How Much Does a Leaf Blower Cost in 2024?

The average cost of a leaf blower is $150, with most models costing $80 – $200.

The average cost of a leaf blower is $150, with most models costing $80 – $200. Gas leaf blowers are the most expensive, typically costing $125 – $400. Corded electric blowers are the cheapest, typically costing $30 – $100.

The price of a leaf blower depends on the power source, design type, features, weight, sound, power, and brand. Walk-behind gas blowers can cost as much as $1,200, and corded electric handhelds can cost as little as $20.

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Average costs of leaf blowers in 2024

Average cost$150
Typical price range$80 – $200
Extreme low end cost$20
Extreme high end cost$900

We researched leaf blowers on sale at Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s, and Amazon to show you the full scope of leaf blower prices. The most affordable leaf blowers are corded-electric handheld models. You can find them for as low as $20-$30.

Cost by type of leaf blower

The price you pay for a leaf blower depends on what type of blower you want. Leaf blowers are categorized by the power source and design type.

Cost by power source 

Leaf blowers can be gas-powered, battery-powered, or corded-electric.

Leaf blower typeAverage cost
Gas-powered blowers$250
Battery-powered blowers$150
Corded electric blowers$60

Gas-powered leaf blowers

Gas-powered leaf blowers are the most expensive but are also the most powerful, making them the best choice for big yards and yards with many trees.

Average cost for gas leaf blowers$250
Typical price range for gas leaf blowers$125 – $400
Extreme low end cost for gas leaf blowers$100 
Extreme high end cost for gas leaf blowers$900
Pros of gas leaf blowersCons of gas leaf blowers
✓ Powerful
✓ High performance
✓ Longer runtime than battery models
✓ Takes less time to clear leaves
✗ High noise level (need ear protection)
✗ Heavy
✗ Require more maintenance
✗ Emit exhaust fumes

Gas-powered leaf blowers aren’t just loud; the sound is a high-pitched frequency that is difficult on the ears. Because of their volume and pitch, additional considerations are needed:

  • Safety: Wear hearing protection.
  • Neighbors: Don’t use it when others are sleeping (i.e., early and late). 
  • Pets and children: Don’t use it around pets or children.
  • Local guidelines: Some areas do not allow gas blowers, so check city and HOA guidelines before you purchase one.

Battery-powered leaf blowers

Battery-powered models cost less than gas leaf blowers but more than corded electric blowers.  They work best for people with small yards or very few trees because they don’t pack much of a punch in terms of power. 

Average cost for battery leaf blowers$150
Typical price range for battery leaf blowers$100 – $250
Extreme low end cost for battery leaf blowers$65
Extreme high end cost for battery leaf blowers$500
Pros of battery leaf blowersCons of battery leaf blowers
✓ Easy to use
✓ Quiet (like a vacuum cleaner)
✓ Cheaper than gas models
✓ Better for the environment 
✓ Cordless, so you’re not on a leash
✗ Less power than gas
✗ Shorter runtime
✗ Harder to get repaired
✗ Lithium-ion batteries are expensive
✗ Takes longer to clear leaves
✗ Some batteries take 30 minutes to charge

Corded electric leaf blowers

Corded electric models are the cheapest type, and they work best when leaves are no more than 100 feet from an electric outlet. If you have to cover a wide range of land, a cordless gas or battery-powered leaf blower is a better choice.

Average cost for corded leaf blowers$60
Typical price range for corded leaf blowers$30 – $100
Extreme low end cost for corded leaf blowers$20
Extreme high end cost for corded leaf blowers$225
Pros of corded leaf blowersCons of corded leaf blowers
✓ Cheapest 
✓ Unlimited runtime
✓ Easy to use
✓ Many come with a vacuum attachment
✓ Emissions-free
✗ Limited range
✗ Harder to navigate around obstacles (e.g., trees)
✗ Less power than gas

Cost by design type

Please see the different design types of leaf blowers and their typical price ranges in the table below.

Design typeTypical price range
Handheld leaf blowers$50 – $250
Backpack leaf blowers$200 – $400
Walk-behind leaf blowers$450 – $750

Handheld leaf blowers

Handheld blowers are lightweight, easy to handle, and the least expensive design. There are gas-powered, battery-powered, and corded electric handheld models. Many include attachments for vacuuming or mulching leaves, but most gas-powered handhelds do not. 

