

Wider blades can clear more snow at once but are also heavier.  Not everyone can lift a wide load of snow.

Additional features

Many homeowners find the following features worth a few extra bucks:

  • Wear strip: A strong steel wear strip protects the blade’s edge from damage and helps cut through ice and compact snow.
  • Telescoping handle:  Some snow shovels have a long handle that folds, taking up less storage space as a result. 
  • Ergonomic design:  Shoveling snow takes a lot of physical effort, and an ergonomic design (e.g., a D-grip handle) makes the work less stressful. 
  • Wheels:  Some snow pushers have wheels, so pushing takes less effort.
  • Protective coating:  Many shovels have a protective layer that strengthens the shovel and prevents snow from sticking. 

Related tools

You may also need the price of these popular ice and snow removal tools:

Electric snow shovels

The average price of an electric snow shovel is $190. Consider an electric shovel if you have a long driveway or live in a climate with frequent light to moderate snow. 

Average cost$190
Typical price range$90 – $300

Electric snow shovels take much less effort than manual shovels but are less powerful than snow throwers and blowers. Cordless electric shovels cost more than corded models.

Snow blowers

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall or you have a lot of snow to remove, consider getting a snow blower. Most snow blowers cost between $285 and $1,600.

Average cost$950
Typical price range$285 – $1,600
Extreme low end cost$130
Extreme high end cost$3,700

Snow blowers are the most efficient residential snow removal equipment and they come in gas-powered and electric models. Battery-powered snow blowers cost more than corded electric blowers but are also more convenient and powerful. 

Leaf blowers

If you have less than an inch of snow, you can remove it with a leaf blower. The average leaf blower costs about $150.

Average cost$150
Typical price range$80 – $200
Extreme low end cost$20
Extreme high end cost$900

Gas-powered leaf blowers are typically better at snow removal than battery-powered leaf blowers

Ice scraper

A typical ice scraper costs about $20, but small models can cost as little as $5, and large scrapers with brushes can cost $90 or more. 

Average cost$20
Typical price range$10 – $35
Extreme low end cost$5
Extreme high end cost$90

Roof rake

Roof rakes are used to remove snow from roofs and they typically cost between $30 and $150.

Pro cost vs. DIY cost

The cost of snow removal is usually $50 to $140, but prices vary depending on the amount of snow, where the snow is located, and the pro’s hourly rate. Most snow removal contractors charge $25 to $65 per hour. 

Average cost$100
Typical price range$50 – $140
Extreme low end cost$25
Extreme high end cost$1,010

To save money on services, look for a snow removal company that offers a price break on seasonal contracts.  

Is professional snow removal worth it? If you are looking at dollars, it is typically cheaper to buy a snow shovel than to hire a pro. However, shoveling snow is hard work, and it can be dangerous. Studies have correlated shoveling snow with hospitalizations and cardiac arrest

Cost of snow shovels by location

If you live in an area with frequent snowstorms, expect to pay more than average for a snow shovel. You will need a heavy-duty model with a broad blade.

FAQ about snow shovels

1. Which shovel is best for snow removal?

We researched and found the best snow shovels, including:

● Best standard shovel: Bully Tools 92802
● Best snow pusher: True Temper 1663600
● Best combo shovel: Bully Tools 92814

2. What is the average size snow shovel?

Most snow shovels blades are 18 to 24 inches wide and the typical snow shovel handle is 30 to 50 inches long.

3. Is it better to shovel snow at night or morning?

It is best to start shoveling in the early morning and continue shoveling throughout the day. You don’t want to allow a lot of snow to accumulate.

Final thoughts

Snow shovels are handy for digging your car out or clearing a walkway. However, snow shoveling is arduous labor that comes with significant physical risk. So, your best bet is to call a local pro and request snow removal pricing.

Note: LawnLove may get a referral fee for matching you with contractors in your area.

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