How Much Does a Hedge Trimmer Cost in 2024?

The average cost of a gas hedge trimmer is between $210 and $500, while the average cost of a cordless electric trimmer is between $60 and $200.

One of the most important landscaping tasks is trimming your hedges, and you can save a lot of money over the years by purchasing your own hedge trimmer and doing the work yourself rather than hiring a professional. The national average cost of a hedge trimmer is $145 depending on the type of trimmer you choose. 

On the lower end, a manual hedge trimmer will cost between $15 and $55 on average, while on the higher end, a gas hedge trimmer can cost between $210 and $500.

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Table of contents:

Average costs for hedge trimmers in 2024

National average cost$145 
Typical price range$90 to $240
Extreme low-end cost$60 
Extreme high-end cost$715 

While the average cost of a hedge trimmer can vary depending on the type of trimmer you choose, there are other factors that can affect the price as well. For instance, the brand of hedge trimmer you choose can play a role in how much it costs. Higher-end brands like Stihl or Black & Decker will typically cost more than lower-end brands.

Cost by type of hedge trimmer

The price of a hedge trimmer varies widely depending on the type of trimmer you need to maintain your property. If you have larger hedges, you’ll need the more powerful and expensive gas hedge trimmer. For smaller hedges, a manual or cordless electric trimmer will do the trick and cost less.

Hedge trimmers can be manual, battery-powered, corded-electric, or gas-powered.

Manual hedge trimmers

Manual hedge trimmers, better known as hedge shears or hedge clippers, are the most affordable option, costing between $15 and $55 on average. They’re also the lightest weight and easiest to maneuver, making them a good choice for smaller hedges. 

Note: The difference between hedge shears and grass shears is that hedge shears have longer handles to give you more leverage to cut through thick branches.

Average cost for hedge shears$30 
Typical price range for hedge shears$15 – $55
Extreme low-end cost for hedge shears$10
Extreme high-end cost for hedge shears$135
Pros of hedge shearsCons of hedge shears
✓ Inexpensive
✓ Easy to use
✓ Lightweight
✓ Minimum maintenance
✗ Can be tiring to use for larger hedges

Corded-electric hedge trimmers

Corded-electric hedge trimmers are more powerful than manual trimmers and can cost between $60 and $150 on average. They’re a good choice for larger hedges, but you’ll need to be mindful of the length of the cord vs. the distance from your hedge to the nearest power outlet.

Average cost for corded-electric hedge trimmers$85
Typical price range for corded-electric hedge trimmers$60 – $150
Extreme low-end cost for corded-electric hedge trimmers$35
Extreme high-end cost for corded-electric hedge trimmers$215 
Pros of corded-electric hedge trimmersCons of corded-electric hedge trimmers 
✓ More powerful than manual trimmers
✓ Can be used for larger hedges
✓ Easy to use
✓ Unlimited runtime
✗ Not as portable as battery-powered or gas-powered trimmers
✗ Need to be careful not to trip over extension cord
✗ Less power than gas hedge trimmers

Battery-powered hedge trimmers

Battery-powered hedge trimmers are similar to corded-electric trimmers in terms of power and price, costing between $60 and $200 on average. But they offer the added benefit of being cordless, so you don’t have to worry about the length of the cord (or tripping over it).

Average cost for battery-powered hedge trimmers$110
Typical price range for battery-powered hedge trimmers$60 – $200
Extreme low-end cost for battery-powered hedge trimmers$35
Extreme high-end cost for battery-powered hedge trimmers$1,135 
Pros of battery-powered hedge trimmersCons of battery-powered hedge trimmers
✓ Cordless and rechargeable so you can move around freely
✓ Battery life is usually long enough to finish the job
✓ Relatively quiet
✓ Low maintenance
✗ Need to keep an eye on the battery life
✗ Lithium-ion battery needs to be charged regularly
✗ Some models can be heavy

Gas hedge trimmers

Gas hedge trimmers are the most powerful type of hedge trimmer and can cost between $210 and $500 on average. They’re a good choice for large hedges, but they’re also the heaviest, the most difficult to use, and require the most maintenance.

Average cost for gas hedge trimmers$335
Typical price range for gas hedge trimmers$210 – $500
Extreme low-end cost for gas hedge trimmers$160
Extreme high-end cost for gas hedge trimmers$1,165 
Pros of gas hedge trimmersCons of gas hedge trimmers
✓ Most powerful type of hedge trimmer
✓ Can be used for large hedges
✓ Faster cutting speed
✗ Heavier than other types of hedge trimmers
✗ Exhaust fumes emissions
✗ Higher maintenance costs
✗ Very loud

Gas-powered hedge trimmers are the most powerful type of dual-action hedge trimmers, but they also make the most noise. Be sure to wear ear protection when using one of these trimmers. Gas power tools also produce emissions that are harmful to the environment, and they’re banned in some places, such as California.