Typical price range for handheld blowers$50 – $250
Extreme low end cost for handheld blowers$20
Extreme high end cost for handheld blowers$550

Things to look for:

  • Bottom-mounted air intake: Side-mounted models can pull at your clothes.
  • Second grip: Two grip areas give you more control.
  • Easy-access off switch: This is a great safety feature.
  • Battery-powered handhelds: Does it come with a battery and a battery charger?

Backpack leaf blowers

Backpack leaf blowers are heavier than handheld, but carrying the weight on your back and shoulders is much easier than having it on your arms. They tend to cost more than handhelds but are also more powerful and can easily blow wet leaves. Backpack models are usually what lawn care pros use.

Typical price range for backpack blowers$200 – $400
Extreme low end cost for backpack blowers$125
Extreme high end cost for backpack blowers$950

Things to look for:

  • Battery-powered: How big is the battery, and what’s the runtime?
  • Gas-powered: Gas-powered backpack blowers are noisier than handhelds, so pay attention to user ratings on the noise level.

Walk-behind leaf blowers

Gas-powered walk-behind blowers are the most expensive but also the most powerful. Unfortunately, they are also the hardest to maneuver. They are very heavy, making them difficult to push, especially uphill.

Typical price range for walk-behind blowers$450 – $750
Extreme low end cost for walk-behind blowers$250
Extreme high end cost for walk-behind blowers$1,200

Things to look for:

  • Adjustable air deflector: Controlling the airflow lets you adjust which direction the leaves blow.
  • Wheels: Wheeled models are easier to maneuver. 
  • Sound: Look at noise level ratings because walk-behinds are the loudest type of leaf blower.

Other factors that affect cost

These factors also contribute to the cost of a leaf blower:


All else equal, a more powerful leaf blower will cost more money. The two main measures of power are CFM and MPH. CFM and MPH combine, along with other factors, to make the leaf blower’s total power force.  

Design TypeTypical CFMTypical MPH
Handheld200 – 50070 – 260
Backpack400 – 750150 – 250
Walk-behind1,500 – 4,000150 – 200


Cubic feet per minute (CFM) measures air volume, which is the amount of air that passes through the leaf blower.

Higher CFM means:

  • A higher price 
  • More land covered at each blow
  • Less time spent on yard work
  • Greater force with each blow


Miles per hour (MPH) measures the blower’s airspeed.  

Higher MPH means:

  • A higher price
  • Debris is blown with greater force
  • Can move heavier debris


Leaf blower prices also vary by brand. The table below shows typical price ranges for popular brands, along with the power sources and design types included in each brand’s price data. 

BrandTypical Price RangePower SourcesDesign types
Black and Decker$30 – $150Gas, Battery, Corded electricHandheld
Craftsman$65 – $250Gas, Battery, Corded electricHandheld, backpack
Dewalt$175 – $400BatteryHandheld
Ego Power$150 – $450BatteryHandheld, Backpack
Greenworks$40 – $350BatteryHandheld, Backpack
Husqvarna$250 – $500GasHandheld, Backpack
Makita$100 – $700Gas, BatteryHandheld, Backpack
Ryobi$100 – $450Gas, Battery, Corded electricHandheld, Backpack
Sun Joe$25 – $250Battery, Corded electricHandheld
Toro$70 – $250Battery, Corded electricHandheld
Worx$50 – $250Battery, Corded electricHandheld
Yardmax$400 – $500GasWalk behind

Data in the table above was obtained by looking at leaf blowers on brand websites, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and Amazon.

Are you looking for a bargain? 

Our research uncovered these highly rated but modestly priced leaf blowers.

Corded Electric Leaf Blowers

Sun Joe SBJ597EBlack+Decker LB700
Average User Rating4.7 / 54.6 / 5
Design TypeHandheldHandheld
Weight3.9 pounds5.2 pounds

Battery Powered Leaf Blowers (Battery and charger included)

Price$65 – $75$120
Average User Rating4.3 / 54.4 / 5
Battery Voltage24-volt20-volt
Design TypeHandheldHandheld
Weight5.1 pounds4 pounds

Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

Average User Rating4.6 / 54.4 / 5
Decibel Rating7070
Design TypeHandheldHandheld
Weight8.6 pounds9.4 pounds


Heavy leaf blowers are more challenging to operate, so some models are engineered with a lightweight design. Unfortunately, this kind of ergonomic design can add dollars to the price tag. 


Some leaf blowers, especially gas-powered models, are very noisy. Decibels are the unit used to measure the loudness of a sound. The EPA recommends keeping outdoor noise levels under 55 decibels, but most gas-powered leaf blowers are at least 70 decibels.