Other factors that affect cost

Aside from power source, there are other specific factors that can affect the cost of a hedge trimmer. For example, if you’re looking to save money, you might consider renting a hedge trimmer for a day or buying a used hedge trimmer.

Cost by design type

While all hedge trimmers function with the same end goal in mind, there are different designs suited for different needs. This can ultimately affect the cost of the tool.

The main design types you should know are:

  • Power hedge trimmers 
  • Pole hedge trimmers
  • Single-sided hedge trimmers

Power hedge trimmers

Average cost for power hedge trimmers$175 
Typical price range for power hedge trimmers$110 – $280
Extreme low-end cost for power hedge trimmers$75
Extreme high-end cost for power hedge trimmers$835 

Having a gas or battery-powered hedge trimmer is going to set you back a bit more than other types. This is because they offer more power and are typically more durable than manual options.

If you have a lot of hedges to trim or if the hedges are particularly thick, then a gas or battery-powered hedge trimmer is going to be your best bet. These types of trimmers cost on average between $110 and $280 with an average cost of $175.

Pole hedge trimmers

Average cost for pole hedge trimmers$175 
Typical price range for pole hedge trimmers$105 – $285
Extreme low-end cost for pole hedge trimmers$55
Extreme high-end cost for pole hedge trimmers$925 

Pole hedge trimmers are a great option if you have tall hedges that are difficult to reach. These types of trimmers typically have a long pole that can be extended, making it easy to reach those high-up branches.

Pole hedge trimmers range in price from around $105 to $285 with an average cost of $175.

Single-sided hedge trimmers

Average cost for single-sided hedge trimmers$535 
Typical price range for single-sided hedge trimmers$435 – $585
Extreme low-end cost for single-sided hedge trimmers$395
Extreme high-end cost for single-sided hedge trimmers$715 

Single-sided hedge trimmers can be more expensive than other trimmers with dual-action blades, but they offer a number of advantages. They are typically lighter in weight, making them easier to use, and they can accommodate a larger cutting blade. This makes them ideal for trimming large hedges, bushes, or shrubbery.

Renting a hedge trimmer

If you only need to use a hedge trimmer one time, you may want to consider renting one instead of buying. The average cost to rent a hedge trimmer for one day is $55. If you need to use the trimmer for more than one day or on more than one occasion, it might be more cost-effective to buy one instead.

Used hedge trimmers

From time to time, you may be able to find a used hedge trimmer for sale. The cost of a used hedge trimmer will depend on the make and model, as well as the condition of the trimmer.

You can typically expect to pay anywhere from $45 to $125 for a used hedge trimmer. However, it’s important to test out the tool and make sure it’s in good working condition before you pay for it. 

Hedge trimmer maintenance costs

Once you have a hedge trimmer, there are going to be some ongoing costs associated with it. Just like other power tools, hedge trimmers need to be maintained in order to keep them running properly.

The good news is that hedge trimmer maintenance isn’t particularly expensive. The average cost of hedge trimmer maintenance is $50 per year.

This cost includes things like keeping the blades sharp, as well as replacing any parts that may break or wear out over time.

MaintenanceTypical cost
Blade sharpening $20 – $40 per service
Engine maintenance (for gas trimmers only)$50 – $90 per year
Lubrication$4 – $10 per bottle
Cost of running (gas or electricity)$0.25 – $0.70 per hour of use

Sharpening cost

Sharpening the blades on your hedge trimmer is going to be the most common type of maintenance that you’ll need. This is typically a very easy and inexpensive task.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $40 to have the blades on your hedge trimmer sharpened. This is a very reasonable cost, considering that sharpening the blades will help to keep your trimmer running efficiently.

Engine maintenance cost

If you have a gas-powered hedge trimmer, then you’ll also need to perform some basic engine maintenance. This includes things like changing the oil and filters. The average cost of engine maintenance for a gas-powered hedge trimmer is $50 to $90 per year.

Lubrication cost

It’s important to keep all the moving parts on your hedge trimmer lubricated. This will help to keep the trimmer running smoothly and prevent any premature wear and tear.

The average cost of lubricant is $4 to $10 per bottle. The good thing is that electric hedge trimmers with brushless motors don’t require any lubrication.

Running cost

Of course, there are also some ongoing costs associated with running a hedge trimmer. The most significant of these is the cost of gas or electricity.

On average, it costs around $0.25 to $0.70 to operate a hedge trimmer for one hour. This cost will vary depending on the type of trimmer you have, as well as the price of gas or electricity in your area.

There are a few other tools and pieces of equipment that homeowners may need in order to care for their gardens properly.

Lawn mower

A lawn mower is a necessity if you have a lawn that needs to be mowed on a regular basis. The average lawn mower cost will depend on the type and size of mower that you need. See the average costs in the table below.

Reel mower$115
Walk-behind mower$475
Riding mower$3,070
Robotic mower$1,320

String trimmer

Need to trim the grass around your patio or deck? Then you’ll need a string trimmer. These handy little tools make it easy to get into tight spaces and trim the grass without having to use a lawn mower. On average, you can expect to pay $80 to $200 for an edger or string trimmer.

Check out Lawn Love’s top picks for the best gas-powered string trimmers (which can cost over $200) and the best battery-powered string trimmers (under $100).

Leaf blower

A leaf blower is a great tool to have for clearing leaves and other debris from your yard. The average cost of a leaf blower will depend on the type and power of the blower.

Handheld leaf blowers$50 – $250
Backpack leaf blowers$200 – $400
Walk-behind leaf blowers$450 – $750

Cost of professional landscaping services

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to take care of your landscape yourself, you can always hire a professional lawn care or landscaping service. While this will obviously cost more than doing it yourself, it can be well worth the money if you want to keep your yard looking its best without lifting a finger.

Hedge trimming cost

If you don’t want to trim your own hedges, you can always hire a professional hedge-trimming service. On average, hedge trimming costs $65 to $90 per hour. While this may seem like a lot, it’s actually very reasonable when you consider the time and effort that it takes to trim hedges properly.

Bush trimming cost

Just like with hedge trimming, you can also hire a professional bush-trimming service. On average, you can expect to pay $50 to $75 per hour for this service. The bush trimming cost will depend on the size and number of bushes that need to be trimmed.

Lawn mowing cost

The average cost of professional lawn mowing is around $50 to $190. This price will depend on the size of your lawn and the frequency with which it needs to be mowed.

Tree trimming cost

If you have trees on your property, you may also need to have them trimmed on a regular basis. The average cost of tree trimming is $420.

This price will depend on the number and size of the trees that need to be trimmed, as well as the frequency with which they need to be trimmed.

Leaf removal cost

If you have a lot of trees on your property, then you may also need to hire a professional leaf removal service each fall. On average, leaf removal costs between $155 and $460.

This price will depend on the size of your property and the amount of leaves that need to be removed.


How long should a hedge trimmer be?

The length of the hedge trimmer should be based on the size of the hedges that you need to trim. An 18” hedge trimmer blade will do just fine for most typical hedges. In some cases, you may need a blade length that is 20” or even bigger, but it’s best to start with a shorter blade if you’re new to hedge trimming.

Is it cheaper to trim your own hedges?

While the initial investment in a hedge trimmer may be more than hiring a professional, over time it will be cheaper to trim your own hedges. But keep in mind that it takes time and effort to learn how to trim hedges properly, so it may not be worth it if you’re short on time.

Is it dangerous to trim hedges?

If you don’t have the proper safety equipment or if you don’t know what you’re doing, then yes, it can be dangerous to trim hedges. Working with outdoor power equipment is always risky, so take the necessary safety precautions, such as wearing work gloves, safety goggles, closed-toe shoes, and hearing protection. 

Can I use a chainsaw as a hedge trimmer?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. While a chainsaw can be used to trim hedges, it’s really not the best tool for the job. Chainsaws are much more difficult to control than hedge trimmers, so you’re more likely to make mistakes that could result in injury.

Is it better to buy a hedge trimmer kit?

A hedge trimmer kit will usually include the hedge trimmer, a blade guard, and a safety harness. It’s always best to buy a kit because it will make sure that you have everything you need to trim hedges safely and effectively. If you buy the tool only, then you’ll need to purchase the other items separately.

What can a hedge trimmer cut? 

A hedge trimmer is designed to cut through branches that are up to ½” in diameter. If you need to cut through anything thicker than that, then you’ll need to use a different tool. While the cutting capacity of a hedge trimmer may seem small, it’s actually more than enough for most hedges.

Final thoughts

Hedge trimmers are a great way to keep your hedges looking neat and tidy. But before you buy one, be sure to consider the cost of the hedge trimmer along with the time and effort it takes to learn how to use it properly.

Sometimes, it’s better to hire a professional to do the job for you. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Note: Lawn Love may get a referral fee for matching you with contractors in your area.

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