All else equal, a lower decibel will lead to a higher price tag.


All leaf blowers blow leaves, but not all leaf blowers are created equal. The helpful features in the table below can increase a leaf blower’s cost.

FeatureLeaf blower typesWhat it does
Vacuum/mulcherHandheldClean up leaves more efficiently
Primer bulbGas-poweredMakes it easier to start the blower
Variable speedAll typesGives you speed control to care for delicate areas
Transparent gas tankGas-poweredGives you a visual of the gas level
Turbo buttonHandheld, backpackPress a button to increase power
Ergonomic handlesHandheld, walk-behindMakes the blower more comfortable to use
Padded strapsBackpackMakes the blower more comfortable to use
Shoulder strapHandheldTakes weight off your arms
WheelsWalk-behindMakes it easier to push

Here are some related outdoor power tools that many homeowners purchase in addition to a leaf blower.

Lawn mower

Like leaf blowers, the cost of a lawn mower depends on the lawn mower type. Please see the lawn mower types and average prices in the table below.

Push mower$475
Riding mower$3,070
Robotic mower$1,320

Get the most bang for your lawn mower buck by using our lawn mowing tips to maintain a healthy lawn.

String trimmer

String trimmers trim grass around the edges and borders of your lawn and work with mowers and leaf blowers to keep your yard manicured. They typically cost $80 – $200.

Check out 2023’s best gas-powered string trimmers and best battery-powered string trimmers.

Hedge trimmer

If you have hedges to maintain, you may be in the market for a hedge trimmer. Most hedge trimmers cost $60 – $500, and we have four simple steps to make DIY hedge trimming easy!

Cost of professional leaf removal and lawn care services 

After pricing outdoor power equipment and factoring in the time it takes to complete yard work, you may decide to hire a professional instead. 

Leaf removal

Do you have more leaves than your blower can handle? Do you need someone else to remove them from your property because you have better things to do? The average cost of leaf removal is $155 – $460.

Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing services typically include:

  • Mowing the grass
  • Edging the lawn
  • Blowing the leaves

This kind of basic lawn care costs $30 – $70 per hour most of the time.

Bush trimming

Bush trimming typically costs $5 – $15 per bush, but the price varies significantly by bush size. Extremely tall bushes take additional time, effort, and equipment to trim and could cost $200 or more per bush.

Tree trimming and removal

The cost of professional tree trimming also varies greatly depending on the height of your trees. However, typically you can expect to pay $255 to $655

You may want to remove trees because:

  • The tree is unhealthy
  • They create too many leaves
  • The roots are damaging other plants or the foundation of your home

Typically tree removal costs $385 – $1,070.


Lawn aeration allows your soil to breathe and your grass to grow green. On average, lawn aeration costs $75 – $225, but the cost depends on factors including:

Professionals have the experience and equipment to maximize the benefits of aeration


Is buying a leaf blower worth it?

If you do your own yard work, a leaf blower is worth it because it will cut down on the time you spend on your yard. Leaf blowers clear leaves much quicker than raking and require less physical effort. 
In addition to quickly blowing leaves, they can also be used to:
• Blow debris from gutters
• Blow grass clippings off paved surfaces
• Blow debris from shrubs and bushes

Who makes the strongest leaf blower?

ECHO proclaims to have the world’s strongest backpack mower- Echo PB-9010T:
• Newtons: 48
• CFM: 1110
• MPH: 220
• Weight: 26.7 pounds
• Manufacturer’s suggested price: $629.99

What is a good strength for a leaf blower?

It depends on the size of your yard and the number of trees. Some tiny yards with few trees are easily managed with as low as 200 CFM and less than 100 MPH. However, if you have an average-size yard, you probably want at least 450 CFM and 150 MPH

Which is more important in a leaf blower, CFM or MPH?

They are equally important, and each contributes to the total power of your leaf blower. Higher CFM gets the job done quicker, and higher MPH moves heavier objects.

Final thoughts

Leaf blowers help you keep debris out of your yard in a fraction of the time it takes to rake. Corded handheld blowers are the cheapest but only work within 100 feet of an electric outlet. Gas-powered backpack and walk-behind blowers are the most powerful but also the loudest and most expensive.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of leaf blower, and, in the end, sometimes it is best to hire a professional.

Note: Lawn Love may get a referral fee for matching you with contractors in your area.

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